Osgood says Chargers are dumping Jamal Williams

Though Chargers special-teams standout Kassim Osgood has yet to launch his own OCNN-style Twitter journalism operation, the soon-to-be free agent has declared that the Chargers have cut nose tackle Jamal Williams.

Osgood claims in a tweet that Williams, who was placed on injured reserve after only one game last season, is “officially gone.”  In a later message, Osgood insists it’s true and points out that players share information with each other.

As to his own situation, Osgood seems to be as intent as ever to leave, saying that a three-percent chance to play receiver in Siberia “is still a chance,” and that he has zero chance to play wideout with the Chargers, “and that is what they TOLD me.”

So while plenty of guys who are eligible for restricted free agency are staying in San Diego, Osgood clearly isn’t — and Williams has been tossed out the door, too.  If Osgood is accurate.

10 responses to “Osgood says Chargers are dumping Jamal Williams

  1. Osgood is really good at speacial teams. If he was a good reciever, then he would have been playing reciever for the last few years.
    Go and bounce Oz, but when you get less money to do the same crap, dont be surprise!!

  2. Local radio XX1090 just reported it as done. Williams, Tomlinson and Osgood. Out with old, in with the unknown. And paying a hefty, hefty price for Sproles.
    Maybe the GM is going to make a massive move and trade away a group of guys to move up to 1 or 2 (yeah, um – nope, never) and get McCoy or Suh, but this team got worse releasing Williams.
    Boo, hiss. Very unhappy news.

  3. Wonder if Wade Philips will try to collect his old Charger DT and push Jay Ratliff to DE.

  4. 3-4 defense without a big time NT is not a good idea.
    Smith might have something up his sleeve. But its not likely to be a good answer to replace that NT.

  5. @Murphspeak,
    SD went 12-3 without Williams last year. In my opinion, the biggest factor in those early losses was the losses of Williams and Bingham. It took a while for the team to adapt, but once they did they were fine.
    From what I can tell, Williams was due five million for this year, the final year of his contract. I think SD can move on without him, but I question the timing. Wouldn’t it have been better to see how early FA and the draft goes before cutting him loose?
    Before hearing this news, I thought DT was number one target for the draft, not RB. But until I knew for sure if I was getting that new DT, I might have held onto Williams a little longer.

  6. 12 seasons at a tough position, multiple injuries the last two years, yes its time to move on. They survived without him last year with rotating players that get paid less than he does. Business is business.

  7. Dallas would be a good fit, put Ratliff at the DE position in the 3-4. His price won’t be that bad either and the Phillips connection.

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