Ravens closing in on Boldin

The NFL Network reports that the three-team race for Anquan Boldin is down to two: Kansas City and Baltimore. It could be down to one team soon enough.

SI’s Peter King writes that the Ravens are close to making a
for Boldin.

The Patriots, who were briefly mentioned as favorites earlier in the day, have reportedly dropped out of the bidding.  It’s possible they didn’t like to be used as leverage in other negotiations.

Trade compensation was never going to be the tough part in acquiring Boldin.  Coming up with a contract that would satisfy the seven-year veteran is far trickier.

It’s beginning to look like Baltimore is going to do just that, adding a much-needed weapon to Joe Flacco’s arsenal.  We wonder if Derrick Mason would still fit in Baltimore.

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  1. I don’t know the man personally but I think we’d all agree that Boldin can take a hit! To come back so soon from having your face shattered tells you about his onions. I’m not even a fan (and not a hater) and I still see that hit; he was broken and out cold before he hit the turf.

  2. God i hope so if anything has been lacking for the Ravens its been the WR position, this would be huge for Flacco’s growth.

  3. What doesn’t make sense is they are willing to give this guy a big contract but they are not going after Marshall because he wants money.
    Will be funny when they end up signing relatively the same size deal.
    Boldin is definintely better than Mark Clayton… but he’s not the red-zone target that Flacco needs with all his lofts and high throws.
    This move really doesn’t even help if Mason ends up leaving.

  4. would derrick mason still fit in?
    A1: if baltimore goes out and gets kevin walter too…..no.
    A2: if baltimore does not go out and get kevin walter too…..yes.

  5. Why wouldn’t Mason still fit in? Now you have a 1st WR in Boldin, a clear 2nd in Mason (where he always should have been) and a 3rd in Stallworth. Please, man, you get paid for this stuff.
    Plus, Mason is only asking for a short-term contract, which allows them to look for a good 2nd WR in the draft/FA in the coming years, etc…

  6. C’mon, Pioli. Don’t screw this up.
    Boldin is your best chance to save Cassel from being the biggest blunder of your brief tenure in KC.

  7. This will be a great move for the Ravens. Esp since it looks like we’re only giving up 2010 3rd rounder and a late round pick in 2011. Looks like Boldin was/is on clearance. Sure glad we apparently won’t have to give up our 1st round pick in this years deep draft.

  8. As a Raven fan the only reason I didn’t want us to get Boldin is giving an oft injured player a big contract but other than that he’s a solid playmakers, the league’s toughest receiver, and yes, Mason would make sense in the Ravens offense unless they sign Kevin Walter. Look, Mason might need a change of scenery because all year last season on the field he would complain to refs (even drawing 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalties) as well as arguing at one point with Harbaugh. Boldin and Walter would be a great tandem when you factor in Donte Stallworth as the x factor but the Ravens will be banking on Stallworth and Boldin staying healthy so when healthy their great but they normally are not healthy so hopefully this will free the Ravens up on draft day and allow them to pick the best available at pick 25!

  9. I think Boldin will sign with the Ravens, Stallworth was a decent improvement but they still need more talent.

  10. If only the Ravens would part way with “Slashing” Ray Lewis I could become a fan of them.

  11. Boldin, Mason and Stallworth. That’s a respectable receiving corps. PULL THE TRIGGER, OZZIE!

  12. It’s my ravens all the way the last thing the chefs need is another #1 they already got dwayne bowe they need o line help worse then almost anybody they also need a qb cuz I’ve been screaming that matt cassel is a turd since before he got traded to the chefs

  13. generally a #1 has an ability to stretch the field vertically. boldin cannot do this, even when healthy. stay with the deepest draft in years, Ozz.

  14. @MtR
    mason and boldin run the same kind of routes, which would be weird in 2WR sets. neither of them stretches the field all that much, and the jury’s out on Stallworth. Who knows what we have there. i love mason as a player and wouldn’t mind the ravens bringing him back, but I’m just not sure how it would work if they signed boldin.
    even with boldin they would still draft a wide out in the first 3 rounds. mason wants at least a 2 year deal. you can call that short-term, but dude is over 35. i know he can still play, but I don’t see ozzie giving him 2 years when he will be putting lots of money into boldin and whoever we draft. just being realistic, Rosenthal is probably right.
    Ngata has a contract situation coming up too.

  15. they guy cant stay healthy plus he’s gonna cost alot (the cap WILL come back at some point). also, u get drew rosenhaus as a thrown in bonus. he’s great if u dont mind him not playing in the playoffs. ill pass and keep a 3rd rnd pick.

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