Avant will make $7 million this year

Eagles receiver Jason Avant, a restricted free agent with a second-round tender, has finagled a strong deal.  As Adam Schefter of ESPN tweeted earlier today, Avant signed a five-year, $18 million deal, with $8 million guaranteed.

A league source tells us that Avant will receive $7 million of that money in 2010.

Solid pay for a guy who caught only 41 passes for 587 yards and three touchdowns last year.

Somewhere, DeSean Jackson is smiling and rubbing his hands together.

31 responses to “Avant will make $7 million this year

  1. Why doesn’t every team with cash do this during the upcoming “uncapped” year? If you front load contracts, it will free up a ton of cap space to make a serious run when the cap is back in place.
    I’m not a cap expert, but this move by the Eagles seems to make a ton of sense.

  2. Avant deserves it, he’ll never be Jerry Rice, but he has a role and he’s great at.
    Great character guy too from what I’ve seen.

  3. This organization and the Bears’ have been really careless with money. He’s making the average of Anquan Boldin’s extension with 103 receptions and 8 TDs in four seasons. Boldin’s rookie season: 101 receptions and 8 touchdowns. He also has 586 catches in 7 seasons.
    The Philadelphia offense looked really bad towards the end of last season but I think Avant is consistent enough that I would think he could stay as a third receiver and they could consider benching Maclin if another receiver can step in there and make more plays.
    With the Bears, I think if they had any clue where the good running backs were in a deep draft, they could have gotten one of them this year and saved a lot of the money that went to Chester Taylor.

  4. avant should tell me what he is doing so I know how 2 get away with robbery and not get locked up 4 it

  5. yeah but he will be kept an eagle and can make as little as $1mil over the rest of the deal… jackson isn’t stupid. sure he’ll want a better deal, but avant has been a workhorse on this team for years and is just finally getting a little bonus for that. and it really is just a one year bump in salary… not sure it’s that big of an accomplishment for a guy who could start on some teams.

  6. Avant should! Jackson will get his turn, but not until next season. That way maclin will see that he has to prove his self for another 2 years also before he starts begging. This is a good problem for the Eagles to have!

  7. Wha wha what? Between this and Philly keeping all 3 of their QB’s, what the hell are they doing?

  8. 5 yrs 18 mill certainly isnt an overpay. they were just smart to frontload 7 mill to minimize the cap hit when the cap does come back

  9. Sweet! Although I do not think he had to “Finagle” It. He Deserved that deal!
    “Solid pay for a guy who caught only 41 passes for 587 yards and three touchdowns last year.”
    Come on now! Take your Eyes off of the Stat sheet for once! You sound like Vox! Not every player is measured up by stats. Jason is your Typical “Working” Wideout. If called on to block, He will. If called on to Catch, He will. If called on to fake a play, He will….and the best part is that he is a team player and never complains one bit. He knows his role and does it well. That is why his value is worth way more then the “Stat Sheet.”

  10. He better not be crying in year 3 when he’s making significantly less. Hey J.A. you got your money now break out… See ya later Curtis and Reggie Brown!

  11. How much does this make Brandon Marshal’s 104 catches and 10TD’s worth? About a $100 mil or so?
    He’s flat ass a steal at a first round pick.

  12. YES….Guys I can’t tell you how happy I am about this. Jason Avant is my favorite wideout on the eagles….great hands, quiet, works hard, goes over the middle….Locking him up for 5 years no matter what the upfront money is is a great call…With Kevin Curtis most likely done and Reggie Brown a flop with Avant, Jackson, and Maclin the Eagles have an UNREAL wideout core….I know most don’t know him but he will be the greatest eagle to ever wear the Eagles #81 in the next few years

  13. if u watched the Eagles play all year long, and not just caught the couple games they had on Fox, u would know Avant is a very good receiver, he actually blocks down field and has great hands

  14. He deserved the money because coach “likes” him.
    Like Curtis, who was given big money because he was a mormon.
    The Eagles always offer the most cash when they are negotiating with themselves.
    How much $ did TO want before the team was destroyed? Less than $170,000 per catch?

  15. Avant is a solid receiver. He can start if asked, like we saw in his huge San Diego Game, and he consistently converts third downs. He’s a go-to guy in the clutch, with his reliable hands and strong body over the middle. As the season wore on,, the Eagles used him less and less, which could explain why their offense got pretty cold. Glad to see that he’ll remain an Eagle

  16. Not saying I am not very happy to see Avant rewarded, because his role in the offense goes beyond his #’s. I’m just not sure anyone else would have offered this much.
    But then I was just reminded of Burleson’s contract.

  17. This is the reason that Avant deserves this contract.

    He can even catch those toe balls and over the head balls from McNabb.

  18. besides wes welker, avant is the best slot receiver in the league.
    i think jason avant screwed himself by signing this deal. eagles mgmt has always signed young players with lots of potential to small deals early in their career to lock them up during their prime at a cheaper price. he just lost all his renegotiating leverage during his prime years for $7 million dollars.

  19. “I’m not about breaking the bank or anything like that. Just something that was fair for the situation that I was in. When you find a place that’s good for you and the people that are good, I think it’s more important to be around rather than money.” -Jason Avant
    He is a true Role model for any Team. I am glad he stayed in Philly!

  20. Great move, Avant is very underrated as a receiver. Yeah, he may not be Jerry Rice BUT he is one of the best route runners in the league and his hands are good enough to merit the money he’s making. Avant has paid his dues, so to all the “haters” adding their comments … Get a Life !!! He’s reliable and hasn’t “CRIED” about anything. I had the opportunity to work with him at a couple charity events in Philly last year and all I can say is, couldn’t have happened to a better guy … “Best of Luck in the 2010 season Jason, stay clutch …”

  21. Jason Avant deserves that money all day. He is an under used receiver but when he is used it counts. He is very important to the Eagles on 3rd down and is usually the one to pick up the first .

  22. The posts to this thread once again prove the sheer idiocy of some of these posters. THIS is a phenomenal move for the Eagles. All the young WR and locked in to contracts. Avant is the key to the success of D Jax & Maclin. He is the valuable possession guy. He had a good yr in ’09 and will continue to improve every yr.
    The bonus of moving Brown reggie is a coup de grace!

  23. “besides wes welker, avant is the best slot receiver in the league. ”
    You guys are totally serious, aren’t you?

  24. “Jason Avant deserves that money all day. He is an under used receiver but when he is used it counts.”
    Should have used him more against the Cowboys. 5 catches in three games with Jackson and Maclin getting all the attention? Only 83 yards?
    In case you’re wondering, Crayton caught 9 for 207 yards and a TD in three games against “interception magnet” Asante Samuel and “shutdown presence” Sheldon Brown.

  25. Gotta say, the Eagles keep frustrating the ignorant and amazing the educated.
    Nice move, great contract terms, and holy freakin’ shiz-nit, they moved Reggie Brown’s contract…….
    This offseason is now a success just from that……okay, that may be a stretch, but nice enough for now!

  26. “him get a bigger contract before me…that’s umpossible”
    I sorta get the feelin that in a couple years, good teams will figure out DeSean, so he better get his money asap. Of course, I could be wrong.
    He’s a nemesis to the giants, so, hope he fails haha

  27. Plus, Avant is the only ‘leader’ type of guy we have on offense now that Westbrook is gone. So that also argues for a bit more in terms of compensation.
    Not sure there is much to ‘figure out’ with DeSean. He is so fast and explosive that he can do a lot – in space or downfield – based on the defense and coverage. He’s a handful, and they seem to know how to use him. The problem is the rush getting to the QB before he can turn loose, a fact that the Cowboys figured out.

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