Mort: Pennington deal snagged by no-trade clause

After plenty of momentum building for a return by quarterback Chad Pennington to the Dolphins, a contract term requested by the player reportedly has thrown a wrench into the plans.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Pennington has asked for a no-trade clause.

Mort’s report comes from another team that is interested in Pennington.  So maybe that other team will end up getting the player — if that other team is willing to give a no-trade clause.

The fact that Pennington would want such protection and that the Dolphins would be reluctant to give it suggests that Pennington’s instincts were on the money.

10 responses to “Mort: Pennington deal snagged by no-trade clause

  1. That’s too bad. Really I would expect Miami to treat CP a little bit better than that. I guess it is all a business.

  2. You can say a lot of things about Chad, talk about his noodle arm and what-not. But the kid has always been pretty sharp.

  3. The Fins should just give it to him. He is a better backup for Henne than Thigpen and Pat White (who I think is a total bust). He’s also a great mentor and complete professional as well. Then we just trade Thigpen or White. Unfortunately, it would probably be Thigpen, though, cuz there will definitely be a market for him. Pat White was a 2nd rounder only a year ago, so the front office won’t be ready to give up on him yet, and I’m pretty sure no one else would want him anyway. Too bad.

  4. I guess signing him when the team that drafted him cut him loose for a one and done isn’t enough huh Ches?
    Miami wants him to resign but would have 3 QB’s and if Thigpen stays they would have 4.
    CP has potential suiters else where, so Miami could get something for him in a trade, which would benefit both Chad and Miami.
    How is that wrong? God forbid teams actually benefit from the players they pay ridiculous amounts of money.

  5. He is the most under-rated QB in the NFL. Not a franchise QB, but could be a super bowl winner given the right situation (cough Minnesota cough)

  6. Give him the no-trade clause. CP has given us a lot over the last two years, let’s give some back. He deserves it. Anybody remember the AFC East championship game in 2008? The year after 1-15? The entire season was an awesome team effort, but that ship was going nowhere without CP at the helm!

    Let it be a nice homecoming. The fans will be nicer this time, honest.

  8. “March 5, 2010 5:42 AM
    Let it be a nice homecoming. The fans will be nicer this time, honest.

    Jets’ fans and nicer in the same sentence? Talk about an oxymoron.
    They practically ran Chad out of NY. Anyone with any self esteem wouldn’t want to go back there.

  9. hey overkil2 you are trying to make a point to a jets fan, good luck buddy you’ll need it

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