Browns trade Wimbley to Raiders

Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgren is having a busy day trading away former first-round draft picks.

In addition to trading 2007 first-round pick Brady Quinn to the Denver Broncos, Holmgren also traded 2006 first-round pick Kamerion Wimbley to the Oakland Raiders.

Adam Caplan of first reported the trade.

The Browns selected Wimbley, an outside linebacker, out of Florida State with the 13th overall pick in 2006. He burst onto the scene as a rookie with 11 sacks and has started every game but two in his four years in Cleveland, but he hasn’t been quite lived up to the promise he showed as a rookie.

There’s no word yet on what the Raiders sent to the Browns in exchange for Wimbley.

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  1. In other news, the Browns have just announced that they will be shutting down marketing operations in an effort to devote more manpower to trading away players. They are also voluntarily blacking out the entire 2010 season for fear of litigation stemming from mass suicides in Cuyahoga county.

  2. Ok Wimbley wasnt great but solid and our D already Blows so this move makes NO sense unless their stockpiling picks for a bigger deal……..Heckertt and holmegren strike again!….they go from a HORRIBLE move to a great move with Quinn to a crappy move with Wimbley…im going to go have a drink

  3. We know it wasn’t their 2011 1st round draft pick.
    Thanks Again Al Davis!!
    Love, Patriots Nation

  4. LB = need. Good. Don’t know much about him, but losing Morrison is necessary. Hopefully this guy can run-stuff.
    Cue the mouthbreathers and comments as if we are anywhere close to the worst team in the NFL.

  5. Oakland gets the big bodied LB they’re looking for to replace Morrison in the middle. If it is in fact a 3rd, good move on both sides IMO.
    If Morrison isn’t signed away, he will move to SLB. Wimbley has at least an inch of height and 15+ LBs on him, and at 26 years old will be the center piece to Oakland’s run defense.

  6. Thats a deal for the raiders, its too bad it wasnt more obvious that he was available, alot of other teams would have been interested.

  7. Thats what happens when you draft players that SUCK. Keep it up Holmgren. Get rid of the underachievers. For those who dont like it What hve they done? What have they won?

  8. What do you think went through Wimbley’s mind?
    MH: Sorry Cameron it’s just not working out and we are going to have to trade you.
    KW: YES! YES! YES! I am free from this terrible place! No more mediocrity! BTW where am I going?
    MH: Oakland
    KW: &%*@!

  9. Nice… provides the team with a rush linebacker on passing downs. Now, if only they can pry NT Shaun Rogers loose as well to help against the run.
    This was a smart move by the Raiders. I know, it feels kinda weird.

  10. I thought that they were happy with Kam. I thought his play started getting better under Ryan. This one comes as a shock.

  11. Wimbley, the No. 13 overall pick in 2006, is just 26 years old and led Cleveland in sacks last season, so the move is surprising at first glance. However, the Browns have stockpiled quality depth at outside linebacker, and could turn to Marcus Benard (3.5 sacks in ’09), trusty Jason Trusnik, gifted Alex Hall, or 2009 second-round pick David Veikune opposite Matt Roth. In Oakland, Wimbley will likely start at left defensive end, replacing Greg Ellis. He’ll be playing with his hand in the dirt for the first time since Florida State.
    Looks like a strange trade for the Browns. Those 5 guys mentiond for the Browns I’ve never heard of. Sounds like a bunch of hockey players.

  12. C’mon, stop trashing the Browns moves just to trash them. Wimbley was average at his very best after an inflated sack performance against the so-called weak schedule in 2007, and couldn’t cover.
    Everyone said the Browns had no talent, then when they trade somone they’re idiots for giving up on what will be great player someday.
    We get tired of waiting for someday with some of these underachievers.

  13. Dont know much @ him, cant say I saw 1 Browns game in the past 5 years. But I know we have multiple 3rd rd picks, and a HUGE need at LB. Thanks Holmgren. Tell you what well give you a great deal on Jamarcus!

  14. i’m ok with this. my best friend is a browns fan, and i’d always ask him what he thought of wimbley, and he seemed to like him pretty well. he didn’t kill it so much after his rookie season apparently, or really justify a 13th overall pick, but from what i understand, he was pretty solid.
    i just wish it was an interior defender.

  15. If Oakland fans are looking for Kam Wimbley to be a run stuffer, you just got screwed. Kam is a great kid, but he’s also pads RB’s stats like very few can. The reason he’s gone is he cannot stop the run to save his life. One dimension, and not much of that. Oh, and don’t ask him to cover a TE or RB on a passing down either.

  16. Ya Wimbley is not replacing Morrison nor is he going to play linebacker. He is going back to his original 4-3 Defensive end spot that he played at FSU.
    Solid pickup for the raiders for one of their extra thirds if that’s what it is for…..

  17. “newsflash… Art Modell was seen sneaking away from the Browns front offices this afternoon, reportedly with a grin on his face… ”
    just an astounding trade. The guy misses one game in 4 years, solid player if not a star (like he was that first year), just needs a few other bodies around him. dunno what this master plan is by Holmgren, but it must be a doozy.

  18. Wimbley was the consumate pro, but perennial underachiever. Raider nation is going to realize this the first time the watch him try to drop back in coverage or use his one pass rush move and run himself out of the play.
    After watching him play for three years, MH was lucky to get a 3rd for him.

  19. I like what Mike Holmgren is doing in Cleveland right now. He is cleaning that shitty ass Browns team up. Getting rid of all the sorry ass players with no heart and who dont care to win. And hes gonna go out and get a bunch of young guys with motors and heart for football, and just start building from the ground up. I expect Cleveland to have an awesome draft this year with Holmgren running the show. They should be finding several starters throughout this draft. And watch out for this team in 2-3 years. They will be a lot better. Just my thoughts, sometimes cleaning house is the way to go.

  20. @kpholmes
    you said…Oakland gets the big bodied LB they’re looking for to replace Morrison in the middle
    Yea Killer Kam is a physical specimen but sorry man he can’t tackle and does’t have the killer instinct every sunday to play MLB in the NFL. I do think he has a chance to be get 6-8 sacks next season as a DE. He is not a good linebacker, trust me I had to watch him for the past couple years. All he has is one dip move and after the OT gets used to it, they abuse him at the line of scrimmage.
    Go Browns

  21. This is a good move move for the Browns. He was good in the run game, and pass rush but sucked in coverage. Wimbley needed to be in a 3 point to be effective and now gets his chance. I sure hope that we got the Raiders #70 pick and not #86. The browns now have the fire power to move up in any round, and with 3 in the third round can get solid players to fill in many holes.

  22. This was the guy that the Browns took after flipping places with the Ravens a few years ago. Our selection…. Haloti Ngata. I remember reading on the Cleveland websites how Ozzie got schooled by Savage. Cleveland got a free 6th round pick for moving down one spot and got the guy that they really wanted anyway, because they weren’t that high on Ngata, who btw just went to the first of his many probowls to come.
    I’m not sure what Holmgren is doing, but they better hope like hell they draft well this year. Granted this is a great year to have a ton of draft picks. The Browns are going to entirely remake their team in one year. The question is will they draft as well as JJ did for the Cowboys after he raped (oops… bad word given the Rothleisberger incident) the Vikings on the Walker trade.

  23. This was a surprise but makes sense if you look at it. Matt Roth completely outplayed KW on the other side and they just made a huge signing with Scott Fujita. Either SF is going to take over at the outside or he’ll be moved inside and Dave Bowens will take over there.

  24. Wasn’t it Quinn who was crying about being delayed in the draft and ended up being drafted by the Browns way later anyway.
    He never wanted to be there to begin with (knowing that team who does).
    I really don’t think he’s good for any NFL team another Ryan Leaf to me.

  25. LOL @ everyone who thinks this is a “fire sale” and that ” Wimbley will be the center piece to Oakland’s run defense.”
    everyone bashes the Browns for sucking, then when they make a move for ANYTHING… people bitch and moan and say it’s stupid.
    Quinn sucked. after 3 years, call him a bust and move on.
    Wimbley is ok, but not nearly a great player or someone who will anchor a run defense.
    As big a Browns fan as I am, I’m not retarded enough to think the browns got screwed here. Cut your losses and get what you can while they still have ANY trade value.

  26. Browns are stocking low round picks to trade for a tight end that fits the west coast offense possibly Greg Olsen from Chicago.

  27. Icewalker, Greg Ellis was released because the Raiders believed in a younger guy that is already on the roster. What are you talking about?

  28. Are you Oakland fans dumb? Wimbley is not a Mike or Sam or Will in a 4-3. He is a Defensive End and he stinks vs the run by the way.
    Thank you for your 3rd! Give me Colt McCoy with that pick please!

  29. Rewind to the 2006 NFL draft… you think the Browns would go back and redo the draft day trade with the Ravens???
    The Browns held the 12th pick and moved back just a single slot in a trade with the Ravens where they picked up an additional 6th round pick.
    The Browns were rumored to be interested in a DT from Oregon. The Ravens moved up and picked up that DT, Haloti Ngata. The Browns end up with Wimbley and DT Babatunde Oshinowo.
    I truly think the Browns wanted Ngata and didn’t think the Ravens were going to take him with their own monster NT in Kelly Gregg.
    You can go back through every draft and say ” i can’t believe _____ team passed up on ________ player” several years down the road. But this is a little different then say, the Browns passing up Adrian Peterson because I feel like they never really considered him at all.
    I was shocked on draft day when the trade happened thinking Ngata to the Browns at 12 was a lock. I honestly think the Browns were thinking they were still going to be able to get him at 13.
    Well, it didn’t happen that way. But I would bet Phil Savage felt robbed on draft day.

  30. ampats. no thank you! if u had seymour maybe u could of stoped the run! your sister likes my big black..

  31. Yeah, the Browns are going to build their team through the draft. Especially with all of those 4th, 5th and 6th rounders they hold. The mistake on the lake is back.

  32. DB26 says:
    “Thank you for your 3rd! Give me Colt McCoy with that pick please!”
    Dare to dream. McCoy has a better shot at being the third pick overall than sliding to the thrid round.

  33. Kp?
    Are you suggesting Kam is going to play MLB? If so, you’re high. He has never and will never play middle linebacker.

  34. DB26 is right, this guy is going to play end and be another body to rotate in.
    All this means is the Raiders are still not going to blitz but are willing to be 4-5 deep in ends that will rotate and stay fresh.

  35. DB26 makin’ lemonade..
    you said “Mike or Sam or Will in a 4-3.”
    yer so smrt talkn that football speak…
    whats dat all mean.
    fu luv rn

  36. wimbley stunk against the run …..browns fans i am dissappointed in u …..this guy never lived up to his potential…11 sacks his rookie season…..maybe 11 total after that….it is hard to get a 3rd round pick for a deemed first round bust…… he did get injured alot……and they traded him to oakland because they were stupid enough to give up a 3rd rounder…..we might have got their first if not for NE patriots…..the browns now have ike 14 picks in one of the deepest drafts ever…..3 3rd rounders means a QB like dan lafever or tony pike

  37. clevelandmetal13 says..
    “As big a Browns fan as I am, I’m not retarded enough”…
    You’re plenty “retarded”! Don’t sell yourself short.

  38. All I did was click on Kamerion Wimbley in the main story and copied and pasted the info from rotoworld’s report and then added my two cents at the bottom.

  39. “# OTCderivativeYourAss says: March 14, 2010 6:02 PM
    Wow, hello Florida Marlins fire sale.”
    Yeah, but the Marlins usually do it after they win a WS.

  40. I don’t see how he plays LB in this the 4-3. I see him moving back to DE as a pass-rush specialist (he was a DE at FSU) which is a win-win for both teams. Often players aren’t able to play both ways. Maybe Wimbley will be a stud for Oakland and a 3rd round pick could be a great pick.
    He’s also rumored to be an OLB in the 4-3, Trevor Scott/Ricky Brown’s spot last year.
    Either way, the talent he’ll bring at that spot in the draft will be a good pickup for the team.

  41. I think Wimbley was a very good player but gave up under Uncle Romeo’s “babying” of players. (Why bust your ass and risk an injury when you don’t have to?)
    I don’t like Mangenius as HC, primarily due to his play calling and time management. BUT, he did get some of the players to finally step up and play towards the end of the season. Maybe Wimbley was too far gone by then and just marking time. How many of the Clowns were in that same situation?
    Seriously, after all of the various clowns that we’ve had in the front office, what did we have to show for it? It took a group effort to make this the worst team in the NFL, over the last 10 yrs.
    Big Mike is starting from ground zero, and will get the credit or blame for these moves but, he is not doing it alone. He has assembled a very knowledgeable staff to aid him. Now, only time will tell.
    What do we have to lose…the first pick in next year’s draft???

  42. Its incredible that Romeo is being paid still as some sort of N.F.L. coach.
    Why isnt he somewhere like some ranch trying to lose weight before he has a grabber.

  43. AJ Hawk maybe on his way to Cleveland. Since GB doesnt play him as much now sine they have Clay Matthews who is an outstanding LB.

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