Jets sign Rodrique Wright

The Jets signed free agent defensive end Rodrique Wright Tuesday, throwing a lifeline to a player that once appeared headed for a promising career.

Wright, once a big-time talent at Texas, started nine games for Miami in 2007. But he’s played only one game since and was out of the league last year after getting cut by the Dolphins last September.

The Jets are limited in the types of free agents they can sign because of the rules governing the uncapped year.

8 responses to “Jets sign Rodrique Wright

  1. Good pick-up! Maybe we can bring out his talent. Cornerback Tye Hill was released today. He was a 2006 first round pick, maybe we can pick him up also. He’d be a good nickelback.

  2. I dont know who this guy is but if anyone can get him playing at his potential its gonna be Rex Ryan.

  3. The Jets think they are bellicheat now…
    grabbing nobodies to boost them to somebodies…..
    But the Jets unfortunately still are a team that picks #1 proven’s then trades them for #100 unprovens then cuts that person…..
    How Vilma doing eh?

  4. Run DorkFans run…
    1. Miami, Fla.
    Delinquency rate: 28.8%
    Comment: In greater Miami, including Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, one-quarter of mortgages are 90 days past due or worse. In Miami proper, one-fifth of mortgages are in foreclosure or converted to REO. Worst in the country by far.

  5. Hey bspurloc,
    ah, yeah Vilma was a bad fit for the Jets using a 3-4 defense.
    ohh yeah, and they also packaged that 4th pick they got for him for Shonn Green. Perhaps you have heard of him, RB, N.Y.J?
    not to mention with the money they saved with Vilma, they signed several good FA.
    but your right, the Jets HAD much more talent 3 years ago with Vilma on the team than they do today.
    Florio…you need higher quality readers.

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