Eric Berry sprains his toe at Pro Day

Tennessee safety Eric Berry had to cut short his workout at the Volunteers’ Pro Day today, pulling up with an injury described as a sprained big toe during his first positional drills.

Steve Wyche of NFL Network reports that Berry suffered what has been initially diagnosed as a left big toe sprain that cut short his workout.

Berry suffered the injury while doing backpedaling drills run by Chiefs defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel. He went into a training room to ice his foot and was described as “wearing sneakers and walking with a slight limp” afterward.

Berry is considered the top defensive back in the draft, and after his impressive combine performance, he really didn’t need to do much at his Pro Day. All indications are that the toe injury will be a minor annoyance, not a major concern.

22 responses to “Eric Berry sprains his toe at Pro Day

  1. FIGURES!! Romeo Crennel isn’t even in Cleveland anymore and he’s STILL screwing up the Browns draft picks!!

  2. Hope he’s all right. Crazy as it sounds toe injuries have ended a lot of careers in the NFL.

  3. Holy crap! Not a toe injury, sweet merciful Tim Tebow, if he were any more of a wuss he would be a soccer player by now.

  4. Sweet Jesus let him slip to #6 now that the Hawks cut Deon Grant. I was NOT happy about letting Grant go but if they scooped up Berry (NOT Mays) I would be just as happy as the Curry pick last year.

  5. funi must be a SEC hater. Only a hater would say the the typical SEC player is soft. Most people agree that the SEC is the most physical conference there is from top to bottom.

  6. This does not matter. Eric Berry is not, nor was he ever going in the top five. He will however be headed to Seattle witht he 6th pick.
    1. Bradford
    2. Suh/Mccoy
    3. Mccoy/Suh
    4. Clausen
    5. Okung
    6. Berry
    Only thing that could mess this up is the Detroit Lions by taking Okung 2. Then all hell will break loose with teams trying to move up to get Mccoy and/or Suh.

  7. Is there a “You break ’em, you buy ’em” policy in the NFL? Does this mean the chiefs now HAVE to draft Berry?

  8. To all the nimrods calling him a pansy and soft: Toe sprains are no joke. Makes it difficult to plant, change direction, push off, etc. They alter careers and sometimes end them. Ex: Deion Sanders’ first retirement; even when he came back, he wasn’t the same.

  9. Sweet maybe the Redskins will get more interested in him since he can get injured! STOP CALLING THIS INJURY MINOR! Or the Redskins will not be interested.. : )

  10. The Romeo Crennel screwing up the Brown’s draft cracks are funny as hell. But remember-he did bring us one of the best left tackles in the game. Barely makes up for the rest…

  11. A San Fran-sicko bathhouse can be physical, that doesn’t make it tough. The SEC is overrated. The ‘Hawks coach has been kickin’ those nancy’s around the field for years.

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