Closing arguments could happen soon in Darrent Williams murder trial

After more than two weeks of testimony from witnesses called by the prosecution, the trial of Willie Clark, the man accused of killing Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams, could soon end.

According to the Associated Press, prosecutors will call two witnesses in their rebuttal case, the lawyers will make their closing arguments, and then jury deliberations will commence.

Along the way, the judge will instruct the juror regarding the law.  It’s a process that can take some time, since the lawyers often quibble over the details of every sentence in what can be a lengthy list of explanations regarding the controlling legal principles and the manner in which they should be applied.

Still, the case soon will be ending.  And based on the evidence we’ve seen, Clark could be going away for a long, long time.

7 responses to “Closing arguments could happen soon in Darrent Williams murder trial

  1. “Closing arguments could happen soon in Darren t Williams murder trial”
    Just one of the many daily examples of PFT needing an editor. Just because 99.99999% of your readership does not give a darn does not mean you can blow through review process. Like a receiver running precise routes- writers should be professional in their work also.

  2. Zombie Rev – GTFO. Anyway, WILLAY – Doesn’t it feel good to be a gangsta? Gangsta’s don’t exist anymore, just cowards who use guns. BURN IN HELL.

  3. I hope you’re right but I wonder how successful you were as a lawyer. I’m not sure it’s an easy decision for the jurors.
    Take away the fact that all prosecution witnesses have received reduced sentences in return for their testimony because I’m sure it happens all the time.
    The main problem in my mind is that the only person willing to say he saw Clark pull the trigger also says that Clark was the only one to shoot at the limo. Yet the prosecution admits to the fact that two different caliber of bullets fired at different angles were recovered at the scene. That might be enough to put reasonable doubt into the minds of a juror. The main witness says things happened contrary to the facts.
    It will be interesting.

  4. too bad Colorado don’t have the death sentence!!! but that too is a way too long drawn out process!!! you do a crime like that you should be executed just like you done to some poor guy!!!

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