Holmgren acquires Seneca Wallace

Though he’s likely not the long-term answer at the quarterback position, veteran Seneca Wallace is now a member of the Browns.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Browns have struck a deal with the Seahawks for Wallace, who was drafted in 2003 when Cleveland president Mike Holmgren served as head coach in Seattle.

Other terms of the deal are not yet known.

The move means that one of the two top quarterback on the depth chart from 2009 — Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson — undoubtedly will be gone, sooner rather than later.  At worst, Wallace will surely be No. 2 on the depth chart.

He also provides an intriguing Wildcat option, especially with Josh Cribbs on the team.  Together they could be a Ronnie Brown/Ricky Williams-type combination.

56 responses to “Holmgren acquires Seneca Wallace

  1. Take it from a Philly fan: Wildcat does *not* work with a passer lined up behind center. It works best with two running backs in the backfield.

  2. Seneca routinely runs out of bounds behind the line of scrimmage, he never throws it out of bounds. It is so annoying! Senecat as it was known was a formation that sent chills down any Seahawk fans spine. Since every offensive play kind of gave you a sick feeling in your stomach, the two sensations together were often quite unsettling.

  3. Senecca isn’t a quarterback. He’s a slot receiver disguised as a quarterback. And oh btw he sucks at it.

  4. this guy wasn’t very effective in seattle; but then again he was drafted by holmgren.
    hey florio, earlier in the day you had troy smith going to da browns…….what’s up with that……….

  5. He always pilfers from the franchise he just broke ties with even if the players stink.
    His depth of knowledge is so shallow it is all that he can do.
    Two years and Cleveland will be screaming for his head.
    Great coach….crappy front office guy.
    Sorry, your franchise deserves better:(

  6. Wallace will probably be the starter. Or Holmgren is preparing to coach the team in 2011… when Wallace is his starter.

  7. Well, I guess old Troy Smith won’t be crawling his way from Baltimore to Cleveland to play QB for the Clowns now that Seneca is in town. They are one and the same – overrated.

  8. Thank God DA is gone and wallace is just a back-up to Quinn. There is no way he starts over Quinn, give me a break!

  9. How can a QB and a WR/KR provide a combination EVEN REMOTELY SIMILAR to two productive, workhorse NFL running backs??? Last time I checked, neither Wallace nor Cribbs were selected in the top 5 overall of the NFL draft as running backs.
    Williams/Brown: 12,000 career rushing yards
    Wallace/Cribbs: 834
    I suppose it also doesn’t matter to you that the Browns were 8th in the NFL in rushing, with over 80% of that production coming from conventional handoffs without a scrambling QB or Cribbs handing the ball off.
    They got to six wins by handing the ball off to Harrison and being entirely simplistic with their offensive play-calling.
    You should emphasize more how Wallace isn’t just a brainless pair of legs without an arm when he’s had to fill in for Hasselbeck. Wallace enables Cleveland to simplify its gameplan and rely entirely on the run game and dip-and-dunk passes with the occasional elaborate play to Cribbs. That’s what makes him a valuable backup.
    Unfortunately, at least in Cleveland, that also makes him a likely starter.

  10. Seneca Wallace is a nice change-of-pace QB, but no way he is (or will ever become) a legitimate NFL starting QB.

  11. some people are reading too much into this, he’s a better and cheaper backup than DA
    with Cribbs and Wallace, it should be one of the better Wildcats out there

  12. rjgreen3 says:
    March 8, 2010 8:34 PM
    hey florio, earlier in the day you had troy smith going to da browns…….what’s up with that……….
    Maybe “what’s up with that” is the fact that the story merely said the “Troy Smith has said he wants to play for the Browns”. Nowhere in the story does Florio say or predict that Troy Smith will go to the Browns, as you are implying.
    What’s up with that?

  13. Now the Browns need a speedy wide out to replace the departed Braylon ‘hands’ Edwards!
    Someone who can catch better than a department store mannequin!

  14. so far so good for the football czar Wallace is better than what the Browns have now,and he has ran the west coast offense.

  15. Really smart stopgap move for a team with more needs than QB facing a weak QB draft.

  16. I hate the pick-up of Seneca Wallace BUT sad to say he is better than who we have at QB.

  17. seneca wallace will be a good qb for the next few years while quinn waits his turn. wallace will be a lot better than everyone thinks

  18. If holmgren had to get someone from Seattle, I’d think Wallace gives more upside than Hasslebeck in this stage of his career….but this can’t be a move that they expect to energize the fan base.
    My guess is that Quinn will be starting in Week 1 and Wallace will be holding his clipboard. Which means to me that the team will improve….to 8-8 this year.

  19. For the past seven years I’ve been thinking, if my team only had Seneca Wallace…..Oops! I think the clowns are the only team he has a chance to start for.

  20. Mike Holmgren is a loser. Seneca Wallace is a loser. Neither of them can compete at top level. I hope we can pawn off some more losers from Seattle to Cleveland.

  21. wallace will not be the backup, he will start and be better than people think. he’s never had a chance to be the starter and for those of you that think quinn is better right now dont know football, he’ll be good down the road, but wallace is better right now.

  22. Seneca Wallace just needs a decent offensive line (The Browns have) unlike the Seahawks.
    This guy has the ability to be a good (not great) QB in the NFL.

  23. Thank you Seneca for being a hard worker. Seahawk fans appreciate you’re athletic talent, charisma and the overall energy you brought to the city. The games you played in were fun to watch and we will never forget your surprise catch in super bowl 40. Good luck on your journey!
    -Seahawks Fan

  24. y’all are pathetic, not a single one of you dug deep enough to see the underlying meaning of this move.
    1 #15 was traded 1 day after another certain #15 spent the weekend as a RFA visiting the team complex.
    How could y’all miss that? Sheesh!

  25. A lot of people seem to be assuming Quinn will still be the starting QB in Cleveland.
    I think you have a better chance of being hit by lightning (on a hot, dry, clear day).

  26. # funi says: March 8, 2010 10:12 PM
    Great, another idiot for the Clowns! That gives Steelers 2 wins easily with that bafoon at QB!
    you really want to talk about bafoons at QB? your a steeler fan….
    all cleveland has to do is get cheerleaders and Roethlisberger will be too busy raping one to actually play in the game.
    oh yeah, how bout those two easy wins this year?

  27. This hopefully frees up #15 for Brandon Marshall… or maybe even Tim Tebow(but only if he is a late round pick). Thank you Seneca for rolling out and running out of bounds instead of throwing away the ball.

  28. Seneca is one of the best #2 QBs in the NFL. The Browns got a solid player. Holmgren wasn’t looking for a starter here I don’t think, just a solid back up and I bet they didn’t give up much to get him.

  29. that was my thought too Bunnysuicide, florio did not do that in this post about the Browns.

  30. Why? better be as a back up. Holmgren doesn’t understand the “what have you done for me lately” attitude. Browns get a high QB draft, Wallace helps train them.
    Plus, the browns…the name evokes mediocrity and their uniforms look like poop. terrible teem, sorry Cleveland. I mean their “logo” is an orange helmet. So retarted. The need a new logo.

  31. I have to believe the Seneca was brought in to help Quinn learn the West Coast offense that Gil Haskell is already helping Daboll to install. I think this is a solid move. Think Ken Dorsey, but better.
    What makes me most curious is the tone of the article on clevelandbrowns.com:
    “The Browns have acquired the rights to QB Seneca Wallace in a trade with the Seahawks. ”
    Is there anything to read into “the rights to”. Does this mean Seneca is not exactly 100% thrilled to come to Cleveland? What if he refuses to go?

  32. @adam
    The name evokes much more than that if your older than 12. Go back to your crayons, junior.
    Oh, and nothing makes me laugh my a$$ off more than somebody calling a team or person “retarDed” and misspelling it. Get back to your 6th grade spelling book, there Adam boy, before I put you in a time out.

  33. This is a great pick up. I’m sure they didn’t have to give up that much, and if nothing else you have one of the best backup QBs in the league. You all might even be surprised and get a starter out of him. Look at his stats. He out performed Hasselbeck during his limited playing time in Seattle the last 4 years. All you haters out there should look up his stats vs. Matt’s. He had a higher completion percentage and a better TD to INT ratio than Hasselbeck in the last 4 years! And he can create plays with his legs better than most QBs out there. He did all of that with horrible wide receivers and no running game.

  34. Now we just need to get rid of Quinn and find us a solid young qb with some great up side via trade or the draft, because i dont think Quinn is the answer at qb he has a weak arm and is afraid to take shots down the field, he is a dink and dunk qb and that wont work in todays Nfl full of high power offenses.

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