Bengals tender six restricted free agents

The Cincinnati Bengals have announced that they tendered six restricted free agents.

Linebacker Brandon Johnson was tendered at the second-round level. A four-year veteran, Johnson was selected by the Arizona Cardinals in the fifth round of the 2006 NFL draft, and he’s played in all 32 games since the Bengals acquired him in 2008. At the second-round level, it’s probably safe to say Johnson will not be signing an offer sheet to go elsewhere.

The Bengals tendered the other five free agents — linebacker Abdul Hodge, linebacker Rashad Jeanty, cornerback David Jones, guard Evan Mathis and defensive end Frostee Rucke — at the original round level.

The Bengals decided not to tender tight end Daniel Coats, tight end J.P. Foschi and defensive tackle Shaun Smith. Those three will become unrestricted free agents at midnight.

The Bengals also tendered five exclusive-rights free agents, including backup quarterback Jordan Palmer.

4 responses to “Bengals tender six restricted free agents

  1. hopefully this results in shaun smith complaining that the bengals don’t respect him, since he still thinks he’s one of the best players in league history and his mouth is a goldmine of great material.

  2. Brandon Johnson is worth a 2nd rounder he was the bengals best Linebacker last year and well may only be seen as a backup really he talks as many snaps as Rey or Keith…
    I’m still hoping they extend him 3-4 years so when Rey moves insread Bjohnson can go ro SLB

  3. Not sure why the Bengals keep hanging onto Frostee… 3rd round pick… 2 sacks in 3 seasons. Must be just ghetto enough to fit in.

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