Report: Browns get Raiders' third-round pick

The Cleveland Browns reportedly picked up a third-round draft pick when they traded their 2006 first-round pick, Kamerion Wimbley, to the Oakland Raiders.

Clark Judge of reports that the Browns got a third-round pick in this year’s draft. Chris Mortensen of ESPN posted on Twitter that the Raiders were among “lots of teams” that wanted Wimbley, and that the Raiders got him because their third-round pick was higher than other teams’ offerings.

For the Browns, it’s yet another sign that team president Mike Holmgren wants to stock up on draft picks and re-build the team from the ground up.

Adam Caplan of, who first broke the news of the Wimbley trade, reports that Wimbley will make $1.065 million in base salary for 2010. Caplan also reports that the final season of Wimbley’s six-year rookie contract will void, but there’s an up to $7.765 million buyback for 2011 based on statistical achievement from previous seasons.

55 responses to “Report: Browns get Raiders' third-round pick

  1. I don’t know what the hell the last paragraph of MDS’s post means, but I would have thought Wimbley was one guy on the team worth more than a 3rd rounder and nothing else.

  2. Glad Holmgren is sticking some dynamite to this “team.”
    Other than D’Qwell Jackson, Joe Thomas and Josh Cribbs, no one on the team should be surprised if they are traded or released.

  3. I hope Browns fans can look to this draft as Jaguars fans looked at last years, with many starters and key members for the next 4-6 years.

  4. I’m assuming the $7.765 million buyback for 2011 is the reason they could only get a 3rd round pick.

  5. Appreaently, Savages’ draft picks are going less than a garage sale would get. My god the market knows the Browns can’t draft.

  6. Celebrating the most are the RBs of the AFC West who will be carrying Kam for five extra yards per play.

  7. Not surprising that a “number of teams” were interested…Wimbley is GOOD…the browns have just been missusing him for 4 years now…

  8. Holmgren is a good head coach but a terrible GM…………he was stripped of those duties in Seattle if I’m not mistaken. Good luck Clowns! PPPPPPFFFGGHHHHAAA!!!!!! Raiders got a steal!

  9. Mangini is in charge of the defense. This may mean they intend to give D Jackson a Cribbs like payday.

  10. Guys, and girls…SERIOUSLY. Wimbley is a good player, and I am a Browns fan. Kam will flourish in a different enviroment that plays to HIS strengths…He will be great for Oakland and we here in Cleveland will understand that. Kam is a class act and a humble player/dude. Very good addition for the Raiders, and a very exciting opportunity for the Browns. No ill will. I wish him nothing but the best.
    The Raiders did not STEAL him. I believe that he is definitely worth a 3rd round pick. Highest bidder wins. Especially in that round. Unfortunately for him, he is Oakland bound…Because he left Cleveland in donig so.
    Go Browns.

  11. Wimbley hasnt done anything since his rookie season, why do people think he is better than he is?

  12. I love the Raiders. I quit my job. My full time job is now sending the Raiders 5 dollar bills. They send me 20 dollar bills back by overnight mail in exchange.
    I guess they finally know how crappy thier personnel office assesses talant [speed].
    Wait… no, they have no idea.

  13. Al Davis got himself a steal on that one. The old man still has it from time to time.
    The Raiders still need a run-stuffing DT and a true MLB for their D to be good.

  14. So this now gives Cleveland 12 draft picks in the 2010 draft. A 1,2,3,3,3,4,5,5,5,5,6,6 and that doesn’t include any possible compensation picks, which will be announced next week.
    You can turn around your team in a HURRY with draft flexibility like that.
    If you would have told me two years ago that the Browns were going to trade Quinn, Edwards, Winslow, C. Williams and Wimbley (and release Derek Anderson)… I would have said that they were going to be in a 3-5 year slump at least with very little to look forward too.
    I live in Baltimore and can’t stand the Browns… but with 12 picks this year and a good chance that they will have 10 or more next year (if your going to blow it up, might as well trade Rogers as well), you may need to keep an eye out for the Browns… and I NEVER THOUGHT I could ever say that in the near future.

  15. Could this be a sign that they’re after a marquee type player that has a first and third round tender? If you can get a proven stud for that and pay the same or less than what you’d pay the seventh pick, could that be considered a good move?

  16. “Yet another sign that team president Mike Holmgren wants to stock up on draft picks and re-build the team from the ground up.”
    You go Get Em “Mr. Walrus.”

  17. Way to go Mike H…. The team needed an overhaul. Why wait a year then do it. Do it now. Other than Thomas, Cribbs and Rogers they all should go.

  18. I’ll bet the Browns’ PSL holders can’t wait to send in their hard earned money to watch this “Star Studded” line-up Holmgren is assembling for this coming season. Their only hope is to have Cribbs run behind Joe Thomas on every play and have D’Qwell Jackson make every tackle.

  19. Kameron was at best average in his career with the Browns, far from the expectations of a first round pick. He had one move, and one move only to the QB. (Outside speed rush that teams adjusted to after his rookie season.) Outside of okay sack production, brought nothing else to the team. He can’t shed a block to save his life, and would get overpowered on the line of scrimmage against the run. During replays of runs to the outside, you would always see him getting blown up by lineman or blocking back. I will take the 3rd rounder in exchange.

  20. Nice steal by the raiders paying a 3rd for someone who has as many sacks as Suggs since 2006. One step forward, 2 steps back for the browns.

  21. Fall to the Bengals. Wishful thinking. Still like Benson, but C.J would compliment him greatly. Then again, Bernard Scott is the same type of runner.

  22. Duan, don’t you mean ”that’s hell of a steal to get another underachiever, from another terrible team” you raider fans, it’s is funny watching and lietening to you, congrats basically you gave up a 3rd for another loser!!! Seymour is the only real winner your skeleton, errr I mean owner has brought in the last 7 years!!!

  23. “PeteyPioneer says:
    Kameron was at best average in his career with the Browns, far from the expectations of a first round pick”
    100% correct. I do love how Duan think’s he’s getting a steal. Wimbley is widely inconsistent, and going to a team with no direction, no goal, and a hell load of drama, will just be more fun to watch.
    Browns won out on this deal.
    So far the Browns have 12 picks in the draft.

  24. Good deal for both teams.
    Oakland had two 3rd round picks before the trade and the Browns unload a player they didn’t want.
    Wimbley will probably return to the position he played at college, a hand-in-the-ground defensive end in Oakland. Raiders need a pure-speed pass rusher, something the team hasn’t had since Derrick Burgess’ first two years with the team.
    Cleveland stockpiles picks and will look to build through the draft, something Holmgren likes to do.
    In addition, Oakland looks like they’ll wait and see if another team signs Kirk Morrison to an offer sheet. If they don’t match, they get a 3rd round pick in return.
    So it appears a win-win for both Oakland and Cleveland.

  25. Your best memory is Ernest Byner…..
    Is that how ya spell his name????Meh….whateva…
    let us know when you do anything….eva….
    brown like my s#!t…Fat dawgpound nonsence.

  26. It is being reported that the Raiders traded the 3rd round pick that they received from New England in the Burgess trade to Cleveland for the LBer.
    The Raiders still own the 8th pick in round 3 of the Draft.

  27. This is a HUGE steal for the Browns! Wimbley was average at best – I’m surprised thay got a 3 for him. I remember a few years back the Browns played the Eagles and Wimbley got stood up on a blitz by Brian Westbrook – a scat back! Wimbley is all speed, no power or strength – he’ll get run over ALL DAY as a DE in the NFL. He’s going to have to gain 30 lbs. to play DE – at least.

  28. Hope is better for the Raiders if they are playing 4-3, becasue this guy is not a very good 34 olb.

  29. Wimbley is widely inconsistent, and going to a team with no direction, no goal, and a hell load of drama, will just be more fun to watch.
    Hmmm…. seems to me the Browns have had just as much of no direction, no goal, and a hell of a lot of drama themselves… Both teams perennially pick in the top 10… and actually, the Raiders have finished ahead of Cleveland in the standings the past 2 years…. If I’m a Browns fan, I’m not throwing any mud at any team for being dysfunctional…

  30. Wait a minute? Why didn’t Jeff Ireland offer our 3rd rounder for Wimbley since we still need a SOLB? Oh wait a minute. CLE’s 3rd rounder is higher than ours, ok. We better have been one of the teams who offered our 3rd rounder.

  31. Well in a span of 4mths the new administration of the browns have made trades that makes no sense you bring in a 4-3 linebacker a qb who has in playoff past threw alot of picks and frankly a lineman and a career backup i hope that this new admin know what its doing because right now it doesnt look good now you trade one of the best pass rushers on the team led the team in sacks wow makes no sense

  32. Holmgren want s to start over , why not, this is the most he could get for Wimbley, who hasnt set thw world on fire, recently.

  33. Clevelandbrowns4:
    You have a right to be concerned. Am I the only one who remembers that Holmgren actually turned out to be a lousy drafter and team builder who only started winning when Seattle stripped him of his GM duties and told him to focus on coaching? So Cleveland turns over the keys of their entire operation to him?
    Humboldt420 says:
    Cleveland stockpiles picks and will look to build through the draft, something Holmgren likes to do.
    But doesn’t appear to do very well. Yes, they made it to a SB in Seattle, but that was 2-3 years after Holmgren stopped picking the players.

  34. To Raider fans,
    You guys just got hosed!! Wimbley has been average at best and an extreme disappointment as a pass rusher – he has learned ZERO new moves and can be blocked easily by pushing him to the outside where he outruns the play and gets out of position. He sucks in the 3-4, and will be EXTREMELY small for a 4-3 DE. You got a guy who can’t get to the QB with any regularity and gets run over when plays go right at him. He’s pretty good at running plays down from the backside and is a good character guy though. Al Davis must have been on a two day crack binge to make this trade – the Browns are dumping unproductive high draft picks to clear room for this years draft class. Don’t be surprised when they make another big trade involving all the picks they have this year…

  35. I love how people would NEVER say Wimbley was good when he was on the Browns, but now that he’s been traded people say the Browns are idiots and the Raiders got a steal…

  36. As a Browns fan I will say this. That is a great move by the Raiders. The Browns fans who are on these boards bashing Wimbley don’t know crap. He is a good player and yes while his sacks have decreased the consensus around the league has been that he has become a more complete linebacker in the process.
    Also, don’t forget to take into account that we had no other effective pass rushers to line up opposite him. If you only have on legitimate pass rushing threat then teams can handle that no problem. The best defensive teams i.e. usually the Steelers have not only their great zone blitz scheme but multiple threats to get to the QB. James Harrison, LaMarr Woodley, and Lawrence Timmons. The Browns have not had that since coming back into the league.
    This whole Browns offseason has been a complete mess so far. Yes, there have been some good moves made. But there have also been some god awful moves made. See Jake Delhomme as a reference. They may as well have just kept Anderson and restructured his deal than sign Delhomme. Trading Quinn for nothing, who I hope goes on to have a great career because he got royaly screwed in Cleveland. This team has proven incapable of figuring out what the hell they are doing. The shine on the Mike Holmgren hiring is already wearing off. When you bring in guys like Jake Delhomme and pay him starting QB money after the guy just pissed down his leg with two great RB’s and one of the best WR’s in the league to throw to.
    I am starting to buy into the theory that when the Browns hit 0-6 next year Holmgren will can Mangini making him the fall guy so he can replace him with whoever he chooses or start wandering the sidelines again himself.
    I should be running this team because I am far more competent than anyone else currently in the building………….

  37. Did Al Davis realize that Wimbley is only 26, and not 36?
    I didn’t think Al wanted anyone who couldn’t remember when the Raiders were still good.

  38. Last year of his contract. Free agent next year. Would the Browns pay to keep a guy who is a one note player and can’t play the run and is an iffy tackler? No way. So keep him in a rebuilding year and get no return next year, or deal him now and get the 69th pick in the deepest draft in recent memory. Yeah, Heckert and Holmgren don’t know what they’re doing.

  39. Wimbley is a “GOOD” LB, problem is he was on a bad Browns defense and only making 1.065 million a year and has decent numbers over his career. A (4) year starter with 26.5 sacks on a bad team. The is no way he was going to sign another contract with the BROWNS and they did the right thing to move him now. With the defense still rebuilding it was a double-edged sword move. If he has a bad year, we can’t even get a 3rd rounder from him and if he has a good year, he still has the last year of the contract that could garner 7.5 million and with that figure alone he would be asking for a lot more money come free agency time. I don’t agree with all the Browns decisions but now with 12 draft picks, HOLMGREN & HECKERT WILL HAVE TO SHOW UP ON DRAFT DAY, NO DOUBT!!!

  40. Looking at mock drafts, which player are the Browns going to select with that pick who is better than Wimbley? The guy is a proven NFL commodity just entering his prime, and Holmgren trades him for a rookie third rounder? If the assumption is that the Browns have an oversupply of good outside linebackers and can afford to get less than fair value for Wimbley, it is a bad assumption. Cleveland makes a great waiver pick-up with Roth, and now they destroy that progress by giving the Raiders a gift. This is how the Browns manage to remain consistently mediocre.
    Like the Hillis acquisition, though. They should have also found a way to include Scheffler in the Quinn deal.

  41. I just thank God I don’t live in Cleveland. Total $hit hole.
    And, Holmgren is a fat @$$wipe.

  42. I’m a big browns fan and I hate it when we bash equally bad teams. Holmgren can coach that’s his thing watch heckert do the drafting and mangini have a say in the defensive picks. We are getting rid of the old average ways and looking to the future look at the saints the texans the eagles and the jags they are all young and have had to rebuild every team has to the patriots are just as low as us when it comes to depth. Our o line is probowl do believe me look it up we need two wr a new db core and qb maybe Cincinnati qb Tony pike maybe washingtons qb. But all these fans bashing us guess what your team will be rebuilding too so shut up

  43. Wimbley was not this awesome player ready to bust out and become a star guys. He’s in his 5th year and had 6 sacks last year. His coverage got a little better, but is still pretty bad. If the Browns make a legit 3rd round pick it will be better than Wimbley. He just doesnt have star quality. He can be solid at best.

  44. HAHAHAHA!!! I can see why alot of Browns fans are calling this a bad trade. They lost Brady Quinn and Kamerion Wimbley on the same day for a FB, a LATE 3rd rounder this year, a 6th rounder next year and some late pick in 2012…The Raiders pillaged on this trade, as basically they traded Derrick Burgess for Wimbley, well done Al! O yea browns fans, you have 12 picks in the draft. Too bad you need 11 guys on each side of the ball. Good luck filling up that roster. HAHAHAHA!!! GO RAIDERS!!!

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