Redskins have contacted Rams about Carriker

Perhaps Washington’s big offseason splash will come via trade, not free agency.

NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports the Redskins have contacted St. Louis about the availability of defensive lineman Adam Carriker.  Jim Haslett is reportedly a big fan of the 13th overall pick in the 2007 draft despite perceptions he’s underachieved as a pro.

La Canfora believes Carriker is available, and could play some nose tackle and defensive end in Washington’s 3-4 defense. Albert Haynesworth reportedly doesn’t want to play the nose.

Washington is also believed to be interested in moving defensive end Andre Carter, who isn’t a natural fit in the 3-4 defense.  Carter has a no-trade clause, but is “very open” to leaving the Redskins.  (We wonder if “very open” includes St. Louis.)

Shipping Carriker out of town would seemingly make St. Louis’ decision on the first overall pick even tougher, since they would have a hole on the defensive line to fill.

21 responses to “Redskins have contacted Rams about Carriker

  1. The Rams have a bunch of holes to fill. They can’t get much worse, so why not go for it? Just about everyone should be on the trading block, including Steven Jackson if the price is right.

  2. Redskins can release Haynesworth and not owe him jack right? because its an uncapped year?

  3. Now this would be a smart move for the Redskins. For all the talk by Monte Kiffin that year about Carriker as a 3-technique, I always felt that, with his size, build, stack and shed ability, that Carriker was better suited as a 3-4 end. I mean, 6’6″ 295-300 is pretty much the prototypical size for a 3-4 end.
    If the Redskins can land him without giving up too much, this would be a superb move on their part. Their lack of a 3rd rounder, though, hurts them in these efforts, but if they can land Carriker, suddenly, the DL has enough options, with Ma’ake in the middle, Albert and Adam on the edges, with Daniels as depth. This could lead them to trying Jarmon as a 3-4 OLB, although I still believe Jarmon is better suited at end, even in the 3-4.
    That said, the Redskins can’t give up too much, as they still need their picks. A 2nd is far too much to give up for Carriker at this point in his career. So … I’m not really sure how the two sides match up.
    For the Rams, this allows them to turn the page from the past. Carriker’s an odd fit for a Spagnuolo defense (and in general, for the 4-3 as a DT). If they can get assets to rebuild, they are better off.
    As for the Skins, moving Carter makes sense. He struggled in the 3-4 before (San Francisco) and Orakpo is the top edge rusher. Thus, the secondary edge guy would be put on the strongside on a fairly regular basis, and Carter would have some struggles. There’s probably a 4-3 team that might give up something decent (4th or 5th round pick perhaps) for him.

  4. Carriker is a bust, what is Shanahan thinking? Rams should jump on whatever they offer to get this guy out of town. They are probably taking Suh anyway.

  5. Albert Haynesworth reportedly doesn’t want to play the nose.
    Move him to Cornerback.

  6. Cleveland needs to trade Rodgers to the Skins. They can flop first round picks and Cleveland gets Skins second rounder.

  7. Carriker definetly could not play nose, he isnt even an even 300. I think if he lived up to his potential playing DE in the 3-4 and Haynesworth on the other DE with some space eater between them then it would be a really nice front 3.

  8. So Redskins move Carter get Carriker, Rams need defense, Rams get Suh Redskins get Bradford….

  9. Carriker has gotten bigger and probably weighs at least 315. He’s a huge bust though, he wasn’t even going to be a starter before the injury last year. The Rams could replace his contribution with someone in the late rounds of the draft.

  10. what is the point of this for the rams, really… Let Carriker attempt to develop, instead of picking up a 30 year old end, escpecially while in rebuilding mode.

  11. i think they should trade him, with Carriker, he can start at one end spot in the 3-4, while Haynesworth plays the other and Kemoeatu is th e nose and Jarmon is a good backup. As for Carter, he would do very well in St. Louis.

  12. I doubt the Rams would have much interest in Carter. Rather, I think the Skins would deal him to another team for a pick (still can’t see more than a 4th rounder) and then perhaps combine that with their own 4th rounder for Carriker. I really can’t see Carriker getting more value than a 3rd round pick, and thus, 2 4th rounders might do the trick. While he has been a bust, and is coming off an injury, I think there’s enough feeling out there that he might be able to make the move to the 3-4 that he might be able to get that sort of value. If the Skins could do it with one 4th rounder, more power to them.
    emmac – I think that’s wishful thinking on Rogers value. Switching 4 and 7, and getting an early 2nd, gives Rogers close to mid-first value. Considering Cleveland gave up a 3rd and Bodden for Rogers a couple years back, I really don’t see that sort of value on Rogers. I doubt the Browns move Rogers, but if they do, I think the best case scenario is 2nd round value … and I’m not really sold on that, not when this draft has some good 3-4 DL fits in the 2nd/3rd rounds. I also don’t see the fit with the Skins – they aren’t going to go all-out to land their end opposite Haynesworth.

  13. Um Carter’s best sack year was with the 49ers in the 3-4 defense?! I think everyone is missing the major whole with the skins and that is the O-line. Fix the offensive line and alot of other problems will fix themselves

  14. It’s tough to call a guy a bust so soon. I’ll admit I haven’t watched a whole lot of Rams games, but he was hurt last year and its not like he had much help. As a rook he had 40 tkles and 2 sacks. In 2008 he had 40 tkles. High pick, but could be worse.

  15. diehard – The 49ers, IIRC, didn’t move to a 3-4 until 2005, when Mike Nolan was hired as DC. Carter struggled, and then the Redskins landed him. Prior to that, I’m pretty certain the Erickson 49ers were a 4-3 front.

  16. @WarrenMoonGOAT
    Redskins can release Haynesworth and not owe him jack right? because its an uncapped year?
    Haynesworths deal in reality is for 4 years, $49 million with $41 million guaranteed. He made $31 million if that guaranteed money over the first 12 months of the deal. He is scheduled to make $35 million in the fifth year of the deal, which he won’t get. He will restructure or be cut. It would be ridiculous for the Skins to release him when they essentially only owe him $19 million over the next 3 years.

  17. why would the Redskins release Haynesworth anyway??? they do like him you know, the key thing is a 3-4 defense needs personnel and i think Carter needs to be traded, he doesn’t fit the 3-4 scheme.

  18. How can ANYONE say Carriker is a bust already? He’s played 3 NFL seasons, was in the running for NFC ROY, then played with nagging elbow/knee injuries his sophmore year, then missed all of last season with an injury? We haven’t even seen what this kid could do. Secondly, I read someone said that Carriker doesn’t fit into the Spags system? Are you high? He’s the perfect Spags guy. Big body who can play DE or DT, athletic for his size, great speed for his size, solid strength. Spags likes moving his DE’s to DT and vice-versa. Tell me he isn’t the perfect fit again and I’ll go from calling you high to calling you a re.. err.. down-syndrome kid.

  19. @My Coke Can – I’ll assume the rest of us are lucky.
    @LighTsouT – Ryan Leaf played 3 NFL season.

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