Scott Fujita to visit Cleveland

The Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints have too many free agents to keep everyone, and one of those free agents, Scott Fujita, may be getting ready to move on.

Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the Browns have a visit lined up with Fujita, who’s been a starting linebacker for the Saints the last four seasons.

Fujita is scheduled to visit the Browns on Saturday, and he’s making them his first visit. Although Fujita was a strong side linebacker in the Saints’ 4-3 defense, Grossi reports that the Browns may want him as an inside linebacker in their 3-4 defense.

The 30-year-old Fujita was taken by the Chiefs in the fifth round of the 2002 draft and played three seasons in Kansas City and one in Dallas before signing with the Saints.

11 responses to “Scott Fujita to visit Cleveland

  1. Fujita will go to Cleveland to determine his value, and then he’ll go back and sign with the Saints for a matched value.
    Sharper will do the same with whatever teams he visits.
    Loomis and co. have their shit together.

  2. as a football junkie don`t you just get the feeling that the number of the guys the saints stand too lose just might be a little more than they can compensate for when all is said and done? i mean all though i hate the pats they always seem to trickle their guys away when their done with them. i dunno, just sayin.

  3. With the 32nd pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints select…Brandon Graham, DE/OLB, Michigan!

  4. and the bills should pick him up in a heartbeat. thats what i think 2 crown royals in on a friday night! go sabres!

  5. Fujita is a nice guy and I wish him the best, but it’s no secret the Saints have been wanting to upgrade the OLB position. I don’t see him coming back whereas I see Sharper returning.

  6. Thanks for the time you were here, but see ya. The Saints gave starting jobs to mediocre players, they need to upgrade anyway.

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