League invites Tebow to New York for draft

Here’s one that might prompt more than a few people to mutter something along the lines of, “What the hell?”  (Possibly with a different four-letter word at the end.)

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Florida quarterback Tim Tebow has been invited to New York for the draft.

The move likely is related to a recent report from Alex Marvez of FOX regarding the possibility that “top projected second-round picks” will attend the second day of the draft.

This year, the first round will be held on Thursday night, April 22.  The second round will be conducted on Friday night, April 23.

There’s a chance that, when round two ends, Tebow still will be available.  And that definitely would not be a blessing.

90 responses to “League invites Tebow to New York for draft

  1. “And that definitely would not be a blessing.”
    You are so smug. (Face turns red)
    Does that make you feel good?

  2. and with the #10 pick in the 2010 Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select…….Tim Tebow
    bet on it

  3. Me me me…I know the answer for this one. So ESPN can show his face after every pick ala Aaron Rodgers. Finally, when he gets picked in the second round or late first round they can show him teary eyed hugging his mother.
    Damn, I’m getting really good at this. May be I should start producing in TV or something.

  4. I know it was a blast and a blessing to watch brady quinn squirm on draft day mainly because the loser thought he deserved to go so much higher, even though i suffer from tebow-fatigue i don’t know if it will be equally as fun to watch him slide because i really don’t think expects to go that high, amen?

  5. Come on with the “blessing” jabs already. If you don’t like that he is a Christian, that is fine. Just don’t ridicule him for it.
    If Tebow lasts until round 3, the team that does get him will get a bigger steal than when the Patriots got Tom Brady. The kid is a winner, plain and simple. He put his pride aside and developed an entirely new throwing motion. I don’t think that many people would be so willing to do that.

  6. “Well that’s it for our coverage tonight…”
    Cut to Tebow, tears streaming down his face! Could be great TV…

  7. for what reason?
    NFL is like Hollywood
    Brad Quinn saga pt II ???
    in the 8th round with the 535th pick
    the LONDON LIPTONS select
    Tim *God Bless” Teebow, QB

  8. Mike Holmgren coached up a guy by the name of Steve Young when nobody wanted him because he was tagged with that running QB title.
    I am not compairing the talents of Tim Tebow to Steve Young just the fact that I would not be suprised to see a team like the Browns with Holmgren running the show take a shot at Tebow with their second round pick.

  9. Get ready for ESPN to show constant shots of Tebow ala Brady Quinn in 2007.
    Just another reason to watch the superior NFL Network coverage again.

  10. The NFL is doing this guy a huge disfavor. They’re gift wrapping Peter King’s new man-crush and making the hype so huge most people hope he fails.
    They should ease off and let his short NFL experience be a good one.

  11. They invited him to the draft, big deal. I wonder what Tebow will say when he finds out his hotel reservation is for Saturday night?

  12. Holy good god (pun intended). He may have to sit there for THREE DAYS if he doesnt go until the 4th or 5th round !!! That would be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life

  13. They’re inviting him to boost ratings, so they can keep showing his look of disappointment as he continues to go undrafted.

  14. I wouldn’t go. I would go fishing or to Disneyworld or something. The one place I wouldn’t go is to New York.

  15. Hallelujah!!!!!! the NFL has asked baby Jesus to bless Radio City! maybe he can mediate the labor discussions also…. You know it’s rumored his tears can cure prostate cancer….

  16. I would reject the invite unless he wants to look stupid being the last guy sitting there at the end of round one.

  17. I dont know if i can handle this. It brings back all the memories of watching Brady Quinns perfectly chiseled features sadden as he fell further and further down the board. With each selection it became more and more heart-wrenching . Now to subject Jesus..errr i mean Tim to this i just cruel. Making him and the world hold their breath as team after team, player after player, walk across the stage with jersey held high, flash bulbs flicker, fans cheer(Jets fans Booo), we watch. Spiralling further and further(unlike his passes), the world move around, women weep and grown men wretch as finally a light begins to grow. A light from the south. From a place all to familiar to Tim. Thats right Tim. In the second round the Jacksonville Jaguars let loose a mighty roar, one that sounds across the world “PLEASE TIM, WE NEED TO SELL SOME TICKETS!!!” and the future is safe…..or is it?

  18. Oh god oh god oh god oh god please go tim!!!!
    There is nothing that could fill the no-football gap better than the sweet draft day memory of watching him sit there unselected for hours. Non football throwing hooker azz trick.

  19. Hey Tim, Come to NY and sit there for 3 days before you get drafted. We’ll put a camera on you the entire time to really make you feel bad.

  20. Man, you remember Ron Dayne…that guy was good in college too, or Eric Crouch college stud, Tim Tebow looks poised to become one of them.

  21. This isn’t a surprise at all. This is just the latest example of every news entity in America do whatever they can to enhance their bottom line. It is why he was at the Heisman ceremony despite him having zero chance of winning it. If I was him I would say F-U ESPN if I were Tebow. Of course he will not do that because the only thing he knows in life, other than the scriptures, is how to pimp himself out to the highest bidder. His daddy did it to Tim for so long that he couldn’t not learn from it. This is another example of the media being about nothing more than ad revenue. There is no liberal bias or conservative bias, simply money bias, and truth averse. Tebow should say thanks but no thanks and for once in his life acknowledge that many other people are far more deserving to be in attendance in NY and he doesn’t want to distract from them any longer. The guy is only a first round pick if the coach, GM or owner is a hard core Christian. Because only that bond would allow them to overlook the defficiencies that he brings to the table as a QB. This guy will be picked from 40 to 50 and the whole weekend will still be about Tim Tebow. What a bunch of ratings whores the sports media has become. Congrats Florio, you are their head pimp.

  22. Unless you are projected to be a 1st round draft pick there are no guarantees where you get drafted. Many projected 2nd rounders by the so callled experts often slide to the 3rd round or worse.
    It could be an embarassing moment for other players besides Tebow in attendance.

  23. Can’t wait for the epic fail as long as buffalo doesn’t draft him. Gators suck. ………… Go Noles

  24. As a son of two Gators, and a Gator Alum myself, I love Tebow. But there is no reason whatso ever he should be at the draft. He is not even close to a top 10 pick, he is a late second round/early third at best. He has all the intangibles, but to perform at the NFL level he is a project QB, if he even stays at the position. The NFL is making a huge mistake. Just because you are one of the best college players of all time, does not mean it translates to the NFL, especially at the QB position….think Eric Crouch, that is who I think of when trying to compare Tebow.

  25. Duh. They want ratings and a story so they invite him-the guy had an effing Super Bowl commercial!!!
    Are you guys that stupid?

  26. Your right Florio. A blessing can never come in the form of a late draft selection. When the Pats took Brady first overall …… wait. Forget it, I forgot where I was going with that. Oh! got it! If Oakland drafted TB would he have turned in to the TB he is today?

  27. What’s the love affair with having draftees attend at all? Just stay at home and order a pizza or something for god’s sake.

  28. Na… Hell is a pretty good one. I doubt he is still on the board after the second. I just have a hunch someone is going to take a flier on him.

  29. jb10- he’s one of the best… if not THE best… NCAA FOOTBALL PLAYER (not just QB) of ALL TIME.
    Maybe he’ll succeed in the pros. Maybe he won’t. Either way, it’s interesting to follow for a lot of people.

  30. He is going to listen to the love affair and show for Thursday and not leave till Saturday…… which means 72 hours of seeing him sitting in the green room…espn is salivating over the chance to show his mug for that long

  31. It has been rumored for a while that Jacksonville may choose him with their first round pick, their owner even commented on it. So it it really that big of a deal?

  32. # Dixon29 says: March 17, 2010 3:40 PM
    Come on with the “blessing” jabs already. If you don’t like that he is a Christian, that is fine. Just don’t ridicule him for it.
    If Tebow lasts until round 3, the team that does get him will get a bigger steal than when the Patriots got Tom Brady. The kid is a winner, plain and simple. He put his pride aside and developed an entirely new throwing motion. I don’t think that many people would be so willing to do that.
    Brady has 3 SB rings, 2 SB MVPs, threw 50 TD’s in a season,….. and wait for it…. was a 6th round draft choice (199th overall).
    You would have to be one hell of a football player, to be a bigger “steal” than that……

  33. I’m not especially familiar with the Vikings situation….
    But do they project as a team that might gamble on him in the first round? They will need a QB to groom even if Brett comes back, and he can be reunited with Percy Harvin.
    Or do they have a more pressing need?

  34. Love or hate the guy. Why do you non christians have to totally put down is religion or mock it so? He will do good at everything in life, he has a lot more then just football in his life. Maybe instead of putting down his faith you all should get some of your on. Florio should be ashammed throwing in his subtle christian bashing comments. I will never ever read another article of this man

  35. Tebow is obviously the heir apparent to Brett Favre for being the QB the media never shuts up about.

  36. He’ll be Brady Quinn 2.0, as he fell further and further and eventually left the green room to sulk in private.

  37. # Dixon29 says: March 17, 2010 3:40 PM
    If Tebow lasts until round 3, the team that does get him will get a bigger steal than when the Patriots got Tom Brady. The kid is a winner, plain and simple. He put his pride aside and developed an entirely new throwing motion. I don’t think that many people would be so willing to do that.
    Just wondering how a third round pick would be a bigger steal than a 6th round pick?
    and if you read the reviews on his new “throwing motion” is is not changed much and some say now has a hitch in it.

  38. religion is stupid.
    Tebow has character, look at his leadership and his heart. you cant ask for more.
    Tebow can play in the league based on the type of person he is mixed with the talents he has.
    A team could bring him in to play LB and he’d be a probowler. you cant replace heart and determination.

  39. to me you just never know, many people didn’t think joe montana would make it either and who would have pictured terry bradshaw winning 4 super bowls and steve young and what he had to over come and tom brady drafted in the 6th round the list goes on.i’m not a tebow fan or a gator fan but i’d say to tebow to do what you believe in your heart and give it all you got and no matter what happens atleast you did your best.good luck tim

  40. Tebow will be like Brady Quinn, sitting there all bummed out long after he expected to get picked.

  41. God’s Crusader is already allowed to go wherever the hell he wants. This invite is just a formality.

  42. Once again Tebow is getting blasted for no fault of his own. It’s not like he lobbied to be invited.
    You get invited, you go. It’s as simple as that.
    Love how the media types keep bitching about all the Tebow coverage, yet they continue to cram it down our throats.

  43. I wouldn’t draft Hernandez because of all the retarded tattoos he has all over his arms and hands and wouldn’t draft Tebow because he has the intelligence of a baby turtle and, judging by the way he cried on the sideline after the Alabama game like a little girl, the poise of an 8 year old, like most Gators, neither will amount to anything in the NFL…
    Tebow would’ve been better prepared for the NFL if he hadn’t been home schooled in the bible belt…

  44. Yeah, we know Florio, you don’t like the fact that Tebow is religious. We get it. Find a new line. This one is getting old.

  45. Ok whatever moron compared him to Steve Young is…a moron. I know that they are both white and left handed and Steve Young is a “running” QB but they really aren’t anything a like.

  46. I knew this was going to happen. I called this crap a while ago. They’ll be showing him in the green room after every pick, and the analysts will be asking each other,”Where’s Tebow gonna go? Is he a good fit for a pro-style offense? Is there a team that’ll take a chance on him??” etc…

  47. Oh goodness. As if we don’t hear enough about Tebow, he’ll be shoved down our throats for two straight rounds of additional nonsense.

  48. Makes you wonder why for either party until you realize Belichick has three 2nd round picks and is a close, personal friend of Urban Meyer. The NFL wouldn’t invite Tebow unless they know something was up (see: Brady Quinn).

  49. For those complaining about mocking his Christianity, when you plaster your religious beliefs under your eyes every game day, your faith becomes fair game for lighthearted jokes. Get over it.

  50. Roger Goodell cannot afford to overlook any possible tax deductions for the league in these tough economic times with pending labor disruption, thus the opportunity to write-off hours of expensive network exposure for the Lord was too good to refuse.

  51. Why in the hell would they out the draft on a Thurs – Fri night. Guess they want less people watching it.

  52. thought that Steve Young started his career in the USFL before moving to the NFL along with Hershal Walker and Johnny Williams.

  53. 1st off there are some really ignorant ppl on here. Why must the dude be attacked for his beliefs!? The truth is the NFL is disgusting the way they wanna pimp this kid out. All about the $$$, that being said someone will reach for him in the draft, figure WTF he’s “tim tebow” cant be much worse than some of the scrubs starting in the NFL. Like the football player, but I don’t think he’s got the arm for the NFL. Could be wrong, wouldnt be the 1st time. Should be 4th ot 5th rd pick, instead he’ll go in the 2nd or 3rd.

  54. what’s wrong with this, he’s the most popular player in college football, and people shouldn’t take shots at his religion, there is nothing more disrespectful than doing that. I guess you guys do it because your extremely jealous of Tebow, what is there not to like about him as a person? get over yourselfs and get a life.

  55. “warrick1005 says:
    March 17, 2010 7:31 PM
    what’s wrong with this, he’s the most popular player in college football, and people shouldn’t take shots at his religion, there is nothing more disrespectful than doing that.”
    I am certain you have never said anything negative about Judaism or Islam.
    Mever made a joke about Vishnu or Buddha either.
    I mean, if there is one thing to be said about those who defend the Christian faith, it is that they defend all faiths equally, right?

  56. You would think that Tebow cussed in front of little children the way you are obsessed with the word “blessing”

  57. Florio’s not poking fun of Tebow’s religion, beliefs or Christianity in general. It’s his overuse of the word “blessing”. And that IS funny.

  58. Its a win-win for the NFL. They can keep him busy by making him change all the Perrier to pinot noir at the after-draft banquet.

  59. if you believe that Tebow will fall farther than the 2nd round you must be high! i wouldnt be surprised if a team takes a risk and picks him early first round…major example-Buffalo Bills-there quarterback situation is REALLY!! bad they need one right away because frankly Edwards is not doing it for them, the only problem is that the two most highly stouted quarterbacks are projected to be taken before them (Bradford and Clauson) they Could decide to finally grow some balls and consider taking Tebow or even McCoy with their 9th pick, but of course they could take the risk and wait till there second round selection but unfortunatly all quarterbacks worth drafting are projected to be selected…so with that i find it very plausible that a team not just the Bills will select tebow before 2nd round is done.

  60. Tebow goes #9 to the Bills. Take it to the bank. The cult of thought which claims the guy is no better than a third round grade is absolutely wrong. He is the best QB in the draft.

  61. I hope the Bills get him – in round two. (Unless we could get Bradford or McCoy LOL)
    Win, lose, or draw, I would find it much more entertaining to see a decent human being giving it his very best, than all the dirtbag ‘elite’ players who have it handed to them on a platter then go out and show how unworthy they are of the BLESSINGS they’ve received.
    I’m not a religious person, and BTW I hate all Florida teams, but Tebows got it.
    Tim I applaud your convictions – nothing wrong with standing up for your beliefs – just tone it down a little, please. Not everyone believes the same as you. Forcing your beliefs on others, or being overly vocal about your opinon only assures others will refuse to hear you. Thats why I cant stand the GOP even though I am a very conservative person. Thats why I dont do religion even though I have great faith. Action speaks louder than words my friends.

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