Lilja signs with Chiefs

The Chiefs have a right guard.

Ryan Lilja signed with the team Tuesday, according to Josh Looney on Chiefs Live from the team’s website. 

Lilja started every game during the Colts’ run to the Super Bowl in 2009, but the team wanted to get bigger on the offensive line and didn’t want to pay Lilja more than $4 million in 2010.

We doubt Lilja got that much from the Chiefs, which should make him a nice value.  The Chiefs were desperate for a right guard after losing Wade Smith and cutting Mike Goff.

UPDATE: The Chiefs confirmed it’s a three-year deal.

23 responses to “Lilja signs with Chiefs

  1. I wanted the Redskins to sign this guy due to his zone blocking practice

  2. Ryan is a good player and, more importantly, a great character guy. Took a lot for him to come back from his injury and he deserves the best. Good luck to him in KAnsas City. He’ll be missed in Indy.

  3. Grew up in KC, went to high school in KC, went to college at K-State, signed with KC as a rookie free agent, was stupidly cut by Vermeil who tried to sneak him to the practice squad.
    Think there was a hometown discount???

  4. “We doubt Lilja got that much from the Chiefs…”
    Given all the articles we read at PFT citing team sources, sources close to whatever, league soucres and so on, couldn’t PFT do a little research and call on its vast army of sources for this information rather than speculating?
    Or was there just too big a rush to get out this important story?

  5. Good signing. With as fast as Weigmann and Lilja are, we’ll be able to run decent screen passes and sweep runs.

  6. Thank you!!! Great signing. Our offensive line just got decent, and will go to great if they draft a top end LT. That will push our offense to a decent one with Cassel, T Jones, J Charles, D Bowe, and C Chambers. Looking foward to a posible .500 season!

  7. Yet a-n-o-t-h-er HORRIBLE HORRIBLE signing by ‘The King of Missteps’, KC’s egoli … an old, declining player with injury concerns.
    The Colts do not generally make mistakes…to release him outright speaks volumes and should have sent up red warning flags for KC.
    Alas, my Chiefs are being led down the Primrose Path by the deux football favor forgot, egoli & hailme.
    16 more losses in 2010 as was the case 2009 – guarenteed.
    FIRE egoli & hailme – STAT!

    What would be good for the Chiefs, you IDIOT?! Shut up already. You’re posts are worthless. You’re knowledge about football is non-existent and you never have anything positive to say.
    God Bless America you suck.

  9. I was waiting for Icon to mess up on something in that post…”Guarenteed.” That did it for me.
    Now his posts have ABSOLUTELY zero merit from now on.

  10. Icon, you simpleton.
    Be patient.
    Pioli is assembling inexpensive replaceable parts that fit the system. If the system breaks down or becomes obsolete, then you can complain.

  11. Trade idea:
    Trade Dorsey and Albert to Lions (Gunther Cunningham)
    Get 1st and 2nd rounder. Select Suh at 2 and Bulaga at 5.

  12. Eazy E in KC, Bifftannen2, Herbie Bearchief, jtfris and Mark are all but dangling participles with delusions of prejorative malapropisms …

  13. Known in the parlance their field of expertise as circle of jerks, which is where they be outstanding in their pursuit that avocation (left to right) …

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