Armanti Edwards readies to change positions

Ten NFL teams turned out Tuesday for Appalachian State’s pro day to watch Armanti Edwards, the next quarterback to be converted to another position as a pro.

Darin Gantt of the Rock Hill Herald reports Edwards worked out as a quarterback, wide receiver, and punt returner.  Edwards is just happy to be noticed.

“Beggars can’t be choosers,” Edwards said about his various roles.

At 5’11, 182 pounds, Edwards isn’t the ideal size for whatever position he will play next. Some teams are looking at him as a receiver, some as a special teamer, and others as a Wildcat-type quarterback.  He ran in the mid 4.4’s and has four private workouts planned.

Edwards, who once had a day Michigan alums Rich Eisen and Adam Schefter will never forget, is the only player in NCAA history to pass for over
10,000 yards and rush for 4,000 more. 

18 responses to “Armanti Edwards readies to change positions

  1. If only Tebow knew how to be flexible like this, he might have a shot at being successful in the NFL

  2. Chad Henne was starting QB for Michigan that day and had Mario Manningham receiving. Guess it doesn’t matter since neither played defense.

  3. AE is a tremendous tallent… what ever team he winds up on will be more than surprised about his play making ability.
    I realize this is a bigger stage, but I promise all of you… get the ball in his hands and wonderfull things will happen!
    Best of luck AE!

  4. “Beggars can’t be choosers” – That statement alone would seal the deal for me if I was in a GM spot. Draft him immediately.

  5. i have a crazy feeling like this kid is gonna be great in the nfl,he is a football player,and about the comment made about tebow,no matter how much you try and better yourself and try to suceed,the more people try and bring you down,if tebow was the same player he is now,but in his off field life he has 5 kids from 5 diff women, 3 DUIs,never talked about god,he would have half the amount of critics,and everybody would be routing for him to do good and turn his life around,funny that when douche bags are trying to make a comeback they get all the support they can handle[vick,pacman,chris henry],but guys who keep thier shit straight and do good and work hard and try and be positive people are like shut up,and drop dead weirdo,not even a florida fan,just a fan of good people and good players…the end,good day

  6. As someone who has been to multiple Appalachian State games, I sincerely hope that Armanti gets a shot in the NFL. I see his ceiling being Josh Cribbs (emergency QB, return man, #4 or #5 receiver) at best, but then again, nobody believing in his ability to be a quarterback worked out well for him when only App State would recruit him as a QB instead of a WR. He’s a class act and always steps his game up to the highest levels in the limelight against top competition.

  7. It’s so hard to judge him though because he hasn’t played WR like Joe Webb. Why in the world did this guy not go to any of the off-season all star games?

  8. I remember him ripping up University Of Delaware’s defense up in the National title game when Joe Flacco was there. He’s the reason that Flacco didn’t get that ring and was largely unheard of until a week before the draft.
    I go to U of D, and App State was unstoppable for a couple years.
    P.S…. the App State fans were dicks at the national title game rushing the field all early and not leaving, so then we returned a KO for a TD and the returner threw the ball at someone and it hit a Cop. LOL. then cop came after him like he was about to fight!

  9. Armanti will shock a TON of people next year.. This dude can play, and only gets better in the 4th quarter.. Good luck bro

  10. I know that alot of you have never had the chance to see this kid play but he is a real talent. He only wins big games, period. It will be an absolute crime if he is not drafted by some NFL team. Only McNair has better stats in DII football and no one has ever beaten a rank DI school before Armanti. Having gone to App State I assure that if he gets a shot to touch the football in an NFL game you will hear his name quite a bit more. Get ready America, the Armanti Edwards Era is about to begin! Also, Cleary is a complete tool.

  11. Its a wonder he didn’t weigh more, he has had Darin Gantt hanging off his jock for four years.

  12. He’s too small? Size doesn’t matter in the positions he’s capable of playing. Someone told Darren Sproles and Wes Welker at some point too. This kids got balls and doesn’t accept losing. Wherever he ends up, he’ll be successfull

  13. pilot08 says:
    March 16, 2010 11:01 PM
    Im sure my Panthers are way too bright to draft you.
    Bright as in, let’s keep Jake Delhomme in, even after he has turned the ball over 1,000 times. Thanks for the much needed laugh this morning.

  14. He took some huge hits in the App State victory over Michigan, a team with several NFL caliber players, then led his team to another 1-AA championship, won some Walter Payton awards and graduated early! Something tells me he could start in Cleveland for sure!

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