Bears would be attractive to Antrel Rolle

Antrel Rolle’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, is wasting no time in trying to find him a new team.

Shortly after the Cardinals released Rolle, the safety who has played for them for his entire five-year NFL career, Rosenhaus said the Bears were a candidate to acquire Rolle as a free agent.

The Bears would be an attractive team,” Rosenhaus told Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune. “Stay tuned.”

The Bears, who want to improve their roster this off-season and have to find a way to do so without first- or second-round draft picks, are said to be willing to spend big money on free agents including Rolle, Julius Peppers and Brandon Manumaleuna.

9 responses to “Bears would be attractive to Antrel Rolle

  1. december: “um why would the bears be attractive to anybody”
    A couple of reasons: one, a desperate front office will overspend to get impact players, and two, a big market team (largest unsplit market in the NFL) has more marketing opportunities, which means even more money.
    Show me the money!

  2. So would the Vikings!!! Why wouldn’t he want to play for the Vikings over the Bears……… The Bear are who we thought they were… that’s why!!

  3. Bears were able to beat the nfc north champion vikings in week 16, when the vikings had something to play for(home field advantage). If they add Rolle and Peppers, with Urlacher(who looked like he had his speed back in the Packer game after rehabing neck injury for two years), and a healthy Tommie Harris(see Viking game), the Bears D could be dominant in 2010.

  4. edvedder10 …. We let them off the hook! If you wanna crown them then crown their a$$e$$ But the Bears are who we thought they were!!!

  5. Doesn’t matter how awesome their defense is when their offense can’t stop giving the other team the ball.

  6. why would the vikings want peppers? they already have two good de’s, and two good dt’s

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