Report: Kampman's agent did not cancel visit to Philadelphia

The case of Aaron Kampman’s canceled visit to Philadelphia is getting curiouser and curiouser.

On Friday we passed along a report
that Kampman, a free agent defensive end, was visiting Philadelphia.

And then we passed along a report that the visit had been canceled.

On Saturday we passed along a report  that Kampman’s agent, Neil Cornrich, called off the visit because the Eagles weren’t willing to commit to any kind of financial offer.

And now we’re passing a long a report that the Eagles say that’s not true.

Jeff McLane, who covers the Eagles for the Philadelphia Inquirer, tweets that a team source says there’s no truth to the report that they wanted Kampman to visit but Cornrich called it off.

So at this point we’re not sure what’s going on with Kampman and the Eagles. But we do know he visited Jacksonville.

34 responses to “Report: Kampman's agent did not cancel visit to Philadelphia

  1. Wow.. this is why people think your website can be more of a joke than serious news and notes about the NFL.. by the way is Terry Bradshaw still dead?

  2. yawn yawn yawn… Either sign the guy or stfu about it already. He is a major upgrade even with a bad wheel.

  3. Regarding my own home team, the Eagles (that I have lost all faith in regarding common sense), this is where I wish we could post Youtube clips in comments, so I could post up Homer Simpson looking at Marge hearing only the circus theme in his head when we picture the Eagles’ front office meetings:
    Doo-doo dee-dee deedeeleetledeedie…
    I really think that goes through Andy’s head when anyone dares to offer him a different perspective.

  4. Another thing is, especially regarding the idiocy in not letting go of McNabb a year early to get good compensation:
    Remember those old cartoons where you had 3 guys stuck on a raft, and there’s one guy who looks at the other two and instead of listening to what they’re saying, just sees one as a hot dog and the other as a burger?
    Your Philadelphia Eagles front office mettings, ladies and gentlemen.

  5. So MDS is saying the Eagles have no interest in Kamp.
    What a shock! We have another agent claiming every team in the NFL is beating down his door to sign his client. Glad Philly came out and said they are not interested.
    Kamp will be back in GB.

  6. so is there any evidence that there was a scheduled visit at all or that theyre interested in him??????

  7. Report: Kampan’s Agent may or may not have really canceled or not canceled a visit to Philly and Emmitt Smith may or may not have words about it.

  8. Good. I wouldnt want his old arthritic azz anyway. over rated. Hopefully Dunlap falls to 24

  9. He is a HIGH RISK due to the KNEE BLOWOUT in NOVEMBER.
    The Packers abused this player and now he is finding out they cost him MILLIONS.
    He should send a bottle of DOM to Thompson… I would suggest he spike it with something…. but I am just suggesting

  10. We shouldn’t even want him, we should have learned our lesson about ACL’s last year with Stacy Andrews

  11. If Kampman plays somewhere else, do the Packers receive any kind of comp, or is he just gone gone gone?

  12. Not saying that PFT knows nothing about other cities but I can’t remember the last time that PFT has said something correct about the Eagles. Maybe that is why they humor Eskin. Maybe someday they can get some actual inside information…..maybe..

  13. The Packers abused this player and now he is finding out they cost him MILLIONS.
    Uh… The Packers abused him? Are you serious? He went down from a non-contact injury genius. If your implying that they overplayed him, he’s an EVERY DOWN DEFENSIVE END retard!!!

  14. Of course a team source would say they didn’t drive away a potentially important free agent.

  15. Brad Meester’s wife is Kampman’s cousin. Parkersburg Ia will win this one …he’ll be a Jaguar

  16. As an Eagles Fan I don’t want him……Bad experiences with high risk high reward guys. If he comes and doesn’t produce he will be booed out of the stadium.

  17. Update: Eagles deny that they denied talking to Kampmans agent who deny’s he denied scheduling a trip to Philly. Ridiculous.

  18. green and gold,
    you are the idiot. you sit on your couch, drinking your shitlz beer and never have played the game.
    Kamp is a elite DE in this league, not a drop back LB. HE was out of position ALL YEAR and he went down in drop back.
    Your a life loser for your complete lack of knowledge. Have fun going back to your spot on the assembly line on Monday.

  19. I want him. Don’t compare Stacy Andrews or his gay brother Shaun to a hard working, good work ethic warrior. The Andrew sisters don’t compare and neither does C.Ingram who according to M.Mayock teams took off there board last year due to what appeared to be a bad surgery on his bad knee. Thats why he feel to the 5th. Mayock went on to say that he was told that the injury would happen again and it did. My question would be, Do you even want the Eagles docs looking at his knee?

  20. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kampy ends up back in Green Bay on a short term, maybe even one year deal. It would allow him to rehab and prove his knee is ok, and hit FA the market later. I don’t think he’s worried about playing in the 34, he was adjusting well when he went down. With Jones and maybe even a rookie on the squad, he could work his knee back into shape. Unless someone’s going to give him big money deal, why not stay in Green Bay? He might be offered an incentive laden contract by the jags or whoever, but he probably knows he won’t be at full production till 2011 when the knee is 100%. If he proves he’s back in 2010 he could get big time guaranteed money in 2011.

  21. Kampman is not an upgrade over what the Eagles have on the roster already. The Eagles need to put a few dead peices to rest…. Sheldon I get burned Brown. Reggie how did I lose a starting spot to 2 rookies Brown. Mike never seen a burger he didn’t like Patterson. and Victor Abirimi. Quentin Mykils, and a slew of other roster fillers that don’t have the talent to start at their positions. Right now the Eagles defense aside from Samuels, Bunkley, and Cole is a bunch of special teamers. Everyone on that defense aside from those named will be out of the NFL or buried deep on someone else’s roster once released or traded.

  22. The Eagles already have quality DE’s. We need Depth and I dont think that they want to Gamble on a player that may not be 100% again…Look how many times that has failed for Philly in the past 3 years. We need a OLB and RB.
    Oh and Eaglelover1…you have no Idea what you are talking about. Stu Bradley, Sheldon Brown, and even Quentin Mikell are good players. Are main problem last year was we had no depth on Defense and we had most of our D sitting out cuz of injury.

  23. @eaglelover1
    Kampman is a big upgrade over J.Parker and V.Abwhatever the hell his name is. Whos better D.Howard? it is the every other year for him so maybe he shows up this year. How is Bunkley special? Him and Patterson are solid against the run thats about it. Neither get consistant pressure. Sheldon is a solid corner who had to play hurt all year, he should have missed half the season. You remember when he was healthy the year before he gave up 1 passing td if I’m not mistaken. I will agree with you that the defense as a hole is a joke but to say Kampman isn’t an upgrade tells me your a jackass.

  24. He tore his ACL and is 3 months into rehab. Why would anybody sign a guy who might not be able to play this season? He’s 31 years old, most likely this knee injure is career threatening. I would not want him and I’m an Eagles fan. I am not happy the Eagles have done nothing but signing people just to sign people is not how you do business.

  25. Ha Ha Devil, Vos just schooled your azz. But should any of us be surprised. With every post you write, we all come that much closer to seeing you for the fool you really are. Mans game loser.

  26. The devil has been on the boards all weekend trashing the Packers. Obviously, a Vi-queens fan. I wonder if Mommy knows that you’re playing on the computer???

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