Derrick Mason no longer a priority for Ravens

D. Mason.jpgDerrick Mason may have overplayed his hand.

Apparently looking for more upfront money than the Ravens were prepared to give, re-signing Mason is no longer a priority for Baltimore, according to the Baltimore Sun.

The Ravens offered a two-year deal for Mason before free agency started, and he didn’t accept.  Baltimore has since acquired Anquan Boldin, who is also a possession receiver.  Mason may have to look elsewhere for the contract he wants.

Mason hasn’t set up any visits in free agency, although the Patriots and Dolphins reportedly have some interest.  New England tried to sign Mason a few years back, but his wife wasn’t wild about moving to Foxborough.

We wonder what she thinks about South Beach.

22 responses to “Derrick Mason no longer a priority for Ravens

  1. He’ll go to Miami, since Miami is stupid and doesn’t seem to want to sign Antonio Bryant. Still, even at 35. he’s better than what they have now.

  2. Yeah RIGHT! The Baltimore Sun is a JOKE. They are hardly a reliable source regarding information as to what the Ravens organization is thinking.
    And what is a “possession receiver?”
    Boldin is a slot receiver. Look how Arizona used him. He’s in Baltimore to run the routes in the middle of the field. He is not by any means there to take Mason’s spot.
    The only reason Mason doesn’t come back to Baltimore is if he feels another team has a better chance at winning a Super Bowl.
    If Mason goes to the Patriots… their passing game is going to be even better than in 2007.

  3. Greed can bite. He knows the Ravens are a super bowl contender, yet he had to go macho and throw out his chect. Now he may wind up with a perennial loser like the Fins

  4. So let me get this straight, Derrick Mason has been Bmore’s only good receiver for the past 5 years, and when they finally get another good receiver to form a nice combo, they’re gonna get rid of him?

  5. Greedy or intelligent? He got what he wanted. Tell me you don’t feel like you deserve a raise and I’ll call you an idiot.

  6. “Wife wasn’t wild about moving to Foxboro?” Yeah, because Baltimore is the hotbed of good living. Where was the show “The Wire” based out of again?

  7. Thank God!!! Now the Steelers don’t have to worry about a Mason/Boldin combo. They have no CB’s, but hopefully the Steelers make a move themselves and grab at least one free agent to help that problem.

  8. I have a feeling DMase and the Ravens will work out a deal. They’ve been a few pieces away from another SB appearance and he has to know that Bolden will only help him out in the long run (by giving him an extra year or two by less wear and tear on his body!)

  9. Mason played his hand a little too long. He should’ve folded and gotten paid. How many 35 year old recievers get 2 year deals.

  10. why doesn’t Baltimore instead go for a combo of Boldin & Mason, their offense is on the up(great running game) while their defense seems to be in decline to me(they come across as flat track bullies many times)
    oh wait Baltimore is interested in TO lol

  11. Boldin to Baltimore was huge. With or without Mason, the ravens have all the makings of becoming superbowl contenders.

  12. Shawn:
    The Steelers need to worry more about Big Jen at the moment than any free agents – the Steeler management needs to assign a 24×7 body guard around Jen just to keep all of those crazy women away from him!

  13. Maaaaaaaaan! Mason drops a game-winning TD pass “gimme”, then trots off the field with a shit-eating grin on his face.
    I just can’t like him anymore. I have tried. I can’t.
    The drop? Meh, it happens all the time, to all of the greats.
    The grin? You tell me…
    Jus’ sayin’

  14. Mason is hoping someone is dumb enough to pay him big $.
    The pats are in decline, and the fins are perrenial losers.
    If he wants a championship he’ll be back in baltimore.

  15. He’ll resign with the Ravens and talk about wanting to end his career on a high note. Teaming with Boldin is exciting, blah, blah, blah.
    Mason won’t go to NE. The wife knows best.
    NE hasn’t won squat for a while. BB gets out-coached more often without his former coordinators.

  16. NE hasn’t won squat for a while. BB gets out-coached more often without his former coordinators.
    They are 37 – 11 in the past 3 years???

  17. D. Stallworth + A. Boldin = No real need for D. Mason.
    The last time I checked 2 is more than 1, so if D. Mason is looking to play the numbers game with the Raven’s, it is now GAME OVER! The Raven’s have already compramised for D. Mason giving him a 2 year deal instead of a 1 year deal. It is now get in where you fit in because the WR corp has just improved in 2 moves D. Stallworth and A. Boldin. To me this sounds a lot better than just D. Mason and even better if Mason decides to come back. If he does not come back, thank you and good luck.

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