Sharper isn't feeling the love from the Saints

Darren Sharper wants to return to the Saints; he’s just not feeling the love yet.

“If the love was right, that would have been taken care of. The love
would have been reciprocated
,” said Sharper to Mike Triplette of the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Sharper plans to make some free agent visits in a week or two, when his surgically repaired knee has healed.  He speculated that he might be a good fit with the Jets.

“The New York teams, there’s something about the big lights and the big
city that fits me, and I know I would fit there,” Sharper said.

The 34-year-old wants a pay hike from his $1.7 million contract.  But the Saints are wisely unwilling to break the bank for an older player, just like they were with Scott Fujita.

Sharper says he plans to play for a few more years and uses Rod Woodson as an example of someone that played outstanding well into his mid-thirties.

I watched Rod Woodson.  I played Tecmo Super Bowl as Rod Woodson.  Sorry Darren, you are no Rod Woodson.

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  1. Sharper’s numbers show that he had a great career, but too many times in his career, I saw him get burned for big plays. He gambles too much. Sometimes they pay off, more often they don’t. Plus, he can’t tackle.
    He’s just always been that guy who happened to be in the right place at the right time when the ball was thrown up for grabs, making his interceptions escalate.

  2. Well, Miami already signed one 35-Year old player coming off of an injury, maybe they’ll sign another.

  3. He is all washed up that was he was cut from the Vikings a year ago, Walmart is looking for greaters at there new store in Iraq

  4. Show him the qwan!!
    This is also coming for the same guy that showed up in crutches to the red carpet viewing of the Saints Superbowl DVD…..
    How about you stfu and rehab your knee and see if anyone wants you!

  5. He’s no Rod Woodson but still damn good safety that if he’s willing take 1-2 year deal deserves to be paid like top 5 safety.

  6. Sharper needs to watch his mouth, seriously. I know it’s all business but he needs to keep things in perspective. He had a great year in New Orleans under Gregg Williams, he need not over estimate his worth though to other teams. He should be focused on getting back 100% healthy and then see where he stands with the Saints. Older players take longer to heal, what makes him think that he’s going to be instantly made a starter getting paid 6 million at his age and with his knee in it’s current condition?
    Teams aren’t going to take a chance on him at this stage.

  7. Translation:
    Sharper severely overestimates his worth and is trying to guilt the Saints into signing him at a higher rate.
    It’s not going to work. Mickey Loomis let him test the market for a reason, which is to prove that no team will pay Sharper the amount that he wants.
    If you want to come back to New Orleans, you’re going to have to roll back your salary demands a bit.

  8. I remember watching that debate live. Dan Quayle didn’t even know what a potato was at that moment, much less be able to spell the word.

  9. Darren; The phrase is “Bright lights, big city” not “Big lights, big city”.
    Now make like a tree and beat it!

  10. Hmmm first the Vikings “Show him no love” now the Saints are doing the same…. Think there could be a pattern here… The guy is garbage, so what he had some INT’s how many missed tackles and how many times did he get burned? He needs to STFU and stop bitching that no one wants him… There are reasons no one wants him!

  11. If Sharper wants love, he should go home to his family. If he wants money, he should realize that he is an employee of a business and will be paid according to his worth.

  12. Sharper isn’t even a top 10 safety. He is a gambling safety who requires great play from the people in front of him and huge leads from his offense so he can selfishly play his gambles. If you look at his overall stats you will discover that he gave up many more big plays than he ever made. He is trying to cash in on the overall success of the team, not his own skills.

  13. Wait, doesn’t releasing Jones let the Jets sign a free agent?
    aaaannnnddd it’s too late for the Giants.
    I think he’d be great with the Jets, on and off the field. Sharper fits in with the Jets swagger very well.

  14. I am a Saints fan and I loved what Darren did last year but he really needs to stfu, because Benson will not pay the amount that Sharper is asking for and he is ruining his relationship with the team and city, at least fajita went out on a top note

  15. The Ain’ts will be the Florida Marlins of the NFL, they got their Championship and now they are going to use this cap-less year to cut salary and clean house. Benson will make sure they are the bottom-feeders they always were soon enough. The San Antonio Santos will be a reality in the next 5 years.

  16. The Lions, Bucs, Raiders, Browns, Dolphins, Cardinals, and some other teams out there that could use his services.

  17. The longer Sharper waits the more likely the Saints will have decided they are going to move out and move on. Unless some team decides to overpay for Sharper, he will get his best deal from New Orleans.
    If he waits until after the draft, the Saints may not want him at anywhere near the compensation level they are now offering him. If the Saints pick up a nice young healthy safety with two good knees and a willingness to hit somebody in the draft, why do they need to “pay” Sharper anything more than they did last year?
    It’s not like they need to sign a veteran player with a “ring”. The whole Saints team has rings now.

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