Rams close to deal with Fred Robbins

We’re still several weeks away from finding out whether the St. Louis Rams will add a defensive tackle with the first pick in the NFL draft, but the Rams could add a defensive tackle via free agency this weekend.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting that the Rams are in the process of finalizing a deal that would bring free agent defensive tackle Fred Robbins to St. Louis.

Robbins played the last six seasons with the New York Giants, including two seasons when current Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo was the Giants’ defensive coordinator.

If all goes as planned, Robbins will fly to St. Louis on Sunday to sign the contract.

5 responses to “Rams close to deal with Fred Robbins

  1. I’m happy for all these players that have signed new contracts and moved on but I don’t want to hear any player saying it is all about going to a team that has a better chance to get to the Super Bowl. The latest players that went to the Redskins and Rams leaving the Vikings and Giants tells the whole story, it is always about the money and nobody would do it different.

  2. Could someone please explain to Spags that there’s a pool of 30 other teams to possibly pick and chose defensive players from.

  3. I think it is almost certain that the Rams will take Bradford or one of the other top QBs with the # 1 pick. A new owner is coming in, the team has been terrible, and the Rams have to sell tickets. It is much easier to sell a QB as a ‘face of the franchise’ than a DT. Hopefully the QB taken will be at least a decent NFL QB.
    The Rams are probably thinking that after this year’s draft, they will at least have a functional group of NFL players (rather than a team in 2009 that featured 30 players that were either street free agents or late round draft picks). This means that they believe they are ready to bring in a ‘franchise’ QB who will at least have enough talent around him to be able to develop his skills.
    The Rams were really too terrible the last 2-3 years to even think about putting a rookie QB out there early or mid season (though they ended up starting rookie QB Keith Null due to injuries, they did not want to do that). Any rookie QB forced to start on those teams was going to be tossed around like a ragdoll in a room full of pit bulls.

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