No news on Muhsin Muhammad

Free agent wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad made it clear at the end of last season that he’s not retiring.

But he may not be returning to the Carolina Panthers, either.

Charles Chandler of the Charlotte Observer reports that there’s been no indication the Panthers intend to re-sign Muhammad.

There’s been no indication that any other team plans to sign him, either.

Muhammad will turn 37 in May, and even if he insists that he’s not planning to retire, it’s not clear whether he’ll have a choice in the matter. On the other hand, he did start 13 games last season and catch 53 passes for 581 yards. He can still contribute somewhere, even if there’s no news on where that might be.

14 responses to “No news on Muhsin Muhammad

  1. For all those Bear fans crying and weaping and hand-wringing that Martz does not love love their beloved Greg Olsen, please note that Muhsin’s stats are almost the same as Olsen’s: 7 more catches and 30 more yards for Olsen, but in two more games. Hmmm… maybe Olsen is just like a faded old WR who can’t block but playing at a blocking position.

  2. I’d give Muhsin a one year deal. He played for nobodies last year. They couldn’t throw the ball if they tried and if Delhomme did throw the ball, the other team came up with it.

  3. Come on over to Cleveland. We already have Delhomme (trying to be nice, but WTF?), you could come here and tell Holmgren not to play Jake, that is worth millions alone!

  4. He said he would be happy to come back to Carolina as the #3 receiver, don’t see what the problem is other than he doesn’t play special teams. And seeing how we still don’t have a number 2 receiver, that could be a problem.
    Of course, Florio says we don’t have a number 1 receiver either. He is the great Steve Smith. Not the other one in NY.

  5. He’s probably the best blocking receiver in the league, the Panthers would be stupid to let him go because their game depends on him.

  6. Hey Muhsin I guess your going where receivers go to die!! Haha It’s all over ya waste of a roster spot!!

  7. The raiders could use him,he could help with the young wr’s, and he could make a few catches . Oh wait why would they make a move that makes any sense.Nevermind!

  8. Snooty McDoogle says:
    March 14, 2010 1:20 PM
    Hey Muhsin I guess your going where receivers go to die!! Haha It’s all over ya waste of a roster spot!!
    He’s going back to Chicago?

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