Fargas, Baskett to visit the Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles will soon be receiving a visit from an old friend, and from a possible new addition.

Per the team’s official web site, receiver Hank Baskett and running back Justin Fargas will visit the team soon.

Fargas arrives tomorrow.  The former Raider would provide veteran presence on a depth chart that got a lot younger after Brian Westbrook was cut.

Baskett was a competent wideout in Philly, but he was cut early in the 2009 season.  The Colts signed him, and the biggest moment of his career came in Super Bowl XLIV, when he failed to recover a game-changing onside kick to start the third quarter.

Baskett is a restricted free agent who has received no tender offer, which essentially makes him an unrestricted restricted free agent.

27 responses to “Fargas, Baskett to visit the Eagles

  1. baskett’s got three of the longest touchdowns in eagles history. at the very least, he’s a good special teams player, so it makes sense on that level. he was cut out of necessity last season because we needed roster space.
    fargas is a good runner, he’d be a solid backup to mccoy. not sure about his ability in the passing game, but he can be effective.

  2. Baskett sucked big time. If he wasnt’ so big he wouldn’t even get a visit. Why didn’t they just hold onto Brandon Gibson? The guy is a future stud.

  3. I’ll take Fargas… The guy runs hard. Baskett tho? I guess he can fill Reggie Browns shoes. Just don’t put him on our hands team.

  4. NOOOO we dont want baskett back, and fargas straight up sucks. if they sign either one, this FA year for us is officially a fail

  5. Also Fargas is 30 years old. Might as well have kept Westbrook with a reduced salary. I guess the Eagles are still bargain shopping. In free agency so far, they’ve spent a grand total of $6million on a guy with bad knees. Good move. Man, the front office really bugs me sometimes. They claim that they’re always trying for a Super Bowl. But the reality is that they only plan for the future. And when the future eventually becomes the present, and they’re close to the Super Bowl, they’re gonna start rebuilding again for the next generation of Eagles. It’s a sad cycle

  6. “baskett’s got three of the longest touchdowns in eagles history. at the very least, he’s a good special teams player”
    I stopped reading

  7. I just wanna screw Hanks wife… seriously.. He better hope he can keep a job in the NFL cuz that chick his HIGH maintenance .. Hefner has a spoiled the girls next door…

  8. A cheap signing who won’t produce, right up the Eagles alley. As far as Fargas, can he pass block? We don’t run the football, you know?

  9. VoxVagina, I don’t think Gibson fit into their future plans in any way. They’re pretty much set wit Jackson Maclin and Avant for years.

  10. Hank Baskett is an asshole. I bartend at a bar in South Jersey and he came in one night with his boys and tried to fight employees for no reason. I don’t want him back.

  11. @VoxVagina sorry man, but westbrook’s career is likely over… i don’t think he’d be able to pass a physical. Concussions and Bone to bone he’s just not worth the risk for any team.

  12. “VoxVagina, I don’t think Gibson fit into their future plans in any way. They’re pretty much set wit Jackson Maclin and Avant for years.”
    So uhhh you think they should carry just three WRs into every season?

  13. Maddest,
    Im sure his loser hanger on friends don’t work so they have plenty of time to start fights.

  14. jibfest: Fargas can pass block with the best of them, he lights them up, a text book blocker.

  15. Fargas is the type of player you would love in Philly – the guy has only 1 speed and that’s maximum. He’ll run through, over and around people. The guy is a warrior and will be greatly missed in Oakland. I would love to see him land in Philly because I admire that franchise and fan base. The don’t call Fargas “crash test dummy” for nothing. The guy is absolutely fearless.

  16. I said the day after Baskett signed a 1 year contract with the Colts that he would be with the Eagles the next year. It looks like I will be right.
    It wasnt that the Eagles didnt want him its just that they had to many young talented receivers and others they had money tied up in.
    They Had
    Desean Jackson
    Jeremy Maclin
    Jason Avant
    Kevin Curtis
    Reggie Brown
    Brandon Gibson
    Hank Baskett
    Danny Amondole(w.e)
    Jackson, Avant, Curtis, and Brown were givens to make the team. Maclin was a 1st round pick so he wasnt going anywhere and Brandon Gibson had the best off season out of all the wrs. They cut Amondole and were planning to go into 09 with 7 wrs until they got Vick so they had to cut Baskett. Im sure they would have kept him if they knew they were going to have to trade Gibson because of all the injuries at lb. But that didnt happen so they had to trade Baskett.
    He played good in Philly and I personally dont see the onsides kick in the superbowl his fault. He was the only player on the whole team that was ready for the kick and he had no help. Usually hands specialist have their teammates making blocks so they dont have to worry about getting killed by the whole opposing team. No one on the Colts helped baskett so I dont think its his fault.

  17. Think about it people, This makes perfect sense and it is smart. We got hurt last year, lost a lot of interior guys and it showed. We will get them back and their backups did a heck of a job filling in. Also, our specialists are all small guys, Maclin, Jackson, McCoy are very speedy guys but cannot pound. It seems to me that the Eagles are bringing in some extra poundage to help wear down defenses and give our smaller guys some air and keep them fresh for the playoffs. As for the Draft, I can see them drafting a DE first then trying to sure up the other spots (like MLB) with Back up players. Remember we still have all of our starters, they were just all hurt last year.

  18. Fargas would be a nice addition, especially since he doesn’t have to carry the load. From what I’ve seen of him, he runs hard and doesn’t go down easy. Reminds me a little of Duce Staley.
    I suppose as a fifth receiver, Baskett is as good as any. He’s a decent special teams player (the Super Bowl notwithstanding) and at least he has some height and can catch the fade. Not much more you can ask of the fifth guy.

  19. Hank better catch on somewhere if he wants to keep Kendra!! How funny is it that she probably thought she was hooking up with some big time NFL player with Hef money & instead she got a fifth string wideout who will be bouncing from team to team for the rest of his crappy career. She’s probably missin Hef’s old shriveled sack already.

  20. I think the Eagles liked what they saw in Brandon Gibson, but they were in DESPERATE need of another LB so they traded for Witherspoon. And someone said we might as well have kept Westbrook instead of Fargas, they are completely different runners. Many Eagle fans complain that we dont have a powerful RB, well Fargas is just that. He’s not the best, but he’s definitely a decent RB. He had a 1,000 yard season just a couple years ago.

  21. As long as we are the only team that wants Fargas, we’ll get him.
    I’ve started to notice a trend – we go after guys no one else really seem all that interested in.
    Huggy Bear would be god for 8-12 quality touches per game, filling the C-Buck role that was sorta filled by Weaver late in the season.
    All in all, an OK signing.
    Baskett is unworthy of comment. Why not bring back The Trashman, Greg Garrity?

  22. I feel bad for Baskett. It can’t be easy being married to that moron. She makes Jessica Simpson look like a Rhodes scholar.

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