Fox, Hurney get choked up when bidding Delhomme adieu

NFL_fox.jpgDuring a Friday morning press conference, both Panthers coach John Fox and G.M. Marty Hurney became emotional when talking about the departure of quarterback Jake Delhomme.

This is a difficult time of the year,” Hurney said, per Steve Reed of  “We have made difficult
decisions with guys who have been here with us awhile and done
everything we’ve asked of them.  I think the common theme is we have
some young players who have shown the ability and potential to step up. . . .

“The guy has been spectacular for us,” Hurney said, while per Reed choking back tears.  “He’s the kind of player and person that we look for.  It’s hard
not to get emotional when you talk about him because he epitomizes
everything that we want.  He’s been an excellent player, a leader and
everybody talks about role models and I don’t know whether you can get
a better role model for your children than Jake Delhomme.

struggled with this one a lot and we got to the point where we made the
decision that Matt Moore would be number one.  It was time.  I don’t
think there has ever been a harder decision we’ve made here.”

Said Fox: “It’s an eight-year friendship, and in this league a quarterback and
coach are very tied.  We’ve both had some good success. . . .  He’s done
great things for this team, two championship games, a Super Bowl that
was almost a comeback victory and [58-40] record in eight years.  I’m
not sure I’ve had any more respect for an NFL football player than Jake

Fox also addressed his own status, for the first time.  His contract expires after the 2010 season, and there will be no extension.

I don’t think upset is the right word,” Fox said, per Reed.  “This is a one-year business,
at biggest.  So I’m not going to really put much stock in that.  I’ve
been employed in the National Football League for 20 years.  Make no 
mistake, my family and I love living in Charlotte.  This organization
has been great, giving me my first opportunity as a head coach.  I
appreciate that, froim the top on down, Mr. [Jerry] Richardson and
Marty and the list beyond that.

“I’m not going to view or treat this season any differently in my
mind.  I’m sure it will be the subject of attention moving forward.  But
we have a saying in that locker room, ‘Be the same guy.’  It’s easy for
me to say you can rest assured I’ll be the same guy.”

Still, it’s highly unlikely that Fox will be back in 2011, unless the Panthers have a stellar year.  And if they do, it’ll happen with Matt Moore as the starting quarterback.

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  1. Clearly he wasn’t EVERYTHING they wanted, or they wouldn’t have made a move. Nonethless, good luck, Jake. Its too bad it didn’t fully work out in Carolina. That was a really fun team to watch when they were ‘on’.

  2. Classiest coach in the business.
    Delhomme did have all the intangibles you want. Not his fault his elbow blew up.
    Best of luck Jake.

  3. I don’t think Matt Moore can get the ball to Steve Smith the way Delhomme did when he was at his best. Delhomme for the most part did very well. With Peppers now on the market, the panthers have to have a great off-season in order to keep pace with the rest of the NFC.

  4. @ Florio says: “And if they do, it’ll happen with Matt Moore as the starting quarterback.” ——–
    Here’s what I don’t totally understand. In one post, you say that teams lie and you can’t believe what they say. In the end, if this and that happen, then you will have told us the correct thing and that teams lie.
    Then you post the above little nugget? Could they be angling to trade for a qb or pick one up via free agency or the draft?
    Is it the lawyer speaking, that you have to cover all angles or the anal type A personality?

  5. The team had to move on, like they always do, but it is nice to see all the positives that Jake brough the team.
    While sites like PFT freely love to use their acid filled pens on teams, athletes and admin for a sport they could never coach or play- it’s nice to hear about the human side of the sport. It’s always about the bottom line, but there is always more to the story and just numbers.

  6. His….HoF….induction? He’s a nice guy but I’m hoping you are talking about the Panthers HoF and not the NFL HoF….

  7. I’m pretty sure most defensive coordinators in the NFC were sad to hear the news, too.

  8. People shouldn’t forget that it was Saints who chose to stick with AARON BROOKS and let Delhomme walk. The very next year the Panthers were in the Superbowl vs the Patriots with Delhomme. He brought the quarterbacking to a respectable level in Carolina and thus far has been the franchise’s best qb in history (don’t say Collins, please).
    He was never a big numbers guy but he knew to get the ball to his best receivers and how to take care of it.

  9. pretty simple as to why this is fox’s last year, they now the team is going nowhere, and if they bring in a new coach he can have his guys in place via the draft and free agency, and hopefully have the team built that he wants in 2 seasons. plus you’ve got to figure that its going to really motivate moore into proving that he’s got it.

  10. Serious? This team was 12-4 before Delhomme’s elbow crapped out and they won 4 out of 5 when Moore came in at the end of the season.
    Go check the stats when Moore started. The team is not going “nowhere”.

  11. Sad to see Jake go, but it’s a “what have you done for me lately” business. I hope they get rid of the “pass only when we have to” mentality as well. And get rid of the “Smitty, stand next to 3 defenders and I’ll throw it to you” play too. On another note, I love “quotation” marks.

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