Kevin Jones dropped in Chicago

Kevin Jones’ history playing for Mike Martz didn’t save him.

Vaugh McClure of the Chicago Tribune reports the Bears released the veteran running back Tuesday, the same afternoon Jones confidently spoke about his future with the team.

On a positive note, Jones has been medically cleared again after tearing ligaments in his left ankle last year.  There is no room for him with Chester Taylor and Matt Forte in Chicago, but Jones could get a workout elsewhere.

After a career filled with devastating injuries, Jones will have to be carefully examined by a team’s medical staff before getting serious consideration for a roster spot.

10 responses to “Kevin Jones dropped in Chicago

  1. Kevin has lost the eternal battle of keeping up with the Joneses’. Thomas signed with the Chiefs today and Nathan with the Broncos last week.

  2. That’s too bad. I was looking forward to seeing you play last year KJ until another injury laid waste to yet another season for you. Good luck.

  3. the eagles maybe? they need a veteran backup running back and jones could probably fill that role cheaply. furthermore, he’s from philly. so far it would appear they haven’t been thrilled with the current group of RBs on the market, but maybe kevin jones will change their minds.
    at the same time, i’m somewhat doubtful. eagles fans have been calling for veteran RBs every year since andy reid’s been here, and what we get instead is dorsey levens and lamar gordon and the like. history says kevin jones won’t be an eagle. but who knows.

  4. I’m not sure why the Bears keep clinging onto Garrett Wolfe except for special teams. He really hasn’t added anything to their offense. Maybe sMartz thinks he’ll turn him into another Reggie Bush.
    On the bright side for Jones it seems whenever Chicago gives up on a running back or relief pitcher they turn their careers around at their next stop :p
    I’ll add my best wishes to Kevin (and congrats?)!

  5. He was also a beast at Cardinal O’Hara High School. He’s done – no team wants him and his injuries.

  6. His SP Authentic rookie is gonna drop like a rock! I’m gonna go trade with my pal Stan before he finds out.

  7. Forte, Taylor, and Bell should be the guys that make the team. Wolfe and Peterson have nothing to offer.

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