Becht to visit Raiders

Ten-year veteran Anthony Becht is looking to play for another year.

A league source informs PFT that Becht will take a free agent visit with the Raiders this week.  Becht, a blocking specialist, has played with the Rams and Cardinals the last two seasons.

The interest in Becht and especially Brandon Manumaleuna early in free agency is a sign that the death of the blocking tight end has been somewhat overstated.

11 responses to “Becht to visit Raiders

  1. Oh WOW!!! REALLY???
    Who cares?
    Becht wasn’t noteworthy when he was young and in his prime, that is suggesting I guess that he actually had a prime.

  2. I really don’t understand posts that say stuff like “Who cares, this isn’t newsworthy.” This is a football rumor site, just be happy they aren’t reporting what color thong Gerald McCoy is wearing.

  3. This is in case they want to replace Tony Stewart. Zach Miller is a moderate liability in pass blocking that he clearly makes up for with his pass catching ability. Brandon Myers showed a lot of promise last year, especially with the play he made to beat the Bengals with the strip on the fumble recovery. I don’t know if Becht can contribute much on special teams though, the way Stewart does.

  4. NASHAUN: I have to disagree regarding Miller, dude is already a very good blocker, both run & pass.

  5. This is GREAT news!!!!! At least we did NOT give up a 1st round draft pick for this over the hill player!

  6. always woreth getting blue collar productive players that just want to play, and EARN their check.
    Now we need to get Bobbie Williams on a flight to Oakland. (Unless we plan to take Iupati at #8) Williams is the best unrestricted ROG available

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