Bears sign former Colts corner, drop McKie

Tim Jennings was the rare Colts draft pick at cornerback that didn’t pan out.

Lovie Smith will try to get more out of him than Tony Dungy could, as the Bears signed Jennings to a two-year contract Tuesday. Jennings, a former second round pick, was not tendered a contract by Indianapolis as a restricted free agent.

Chicago also announced the release of fullback Jason McKie, who spent six years with the team.  He was an awkward fit for Mike Martz’s offense.

16 responses to “Bears sign former Colts corner, drop McKie

  1. Tim “Cushion” Jennings. If you needed a first down last season against the Colts, simply throw to the man Tim was covering.

  2. Hahahaha good luck with the Human 15-Yard Cushion!! I’d give anything to play the Bears next year…

  3. McKie’s a solid FB. I think he’ll latch on somewhere, but it’s a dying position with the proliferation of the spread.
    As for Jennings, eh. Bears did need some depth guys to try, but I’m not sure I wouldn’t rather just go with Vasher, DJ Moore, Corey Graham, or someone on the roster. That said, no harm in adding a guy for a look.

  4. Really? The “rare” Colts draft pick at cornerback that didn’t pan out? Who are the ones who panned out? There’s Kelvin Hayden, who is okay (if horribly overpaid). Maybe the Powers kid last year, we’ll see. Who are the rest? Jason “worse than a hole in zone coverage” David? Marlin Jackson? Dante Hughes? Von Hutchins? Joseph Jefferson?
    I see a couple of so-so safety converts, a few warm bodies, and a bunch of scrubs.

  5. maybe they will try and turn him into a safety, God knows they could use someone back there

  6. Thankyou thankyou thankyou Bears for taking Jennings off our hands. The human cushion is right, the guy is 5 foot nothing and can’t cover a slow white boy. Watch any Colts game last season, the other team needed a 1st down they threw Jennings way. Not a suprise the Colts did not tender him. Of the five DB’s the Colts rotated in and out last season Jennings was the worst.

  7. As I noted elsewhere, with Tim “Cushion” Jennings on board, and given Cutler’s performance last year, I wonder if the Bear are trying to limit Cutler’s snaps?

  8. Jennings is just an extra body for camp, he won’t be on the roster come start of regular season.

  9. Good God almighty…Bears fans, get ready to really start crying in your beers…..Jennings is by far the worst “bust” for the Colts in the last 5 years.

  10. Over Under: 2 Pre-season games he is with the team
    I go under. Because everyone knows how much a relvolving door every spot on the defense is for the Colts except DE and Safeties. You should always pick up the spair parts. There is a long line of failed “productive Colts” no longer even in the league who got their paychecks from other teams. Heck, congrats to the Bears on another bad signing.
    Get an O-line!

  11. The guy pointing out the corners seemed to forget hitting on Powers AND Lacey in this year’s draft. Marlin Jackson was a pretty good corner when he stayed healthy. He just didn’t. I’d convert Jennings to a safety.
    Hayden has been solid as a #1 but the Colts will definitely add a few corners in the draft, while starting Powers and using Lacey as the nickel for now.

  12. Jennings will be easy to spot. He will be the coner that is always allowing 15 yards cushion. Enjoy Bears fans.

  13. you guys seem to think it’s a sure thing he will Jennings will make the roster. He is competing just to make the team.

  14. You guys have really been drinking the polian kool-aid. “Nobody drafts people better for their team than polian”. “The rare cornerback that hasn’t panned out” Just from polian’s drafts: Cory Gaines, Raymond Walls, Donald Strickland, T.J. Rushing, Tim Jennings, Idress Bashir, Joseph Jefferson, Rodregis Brooks, David Macklin, Von Hutchins, Jason David, Marlin Jackson, Michael Coe, Daymieon Hughes. Some of these “BUSTS” had to be moved to saftey because they couldn’t play on the corner, but they made no impact there either. Do a little research before making asinine statements about rare busts. Kelvin Hayden has played well and perhaps Jerraud Powers will turn out ok, but the jury is still out on them. They are the ONLY TWO corners that polian has drafted that may have panned out. Do the research. I expect a retraction from this website.

  15. McKie is a solid FB? Yeah right, I guess if you don’t value blocking, catching, or running then he was good. He fumbles pretty nicely though.

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