Two years, $5.1 million for L.T.

The New York Jets declined, we’re told, the ability to match the two-year, $5 million contract that running back Thomas Jones signed with the Chiefs.

They matched that number and added $100,000 in order to get LaDainian Tomlinson under contract.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Tomlinson’s two-year deal has a base value of $5.1 million.  The contract includes an additional $500,000 in escalators.

So what were they thinking?  Jones rushed for 1,402 yards in 2009, averaging 4.2 yards per carry.  Tomlinson, in contrast, gained only 730 yards with a per-carry clip of 3.3 yards.

The Jets should have given the same package to Jones.  In our view, they’re now paying more money for a lesser player.

Buy, hey, maybe L.T. will sell a few more of those PSLs.

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  1. Disagree 100%.
    Did you see the OL SD played behind? Thomas Jones offers the same skillset as Greene, but in a slower, older form. LT offers pass catching out of the backfield, and if you actually WATCHED games, you would have saw he’s still fairly quick. 2006 quick? NO. Quick? YES. SD’s line may as well been 5 road pilons when it came to run blocking.

  2. See ya later LT. Its been nice having you around. As Chargers fan I so hope to meet you in the playoffs and send you home with a loss.

  3. You forget that LT is a great rout runner, and can catch also. He isn’t just a change of pace, he is a 3rd down threat.

  4. L.T., obviously HAS performed at a HOF level, but his last two years have been at BACKUP RB level, while T.J. has performed quite well. Are the J-E-T-S looking for star-power to fill seats in the new stadium for some reason? This doesn’t make sense to me. If L.T. outperforms T.J. stats from last year, then this makes sense. If not, it really, really doesn’t.

  5. Shonn Greene’s the starter. LT will sell more seats and run better behind the Jets O-Line than TJ. Take this from a man who hasn’t missed a Jets game in 3 years, TJ runs directly into the back of his blockers. I’m surprized he never took out 1 of their knees. LT’s worth every penny

  6. Agree. L.T. has a chip on his shoulder so maybe that will help him get that step back. Jones obviously has no problem being on a last place team which is kind of strange for where he is in his career.

  7. Hey Florio…
    2 years at 5.1 million is 2.55 million a year… right?
    Doesn’t that mean LT is getting half of what Thomas Jones would’ve made next year?

  8. Do people expect the Jets O line not to have any injuries for the 3rd straight year? Against the 2nd in division schedule vs. a 4th division schedule?
    8-8 for the Jets in 2010

  9. Thomas Jones was AWOL in the postseason, completely shot.
    Shonn Greene takes over for him, not LT, he’s just a third down back. I guarantee Shonn Greene stays healthy he easily runs for 1,400 yards.
    You figure someone here would have a clue as to what they are talking about. But the again this is Poser Football Talk.

  10. This is obv a ticket selling strategy by the Jets. Same reason they traded for Favre, traded up for Sanchez etc. Id rather have kept TJ but LT is more versatile and Shonn Greene was gonna be the starter this year either way and is basically a replica of TJ only with more speed. So LT wont be asked to rack up 1000 yards. If he rushes for 500-700, catches 35-40 passes, and scores 8-10 TDs I think they’ll be pretty happy considering Greene should be around 1400-1500 yards and 10-12 TDs himself.

  11. @aec4,
    You must have forgotten about all those pics of LT sitting on the bench hiding behind his darkened visor while his team mates were fighting for their lives on the field.
    He’s a coward and a quitter.

  12. You’re kidding? Two years, $5.1 million? For Tomlinson? Wow. I thought he was crazy to tell the Chargers he wouldn’t take a paycut because nobody would pay him that kind of money. That’s a huge commitment for a back whose production has been declining. Maybe the Jets are operating on the assumption that there’ll be a lockout in 2011 and they won’t have to pay that portion of the contract. Still … wow.

  13. This is all about PSLs.
    Brand new stadium and they still have more to sell. Same reason they signed Favre. Jersey Sales + PSLs.

  14. thomas jones is the better back, he is more of a leader in the locker room. he will do well in KC.
    he can take punishment also.

  15. @ mjohnson062
    He’s the one who will have to replace TJ’s production last year.
    Tomlinson is the backup.
    So, basically…. you’re wrong.

  16. Ok this has got to be the stupidest signing ever. Why would they dump Jones? It would honestly have been better to keep both Jones and LT and let Leon Washignton go (which they still can) than do what they did. What did Green prove? He had a few good games in the post season but they are really putting a lot of faith that he can carry the load for an entire year.

  17. There’s only one LT and his name is Lawrence Taylor, the greatest player to ever the play the game of football.
    Here we go with the jets living in the GIANTS’ shadow.

  18. Uh Chilly…this is Brett: WTF just happened? You said you had it all taken care of. LT was gonna take Chester’s spot and we’d be all set to make another run. Now what are we gonna do? Don’t think that this is gonna make me show up any sooner this year even if you do pick me up at the airport again!”

  19. I don’t know why every analyst is so obsessed with TJs numbers. The guy will not get 500 yards next season and nobody will make a peep or say they were wrong. I say good riddens to TJ, now when LT runs through wide open holes he want look like he is gonna pass out at the end of a run.

  20. For the people trying to justify this by talking about how LT can catch out of the backfield, the guy had all of TEN more receptions in 2009 than Thomas Jones did.
    LT used to be a great receiving threat out of the backfield, but he used to be great at a lot of things.
    Not anymore. He’s done.

  21. no way lt gets 1400 yards, no way he gets 1000. He is better out of the backfield but, and i dont watch the jets, wasnt that what leon washington excelled at? If it aint broke dont fix it, and the jets running game was far from broken

  22. I thought only the Packers and Redskins overpaid for has been players but now we can add the Jets. The Jets are becoming the new Skins…..paying for players who’s best years are behind them and without concern for the chemistry on the team. This smells totally of Rex Ryan who has the mentality that he is “all in” for the short term and the hell with the long term.

  23. Selling PSLs– that’s exactly it. Silly Jet fans get overhyped every year.
    News sports report in NY leads in that Jets signed 8 time pro bowler and future hall of famer Tomlinson. Typical uneducated Jets fans will lap that up, til reality sets in mid-season.
    Lucky to top 9-7 this year.

  24. Get real aec4.
    Did you see the San Diego OL? Must have done something right to get those yards passing and for Sproles to run. They couldn’t hold the blocks as long as LT needed to get to the hole and neither will the Jets.
    WAKE UP!! LT can’t get it done.
    The Jets will need to find another RB. Even his pass catching was poor.
    How about adding another RB who can’t get it done–Marshawn Lynch.

  25. The Vikings were offering twice that. Plus a personal driver courtesy of Chilly Chauffeurs, LLC, and unlimited butt slaps from ole’ #4.
    LT still made the right choice.

  26. L.T. at this point is a name in the NFL, and nothing more. This is definitely just a ploy to sell jerseys and fill seats.
    The Jets will still be a contender next year. This move has nothing to do with that though.

  27. TJ was a way better option at RB than an older,slower,injury prone version of the once great LT. NY really screwed up on that one. Guess they got desperate and had to get someone and overpaid for a washed up version of LT

  28. This signing tells me the Jets are not sold on Washington’s ability to come back at 100%. LT will serve as the third down back with the abilty to fill in if Greene gets dinged up. The statement earlier about LT being the goal line back will only come true if Greene starts fumbling again. Greene is a beast, younger and far more power near the goal line than LT at this point in his great career.

  29. Upon learning of the LT snub of the Queens Brett Favre demanded to be traded to an AFC team so he could kick his *ss twice a year!

  30. This makes even less sense considering Leon Washington is a beast master.
    AND he has the “quickness” this team is apparently looking for.

  31. We do not know if the Jets ever declined to match the KC offer as Florio has reported. The Jets did make an initial offer to TJ that he refused. The Jets did want TJ back at a lower price. I do not know if TJ’s agent ever detailed the communication with the Jets prior to accepting the KC offer.

  32. Phew! The Vikes sure dodged a bullet here! Just like last year when they lucked out that TJ Doucheyomomma turned the Vikes down! Hahahaha sucker Jets….Enjoy the 6-700 yrds LT will get you!

  33. nflhof, no real Chargers fan would ever root against LT after all he had given the Chargers over the years.

  34. Apparently people forgot what a broken down Thomas Jones looked like down the stretch. The Jets offensive line carried Jones’ production. It’s amazing how a guy, always underrated, has gotten tremendously overrated in recent weeks.

  35. I think Steelers fans need to thank the Browns tonight. Their massive free-agency binge today kept PFT from unveiling another Ben Roethlisberger headline 🙂

  36. This story is running in several news outlets, but NO ONE else has reported that the Jets refused to match the 5M 2-yr offer from KC. I think Florio makes this stuff up to please his NBC bosses and the duller readers who take his rumors as fact.

  37. “Apparently people forgot what a broken down Thomas Jones looked like down the stretch”
    did you forgot what L.T. looked like the WHOLE season?

  38. Maybe the Jets are hoping that LT will choose to go into the Hall of Fame as a Jet now!!!…Is there any other reason to pay him this kind of money when they could’ve kept Jones? Makes no sense.

  39. Here is to hoping the Patriots snag Leon Washington now……oh and by the way Jets….thanks for signing LT
    Vince Wilfork (and all Pats fans)

  40. There’s only so many ways you can say 31 in June for a full-time starter since his rookie year.
    Thomas Jones doesn’t have as much wear and tear as LT. The Jets just made a stupid PR move. KC will enjoy this pick this year but will pay for it the following year.

  41. I am a Vikings fan, and I am glad that we didn’t get him at that price. Jones may have been broken down in the playoffs (kind of reminded me of LT a few years back in the playoffs), but TJ had a lot to do with the Jet’s success last year.
    I can’t wait to see that old man when we play them. I hope it all works out, but there is a reason that he was allowed to walk, and to pay him more than Jones is brutal

  42. I am a Vikings fan, and I am glad that we didn’t get him at that price. Jones may have been broken down in the playoffs (kind of reminded me of LT a few years back in the playoffs), but TJ had a lot to do with the Jet’s success last year.
    I can’t wait to see that old man when we play them. I hope it all works out, but there is a reason that he was allowed to walk, and to pay him more than Jones is brutal

  43. I see this forum is infested with know nothings. Do you not realize Thomas Jones was a product of a great offensive line? And do you not know the Chargers went from a running team to a passing team, and that their offensive line… is well bad. Plus LT will he be a 10-15 carry per game back. Shonn Greene and Leon Washington are also there.

  44. It is obvious posters on this forum did no notice Thomas Jones hit a wall last off season. He is the one who broke down. He is the one who had to be replaced down the stretch by a rookie.

  45. no one here talking up Thomas Jones could have possibly watched him run at the end of last year. he carried 380 times last year (at 31 years old) and in 5 of his last 6 games averaged less than 3.0 ypc.
    he’s ready for the glue factory

  46. Greene is going to replace Jones, NOT Tomlinson. Why is that so hard for you to understand? LT is the backup, change of pace back.

  47. People forget how crappy Thomas Jones is when he doesn’t have a dominant offensive line. He is a good running back, but hardly an elite one.

  48. You must have forgotten about all those pics of LT sitting on the bench hiding behind his darkened visor while his team mates were fighting for their lives on the field.
    He’s a coward and a quitter.
    Bad move JETS….

  49. Sproles yards per run…………3.7
    Tomlinson yards per run……3.3
    Either they both sucked last year, or the Chargers OL is awful.

  50. tomlinson is as old as thomas jones but has a wider range of skills. greene is the primary and LT and washington will give versatility. expect all 3 to play a lot.
    thomas jones did great for the jets while he was here, thank you! and good luck

  51. Ladanian Stumbleson. The master of the three yard and then fall face first into the turf running style.

  52. The Jets are gonna get destroyed by the Steelers next year, they cant stop the run, and Sanchez will get sacked all day long

  53. Why do people think the Jets are going to use LT like the Chargers did? They aren’t. Greene is taking over for TJ, Leon and LT will be change of pace guys, and 3rd down threats. He is a great rout runner with good hands. TJ can’t catch worth a damn, nor can he run to the outside. LT still can. Maybe not like he used to, back when he was 10 times better than everyone, but still better than most guys.

  54. Everyone on PFT hates the Jets its time to face the facts NYJ has the best Left side o line in the league LT is going to run through holes he never seen befrore

  55. We will see to all the jet haters We will see. Just idiots idiots, LT is not replacing thomas jones, jones got replaced last year by greene, jones salary would have been what 5 mil this year for a back up that can not hit holes anymore. He did great things for us but he BROKE DOWN WHEN IT COUNTED, and who ever said that we have leon to catch passes out of back, But do we coming off a broken leg does not come easy. Always good to have a back up plan. Do you Morons really think that LT won’t have a good season with our probowl o-line to the left yep count them there are 3 of them give me a break and richardson as the lead blocker for him. As they say on countdown “Come on Man”.

  56. i’ve come to understand over the years that the jets will be the jets and one day maybe they’ll wake up, wait no they won’t they are the jets and they will continue to suck for years to come

  57. says: March 14, 2010 10:10 PM
    Apparently people forgot what a broken down Thomas Jones looked like down the stretch. The Jets offensive line carried Jones’ production. It’s amazing how a guy, always underrated, has gotten tremendously overrated in recent weeks.
    Underrated with 5 straight 1000+
    rushing seasons…29 tds in the past
    2 seasons with the Jets…what gratitude from
    a Jet fan

  58. LT is done. Under the coaching of Rex Ryan who doesn’t even know if his team is in the playoffs or not LT will not find success.
    This late in his career this is a bad move for both teams.

  59. You never post anything I say. I don’t even have anything to say. But you won’t post it.

  60. If the jits can’t win a superbowl with getting superior players that the chargers produce then they’ll never win a super bowl again.

  61. Jones would have made 5.8 mil had the Jets kept him. And that’s just for next year. LT gets 5.1 mil for 2 years. This was strictly about paying a man who they considered to be on the downside. Who’s to say LT isn’t? We shall see. They saved money, period!

  62. Hey Florio; let’s not forget the Jets wanted TJ to take a pay cut, and he refused. So your statement about the Jets making the same deal is irrelevant…

  63. As good as the NY Oline is, I wouldn’t be surprised to see LT take the starting job from Greene. He is still that good, especially behind a good line. Something the Chargers did not have.

  64. Lawrence Taylor already has all these guys stats blown away……………
    Leon Washington die or something?
    TJ had 1400 yards, he would have had more except they kept sidelining him to let Greene have a go at it.

  65. The best san Diego state player ever, but is washed up. Man, the jets missed by not resigning TJ.
    I am a Texan fan and a LT fan, but am glad we chose not to pursue him.
    He will be a charger forever, like Favre is a Packer for life.
    Good luck LT. I hope the marketting is worth it for NY.
    See you in the HOF in 2017 wearing lightning bolts.

  66. This really blows my mind how people are thinking. First off LT is not there to replace TJ but to fill in the whole as 3rd back. LT has not perform as good as he should because of his turf toe injury and Norv’s Chargers went from a run offense to a pass offense.
    LT had his best years when he was playing for Marty Schottenheimer. Come think about I think he gonna play for another Schottenheimer which runs the same style offense as Marty did. Chargers didn’t have as good of O-line as the Jets did although the rookie did have on more sack.
    As for Shonn Greene his first full years as a started in Iowa he had 1,850 yard avg for 6.1 a carry. As a back up to TJ (and Leon for the first part before injury) his first year 540 avg 5.0 a carry.
    The Jets know there doing. they win at least 10

  67. NYCCharger:
    LT averaged 3.3 per carry last year.
    Guess what Sproles averaged? 3.7. Get the tickets to the pro-bowl ready.
    The Charger offensive line is very solid pass blocking. They are absolutely awful run blocking.
    IF LT was done, why didn’t they start giving Sproles more carries? Thomas Jones got reduced carries down the stretch because they knew he was close to empty. Don’t tell me it’s because they didn’t want to embarrass LT. Continue to start him, but take him off the field more.
    The fact is, when LT was in, teams knew the Chargers wanted to run. You can thank Norv for that. When LT came out, teams thought pass, and Sproles got 0.4 more per carry. So either the Chargers OL blows in the run game, or both backs suck.

  68. Everybody should take a look at the numbers. First off, the money:
    The JETS just paid more for a 3rd down back to block and catch check-down passes than they would have paid their STARTER.
    LT’s rushing and receiving yards have both been steadily declining since his peak in 2006 (consistently).
    TJ’s 2004 production with Chicago indicates an ability to receive the ball comparable to LT and he gained 948 yards rushing the same year (the last year he had less than 1000 yards).
    I’m not dogging LT, I think he’s been a spectacular football player, he’s just not anymore. TJ was underutilized for years, which is why his age is less a factor.

  69. You Jets fans and organization really got played by a declining L.T. and his agent. Thank God the Vikings will not see him cry because AD is the one and only superstar back in MN! Don’t need him…worth only 1.25 a year at best.

  70. All you Jet haters out there who put down our team and say we do not know what we are doing.
    Match up draft over past few years:
    Even counting the Gholston bust, we have Sanchez, Keller, Revis Island, Mangold DBrickashaw, Leon Washington
    And how dare we treat TJ like we did. We gave him a 4 year, $20M contract, and then asked him to renegotiate this year. What nerve!
    He ran up more OL backsides than Rock Hudson.
    He was running on empty at season end.
    LDT may be passed his prime, but he is great running back in last decade. I will take my chances with him.
    And for all you Giant fans out there….at least the JETS did not quit like your team did last year. What an embarassment to NY/NJ. Their effort against Pantheres was downright pathetic, yet you come on to trash us??

  71. Hey aec4
    Sproles is a 3rd down back and isn’t big enough to run between tackles. Teams went 8 men up when he was in with a safety to shadow him for a run or screen. Watch the games and you will see that. He still did better than LT.
    LT had great years with us, but now he runs to the line and falls forward for a couple yards. He wanted to be a third down back (look at his interviews) cause he knew he couldn’t run. But as a third down back, Sproles could get around the corner, LT can’t anymore. The PR move to keep LT last year was a mistake and cost us the AFC title game. LT now is a third down back and also a year slower.
    When LT is in the game, it will be 10 vs 11. Any marginal LB can cover him now.
    The question is will Buffalo show him any respect-we know the Patriots and Fins won’t have to.

  72. @mjohnson62
    5.1 million…. OVER 2 YEARS!
    2.55 million a year!
    I guess it doesn’t take much to pass the bar down in West Virginia, right florio?

  73. Details are a bit fuzzy, but it is my understanding that the Jets were offered the opportunity to match the Chief’s offer for TJ and declined. Ergo, $5 million vs $5.1 million (or $2.5 vs. 2.55 million per year).
    THAT is how it is paying LT more.
    Floria is a WV lawyer?

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