Welcome to free agency in the uncapped year

We know we’re rolling out the red-and-charcoal carpet with the PFT “blowfish that’s happy to see you” logo on it a little bit early, but as we all learned Wednesday, there will be plenty of activity in advance of the official launch of the uncapped year at 12:00 a.m. ET.

And we’re even more excited about this year’s version of free agency because of the Great Hamster Massacre of 2009, which featured a complete and total server meltdown not long after Albert Haynesworth’s deal with the Redskins became a done deal.

This year, we have a shot at redemption.  And we’ll have constant coverage from now until midnight Friday night (or Saturday morning or whatever in the hell the right description is) as our biggest traffic day of the year unfolds.  And we’ll continue to track the movements closely through the weekend and beyond.

Unless the NBC servers blow up, too.  The difference this year is that we’d have someone to blame.

No one really knows what will happen in the uncapped year.  But history tells us that, on the first day of the league year, plenty of unexpected things can and will occur.  We’ll be ready for everything, and we’ll bring it to you as quickly as we can type it up.

4 responses to “Welcome to free agency in the uncapped year

  1. hopefully those hampsters have had time to breed in the back rooms at NBC, its gonna be a busy weekend!

  2. Hopefully Peppers Sign With New England Patriots?
    Theses Are Dreams Come True- Greg Olsen Gets Traded To New England For One Of The 3 Second Round Pick’s
    Brandon Marshall Gets Traded To The Patriots For New England’s Next Year 1st Round Draft Pick & this year’s 4th round Draft pick[These ARE Outlandish Thoughts Wont Happen] I Know It Wont Happen But Just Imagine Brady Throwing To Olsen, Marshall & Moss,
    Guess That Dream Will Never Come True,

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