Witherspoon set to join Titans

The Titans have cautiously dipped their toe into the free agent pool, agreeing to terms on a three-year contract with linebacker Will Witherspoon.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean writes that the Titans will sign him, barring a “last-minute snag in negotiations.”  Assuming the contract is modest, we like the value for the Titans.

Witherspoon is still just 29 years old and has shown he’s a league-average starter at worst.  He should be coming at a discount rate and the Titans know how to coach up linebackers.

Keith Bulluck’s return to Tennessee looks less certain than ever following the move.

13 responses to “Witherspoon set to join Titans

  1. Jones-Drew has went over a hundred only twice against the Titans in his career. In fact he averages 69 yds a game vs the Titans. CJ on the other hand averages 117 yds a game vs. the Fags so maybe you guys are the ones in need of upgrading those linebackers. God I hate the freaking Jags. Most worthless fair weather fans in the NFL! Move to L.A. already!

  2. As much as I really like the signing , as it adds a veteran presence to go alongside sophmore McGrath and Tulloch , Bulluck is still NEEDED as he calls 70% of the defensive audibles on defense and there is no way Tulloch is ready or good enough at this point to take that . If we can add some depth to Finnegan , Hood , and Mccourty we just might be alright on defense once more .

  3. Screw you titan87. Inbred piece of crap that you are.
    Of course you love thugs like CJ and Adam Jones. You guys have the lowest average IQs in the nation and it really shows in your toothless loser football fans. Just someone nuke Tennessee and save the rest of the country from the stink.

  4. So he went over 100 yds twice and he’s only been a full time starter for one season; not bad!!!

  5. I like the signing. Witherspoon was playing at a pretty high level while he was with the Rams. I’m not sure whether or not the Titans plan on playing him at MLB or OLB. I’d still like to see Bulluck back in blue next season but that does not seem like its going to happen at this point.

  6. Dreamstalker Pac hasnt been on the team for several years and just because CJ looks the way he does doesnt make him a thug, but if you do want to mock him for who he is just remember he is from Florida. Last time I checked I dont remember Florida being full of cosmopolitans. I cant believe I struck a nerve with you and tenake that makes half of you guys season ticket holders.

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