Childress visited Favre, told him to take his time

Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress paid a visit to Brett Favre in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, on Wednesday, but it wasn’t to urge him to commit to playing in 2010. In fact, when Favre broached the subject, Childress told him not to sweat it.

“He brought it up to me — ‘When are you guys going to need to know?‘” Childress told the Star Tribune. “I said, ‘You know what, Brett? That’s not why I came down here. I came down here to see how you’re doing. It’s been five weeks since we played.’ We hashed through the season, we hashed through [the year he spent with] the Jets. We went backward and forward [on various subjects].”

In other words, Childress still thinks it’s just fine if Favre takes his sweet old time like he did last year, when he didn’t join the team until August 18.

Childress, who had never been to Hattiesburg before, said it was just a relaxing visit during which they discussed such mundane issues as what Favre should wear on The Tonight Show, which Favre appeared on the next day.

Eventually, Favre and Childress are going to need to have a serious discussion in which Favre makes a commitment one way or the other. But that discussion is likely still months away.

48 responses to “Childress visited Favre, told him to take his time

  1. It’s not coincidence that Childress approached Favre the day before the QB was to make a Tonight Show appearance.
    The Vikings needed to be prepared or perhaps prepare Favre’s mind before that show.
    Sounded like a very cozy meeting with Childress playing the vacationing pyschoanalist who had a session with his patient on retreat.
    Smart move to help Favre get rid of the baggage of last year’s outcome so he can prepare his thoughts for the future and another run at the title.

  2. Last year he gave Favre until August 18th, for Favre’s first year with the team, and it seemed to work out pretty well for both sides. Favre had his best stastistical season ever and the team went to overtime in the NFC Championship game. I don’t see why he would rush him this time arround when it worked so well last time in a circumstance where you would think being early would be even more important.

  3. “We hashed through the year he spent with the Jets.” Kind of sounds like tampering to me. Maybe the Packers were right by claiming the Vikings tampered a few years back.

  4. What a bunch of crap. The only people who knew what they discussed were the people there and that was none of you people. I know he gets bashed by the insiders and talking heads but they are the ones who keep bringing it up.

  5. Say what you want about Chilly, but you have to give him some credit for the way he is playing Favre’s game.
    Lorg Favre is big on having his ass kissed and treated like he is … well.. a god.
    Chilly is playing this like a master.

  6. why even write these foolish stories ….. both of these guys are straight up bold faced liars …. sure chili, you just went there to talk about old times ….. really believable ….. just like last year, on a twin cities sports station it was said that one of chili’s assistants blurted out that they new Favre was coming for 2 months….. sure there was lots of begging by childo and Favre is undecided because they don’t have that cupcake schedule this year and the teams they are playing have been signing some quality players already …. PLUS , every team will use the Saints game plan , knock the old boy around and give him a beating

  7. Way to spin the story, the basic fact remains unchanged; that Brent Favre can do, will do, whatever he wants, whenever he wants and there is nothing the Vikings can do to change that. It’s his team now and Childress demonstrated that to the world when he picked him up at the airport. Most knowledgeable footballs fans (that attribute would, by defiintion, eliminate Viking fans) agree that turning over your personnel decisions and bending team rules to a single player is not good for team morale. (but then again, throwing INT’s in field goal range in the last 30 seconds of the NFC championship game is not exactly a morale booster either)
    Still, curiosity about the finer details remain. Did Childress wear his dress? Did he bring his kneepads? We already know that Childress is Favre’s bitch so how far did it go?

  8. He’s already hurting the vikings in FA. Don’t you think they’d like to know whether or not they need to spend $10 million on him yet? They might have been able to keep Taylor if his royal highness would make a decision for once.

  9. This sounds like me when I tell my dog to do exactly what it was going to do anyway, so I sound like I’m in charge to my family.
    “Hey Sadie, take that toy under the table and chew on it. Good girl, now go f’n nuts the next time someone knocks at the the door. GOOD GIRL!”
    “Hey Brett, take as long as you want to make up your mind. Good boy, now don’t worry about how we need to make plans for our franchise next season. GOOD BOY!”

  10. Just who does Childress think he is kidding? He pays a personal visit to Hattiesburg, “just to see how he is doing?” As always, and as it has been for several years, don’t believe anything that you read regarding statements from the Favre camp. The Vikings have a company to run and they need to know who their committed employees are, just like every other team/corporation. I think Favre is waiting to see if the Bears may be putting together the better SuperBowl opportunity (as he sees it,) so that he can pretend to retire…. in the self-centered hope that he will fool the Vikings into giving him his release. Hummmh…sounds vaguely familiar.

  11. His exact words were, “let us know when the PEDs don’t show up in your urine… and we’ll announce how you ‘got the old fire for the game’ again… remember to drink lots of water with your HGH… oh, Roger Clemens says hello”..
    Then he gave him a sweet little kiss and left. It was touching.

  12. He can’t get Farve off the field in a game during the season – Childress has no input into Farve’s retirement game in the offseason.

  13. did he give him a BJ while he was there? it’s the least he could do after Favre got him that new contract and kept the Vikes out of the promise land for the next 4-5 years with this dope on the sidelines.

  14. you got it backwards dude,… Farve told Chilly he’ll make up his mind, AFTER they brake camp in August, …this time Chilly needs to pick him up in a stretch limo,…does ANYONE think this a$$hole is going to walk away from 13 mill this year and retire???

  15. How do you know they dont? Have you thought that maybe they do discuss football but dont want to tell the media. You media people are so obsessed with the situation it is ridiculous.

  16. Farve: “You know I’m gonna come back, but I ain’t goin’ to those pesky OTAs and training camps right?”
    Chilly: “Yes Mr. Farve”
    Farve: “You’re still comin’ by every Tuesday next week to clean my house and mow my lawn next season right?”
    Chilly: “Yes sir”
    Farve: “OK, here’s my draft board and my list of free agents I want you to sign.”
    Chilly: “Consider it done sir”

  17. why not post new developements whenever they happen rather than just rehash stuff we already know, Trust me, we all get that hes not on a deadline.

  18. Take all the time you need Brett!
    Right before free agency opens tell them your playing then change your mind in a couple days… then wait until the day before the draft and tell them your playing and again change your mind in a couple days… then right before preseason tell them your playing and again change your mind a couple days later.
    Then in Sept go public bashing their team becouse they never really loved you and forced you out the door!

  19. Brett Favre is in complete control of the Minnesota Favre’s.
    Brad Childress happy that he no longer is responsible for anything and still got an extension.
    He gladly kissed the ring, licked the boots and kissed Brett’s rump.

  20. I’m sure Childo just wanted to see if Brett might need a ride to the show, maybe get his sport coat cleaned for him, just typical coach stuff. . .
    Wonder if he took along that really cool Stewardess outfit? I heard Brett just loves him in that.

  21. This guy (Favre) has no shame.
    After all the abuse he’s taken in so many past years for “flip-flopping” and taken his sweet ol’ time making the dramatic “will he or won’t he” retirement dance, you’d think just once he’d get tired of looking like a drama queen and simply tell them (and us) “I’ll be back for sure”.
    I am so sick of this guy. I don’t care how old he is or how close he got to the Super Bowl, a professional simply shouldn’t behave this way.
    Hey Brett, how about the writers all have an annual Brett Favre “should we let him in or should we not” Hall of Fame ballot vote, and drag your election out for say, oooooooo, six or seven years.

  22. Simply pathetic for a HC to be sucking up to Favre like Childress is doing.
    What the hell is football coming to?
    Can you imagine what Vince Lombardi would think of this?

  23. “I wonder how we can survive
    This romance
    But in the end, if I’m with you
    I’ll take the chance
    Oh, can’t you see it baby
    You’ve got me goin’ crazy
    Wherever you go
    Whatever you do
    I will be right here, waiting for you
    Whatever it takes
    Or how my heart breaks
    I will be right here, waiting for you
    Waiting for you”
    Richard Marx’s mullet must have had mystical powers that allowed him to see the future and he must’ve been a Viking fan, when he wrote this song for Chilly and Brett years before their time.

  24. I guess all this free agency business has been interfering with the Network coverage. Time to reset the “Days Without a Favre Story” counter on the Home Page back to zero once again. You guys made it a “whole” 1 day 11 hours and 2 minutes this time. Better watch out, or your lack of coverage of Lord Favre will result in a revocation of your castle privileges.
    MDS, these Favre stories are really making you brownie points with Florio. Although I am not so sure I would want any brownie points on my ledger book with Florio. Maybe he can give you one of his nice ties.

  25. He was just down there to ask who Farve would prefer as a replacement for Taylor.
    LT or Westbrook. Duh.

  26. Childress going to see Favre is the respect a coach shows to the ultimate veteran who gave everything he had for him. Favre gave me one of the best seasons ever for a fan of the Vikings, if he doesn’t come back Ill still be a fan of his forever. Either way, thanks for one hell of a year. Do what ever is best for you and the family Brett and thanks again.

  27. It’s funny seeing all these “angry” posts at Favre taking his time. Guarantee you don’t see these people leaving posts for Roethlisberger’s sexual assault allegation. Just goes to show you how messed up society is, or at least how demented the Favre hater crowd is.

  28. There is no way FAVRE is NOT COMING BACK… he has passion for the game.
    So, unlike the vast majority of CLASSLESS Packer Fan that cannot appreciate what a player has given their team for 16 years. Instead they side with TT and Ari Fleisher. Good choice red necks.
    It is no wonder that every player wants out of Green Bay

  29. Chilly has a tell. Even in print. He’s lying. He went to see if there was any way Brent could make up his mind so the team had a clue how to approach the offseason and Brent either told him he was coming back but he’ll play it like last year and skip camp (most likely), or he told him he was really undecided (I doubt it). Mainly, they need to be on the same page so Childo doesn’t make a complete idiot of himself….again. Burt has turned his supposed inability to make a decision into a business. It’s a real cash cow. He could play that till he’s old and (still) grey! Twenty years from now he could be famous not for being a great player, but for being the guy who can’t make up his mind. Ka-ching!

  30. # Bruda5000 says: March 6, 2010 10:00 AM
    Childress going to see Favre is the respect a coach shows to the ultimate veteran who gave everything he had for him. Favre gave me one of the best seasons ever for a fan of the Vikings, if he doesn’t come back Ill still be a fan of his forever. Either way, thanks for one hell of a year. Do what ever is best for you and the family Brett and thanks again.
    Did you sniffle and wipe away a tear as you typed that cheesy horse manure? Seriously, are you aware Mike McCarthy and his predicessor Mike Sherman both made annual offseason visits to Favre? It’s not just a courtesy with the guy, he demands it if he is to play.

  31. JimmySmith
    “but then again, throwing INT’s in field goal range in the last 30 seconds of the NFC championship game is not exactly a morale booster either”
    Karen Rodgers interception must have really hurt morale since it led to a loss like 5 seconds later.

  32. Why would Childress tell the press anything. The press and posters all say he is lying and remember everybody in Philly say McNabb is their starting qb and the insiders and talking heads do not believe that either, so why say anything and let the talking heads and insiders say and print what they want because they will anyway. I always say “never let facts or truth get in the way of a chance to appear on TV or write a story or blog.”

  33. jimmySee –
    Interesting thought — the Vikings tell him to take his time and because of that, he actually finally retires…

  34. What has this story to do with the Packers?
    Why does every loser viking fan when confronted with facts he doesn’t like have a knee jerk reaction to somehow attempt to say some untrue negative things implying the Packers are being run almost as bad as the vikings are?
    Comments from “The Devil” “Vikes #28 fumbles”
    have nothing to do with the story.

  35. Hey dumbasses, they already have 2 starting QB’s ready to play if need be, whether Brett announces now or Aug 1 does not affect anything. As for money, this is a non-capped year, his salary also has no bearing on any free agents.
    Use your brains for once people, Brett is waiting until free agency and probably the draft before deciding. Doesn’t that seem wise to you? After all in one day, Julius Peppers, Chester Taylor, Nate Burleson, and Kyle VandenBosch just lined up against you. Would you be in such a hurry to announce your return?

  36. Reasons to return.
    1. $13 million guaranteed
    2. $13 million guaranteed
    3. $13 million guranateed
    4. To allow all Vikings “bandwagon jumpers” and Favreopians another chance to watch him play for the “love of the game.”
    5. Deanna needs new clothes
    6. Manning is creeping closer to his records
    7. He likes it when Chilly drives him around town
    8. He still hasn’t spanked the butts of approximately 300 NFL players.
    Did I miss anything? Oh, one more thing…….
    WHy do you even ponder passing?

  37. I LOVE Brett. He’s a homeboy! After those hits with New Orleans, he was gimpy. I hope he makes a good decision for him and his family and the team. He shouldn’t care what people think. Why should he? He’s a GREAT player and a HUGE HOF’mer. He has earned the respect of any player and coach. I would love to see him as a coach. Who could say anything about that?

  38. Easy to tell who’s in charge of the Vikings! Brent. He looked so cocky sitting up there with Leno. Thinks he’s “king of the world”. And that smirk on his face. Packer fans can hardly stand to even look at him anymore. Come back and screw up again. No one will blame you no matter how bad you play. When are fans going to wise up and take him off the throne he is on.

  39. jimmySee says:
    March 6, 2010 9:32 AM
    Dr. Sigmund Childress is practicing reverse psychology on the patient
    As a Packer “stockholder”, your opinion means zilch!
    Stop posting!!

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