Jimmy Kennedy to visit Bills

Bills fans have been waiting for something to happen in free agency other than signing tackle Cornell Green.

Well, can we interest you in a little Jimmy Kennedy?

The defensive tackle, who re-energized his career in Minnesota, will visit Buffalo Thursday, according to NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora. 

The Bills have a big need at defensive tackle and could be looking hard at Dan Williams with their ninth overall pick.  Grabbing Kennedy first would ideally give the Bills greater flexibility to look only at the best player available in the draft.

23 responses to “Jimmy Kennedy to visit Bills

  1. At first glance I thought it read “Jimmy Kimmel”
    Now, that would have been interesting.
    This isn’t.

  2. He can play. He brought the wood on every play last year. Hope the Vikes dont let him get away, but I’m sure he’s looking to get paid, and I dont think the Vikings need him enough to cough up the amount of dough hell be offered by the Bills or another team.

  3. As a Vikings fan I will be honest..I didnt see alot of difference when he was in and Pat Williams was out. It may had to do with the guys he played next to but he didnt seem to be the bust everyone said he was.

  4. This is the guy the Rams gave up on, as well as 2 other teams. I doubt he’ll be productive for a lack luster Bills front-seven.

  5. The Bills need a Nose Tackle. Hopefully obtain Kennedy below value and free us up to draft a LT with the 9th pick.

  6. This guy filled in well for Pat Williams, even notched himself a few sacks. The guy was a bust in his early career but he has played well playing on the Vikings.. This probably means they are going to get a Defensive Tackle in the 1st or 2nd round.

  7. His show, “The Jimmy Kennedy Experiment” was hilarious. He’s a little small for the NFL.

  8. Minny might want to sign this guy, unless they are thinking of drafting a DT high in the draft, which i believe they will.
    everybody says corner is the priority, but I think the vikings will do what is necessary: find pat williams eventual replacement.

  9. That a way, let Williams slide to the Vikes. Keep that Williams Wall tradition even after Pat retires.

  10. # WhoDat_champs says: March 10, 2010 9:55 PM
    His show, “The Jimmy Kennedy Experiment” was hilarious. He’s a little small for the NFL.
    i’m sure you mean Jamie Kennedy? either way…dumb joke

  11. Kennedy played very well last year, and is only leaving the Vikings because the have Fred Evans and plan on taking a DT in the draft this year.

  12. This guy can play. I don’t know if his improved game was a product of the system, or a resurrection of sorts, but I saw that he filled in very well for Phat Pat.
    This would be a nice pick up for Buffalo, and in my opinion, a big free agent loss for Minny.

  13. there actually is a pulse at 1 bills drive…wow !! Let’s see if the “grumpy old men” in charge can get him to sign a contract.

  14. Kennedy played very well when he was in the game last year. He made plays too including forcing a Brees interception.
    He finally grew up and now appreciates the opportunity he got and squandered. He shaped up considerably from the shapeless blob the year he was drafted too.
    I would be sorry to see him go but if he does I suppose the Vikings have something in mind like getting younger inside. Good luck Jimmy where ever you land this next year.

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