Eagles sign Chad Hall

The Philadelphia Eagles have signed a new free agent receiver, but he’s no one who has played for any other NFL team.

Receiver Chad Hall, 23, has completed two years of service as a second lieutenant in the Air Force, and he is now free to pursue a career in pro football.

Hall played receiver, running back, and kick returner at the Air Force Academy, and he was named the Mountain West Conference offensive player of the year in 2007.  He had 1,478 rushing yards, 524 receiving yards, and 2,683 all-purpose yards.  Hall set the school record with 275 rushing yards in one game, against Army.

It sounds to us like he’s a scaled-down version of Percy Harvin, who might be able to keep DeSean Jackson from being exposed to injury while returning punts.

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  1. I like the move…sounds promising…
    The big bonus besides having another speedy punt returner is he can be a very versatile threat on the offense , even if it’s in the run game.

  2. I think I speak for us all, Eagles fans and all the many hater trolls, when I say:

  3. I don’t know how good this guy is, but it’s the smart organizations that keep these guys on their radar.
    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go back to watching the Bengals make the wrong moves.

  4. can see him being the kick returner and possibly punts too.. and this dudes rushing stats are even better than his receiving.. triple threat only down side is his size..

  5. Well, that’s news. The Eagles sign a white, offensive player who’s not a Mormon.
    He did play in the Mountain West Conference though, and served his two years in the Air Force in Salt Lake City, so close enough. Maybe he converted while he was there and playing for Andy Reid can be his 2 year mission.

  6. @ Whiterhinocerous
    Look spanky, just try speaking for yourself..if we have something to say we’ll let it be known!!!

  7. I think I remember this kid from one of the mid-week ESPN games – as I recall he didn’t have a lot of speed, but hey, if he can make his mark in camp, good for him. I’m surprised that he only needed to serve for two years after the Acadamy, though. I thought it was more like five.

  8. I’m feelin’ good. All the pieces are now in place for this year’s Super Bowl run. E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!

  9. Well I’m not going to get excited, but at least we know he has discipline, probably conditioning, and will be motivated to succeed.

  10. Lol the Eagles love their Mormons… anyway. Never heard of the guy but hopefully he can be a decent young weapon for the Eagles

  11. @ tombrookshire
    “I’m feelin’ good. All the pieces are now in place for this year’s Super Bowl run.”
    LMAO, boy, have you lost your mind??? All of what pieces??? There are a lot of area that need to be addressed before you start spouting off about a Super Bowl….you guys just kill me at times, but I love the enthusiasm…hahahaha

  12. Kevin from Philly says:
    March 11, 2010 3:41 PM
    I’m surprised that he only needed to serve for two years after the Acadamy, though. I thought it was more like five.
    Players are often allowed to play professionally and serve their time in the Reserves, under the belief that is good publicity to have service academy grads in pro leagues. This goes all the way back to David Robinson at Navy.
    In fact, Hall tried out for the Falcons after graduation and would have been allowed to play at that point had he made the team. I believe if some reason he didn’t make the Eagles, he would go back in.

  13. I agree, no wikipedia = man doesn’t physically exist. As a avid birds fan, we need to know…how tall is this guy? WE are lacking a TALL receiver ala Hank Baskett. I’m hoping Cornelius Ingram can run the fade in the red zone this season if healthy.

  14. Ryan_Mack says:
    March 11, 2010 3:14 PM
    Eagles win the division this year, make it to NFC Championship, and lose to the Vikings.
    The Eagles dont lose to the Vikings especially in the playoffs. Brad Childress has a brain block when it comes to coaching against Andy Reid.
    But the Eagles probably wont make it that far so you got nothing to worry about.
    They have done nothing to fill their many holes and defense. Actually they have made even more holes that need to be filled.
    The expect rookies to come in and fill their needs but their fooling themselves. The Eagles NEVER have rookies come in and help the defense since Andy Reid has been the coach. The only player that has done what we would need rookies to do this year to make the Eagles a contender is Mike Patterson.
    So even if they get 1 guy to step up like Patterson they still would have 3 other holes that needed to be filled.
    They went into the offseason needing a Sam lb, FS, DE, RB. Then they cut Witherspoon and traded Brown. Even though Brown wont help they now made a need at WR plus another need at WILL LB.
    So now they have to come up with 2 starting caliber LBS, 1 FS, 1 DE, and 1 backup rb that needs to compete for the starting job and a WR.
    Theres no way they get 4 defensive starters in the first 3 rounds.( the Eagles have a 1st, 2nd, and 2 3rd round picks) and then get a rb in the 4th round that might have to step up and start and a reciever that might have to step up if Curtis struggles and either Maclin Jackson or Avant gets injured(Eagles have 2 4ths)
    The Eagles screwed themselves by not filling any holes in free agency. Marlin Jackson and Chad Hall isnt going to help.

  15. I didn’t know that there were any white non-Mormon players left in the NFL…..or at least anyone signed by Andy Reid.

  16. Wow, a CB with 2 bad knees and now a guy who hasn’t played in 2 years. Is there any question the Birds are going to the SuperBowl??

  17. this offensive stuff is cool and all but you see, we need to address the real issues. none of which are wide receiver.
    please, replace dawkins. that is what’s wrong with this team. it’s not that we need a free safety, we need to REPLACE DAWKINS.
    further more, i hope stuart bradley is healthy and still good this season. then we can try to get a good outside linebacker that can cover a tight end or running back out of the back field. shawne merriman? ha
    maybe larry foote. he did play for that steelers d that never let up 300 total yards in a single game. capped off by winning a 6th lombardi trophy…ha yeah right. we won’t address any of these issues. sorry if i seem a little defensive minded…

  18. @ EaglesFreak89.. you mean the same Hank Baskett the was part of the reason the Colts lost the SuperBowl

  19. # birdmancometh says: March 11, 2010 3:30 PM
    The next Reno Mahe!!
    LOL! Yeah Reno could have been chased down from behind by a turtle with a broken leg but he was a good returner that was consistently putting the ball on or around the 30+ yard line.
    I am going to have to check this chad guy out. the Eags must have saw something they liked!

  20. Great. Another “bargain player experiment.” If I didn’t know any better I’d swear we were at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to fan base and revenue. Then again with paying 17 million for three quarterbacks I guess there is not a whole lot left to go around.

  21. The eagles are taking a flyer on another jeremy bloom project. They plan to cut this kid on the eve of the season’s opener after having just discovered he has no heart for returning punts in the nfl (what was the entire previous season and the preseason for, andy?).
    Don’t be concerned, fellow birds’ fans. Andy has an ingenious backup plan in place and has named greg lew as designated punt fumbler. Oh, he’s gone; who will andy choose as this time, quentin demps or macho harris?
    we only lose all momentum and ultimately the season. but don’t worry; we got a sixth round pick in the 2011 draft for Reggie Brown.

  22. “tombrookshire says:
    March 11, 2010 3:43 PM
    I’m feelin’ good. All the pieces are now in place for this year’s Super Bowl run. E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!”
    LOL!!! That’s sad. You sign a 5’8″ WR that has never played in the NFL and played college ball at AIR FORCE and this makes you exclaim “SUPER BOWL RUN!”…..wow.

  23. everyone always has a knock on a smaller size guy at RB or WR but look at this dude’s highlights, hes got some serious speed.
    He’s like a lil Welker or Danny Amendola( which we shouldnt have let go)
    Lil White guy that runs fast as hell and isnt afraid of putting his shoulder down.
    I see a younger Kevin Curtis on the Eagles roster next year.

  24. Given that this year is ideal for salary dumps, I’d be very surprised if Kevin Curtis is on the roster come August.
    In a capless year it’s easier to eat the guaranteed money. He just could never stay healthy. But we’ll always have that Lions game.

  25. Chad Hall was the Mountain West Conference offensive player of the year two years ago. He has the speed and skills to contribute as a kickoff/punt returner as well as a running back and receiver.
    Chad’s high school coach has sent several players to the NFL. He said that Chad Hall was the best player he had ever coached, period. He is a high-character person with a a work ethic to match his skills.
    There are no negatives in this acquisition. Chad Hall will make the team, and next season not only will Eagles fans know his name, but so will opponents and their fans.

  26. Can someone tell me how this works? I thought that when you cut a guy his future guaranteed money hits the books instantly, which is why guys like Reggie Brown or Kevin Curtis would be hard to cut if there was a cap.
    But the chart in the link below details “dead money”, and that sum is lower than the future guaranteed payout. What is the explanation for that? I thought dead money was future guaranteed money that accrued upon the player’s termination.

  27. When I read the news and Googled Chad Hall, his Wikipedia listing explained to me who he was. I don’t know why someone posted no wikipedia listing. I have since learned that he was mentioned as a Heisman hopeful and won the ESPN play of the week at least once while he was at the Academy. I like the hire.

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