PFTV looks at Pacman's last stand

On Friday, free-agent cornerback Pacman Jones will work out for any interested parties in New Orleans. 

We wonder whether he’ll try harder if any of the scouts or coaches make it rain.

Anyway, PFTV looks at whether Pacman has any real chance of continuing his NFL career, five years after he was a top-ten draft pick.


19 responses to “PFTV looks at Pacman's last stand

  1. What about his wrestling career? He can always go back to that.
    Althought wrestklers do have high standards f moral conduct.

  2. The banks in the New Orleans CBD were just told to not hand out packets of singles to a guy who is seen walking to the French Quarter and talking about making it rain……

  3. Jerrah “Facelift” Jones should be very interested…he can double-up as NFL felon and WWE felon.

  4. The Real Shuxion says:
    March 17, 2010 3:24 PM
    What about his wrestling career? He can always go back to that.
    Althought wrestklers do have high standards f moral conduct.
    Jesus I butchered that post.

  5. I would sign him for the min – no signing bonus. What could it hurt? If he comes in to camp out of shape or acting like a Diva or Thug, he is cut and it costs me nothing.
    If he show up humble, straight, mature and ready to roll – hey I got a bargain.

  6. this guy is one of those ex players that DOES NOT deserve another chance in the nfl. he’s blown it to many times and it shows he dosen’t appreciate the opprotuinities he’s had in the past or else he would have somewhat got his stuff together. i say life time ban for this guy because he just don’t learn

  7. Another piece of trash taken by the Cowboys after he was already washed up, and surprise surprise – no other team wants him.

  8. he should go to the WWE
    after a few years of the JUICE he can come back as a 260pound LB ; kinda like Sean Ferriman out SanDiego

  9. he will probably get another shot but one bad choice even a parking ticket and like they say in hollywood he will never work in this town again

  10. Not even going to watch the pftv piece. My only comment is that it’s very hard to believe anyone cares about the POS at this point or that he’ll ever play in the league again.

  11. Is he mature? That’s MATURE not manure. ONLY then should a team even consider it, ala Chris Carter. But I don’t hear anyone backing him /seasoned pros that is.

  12. Whos Ferriman?? Anyways, go ahead and pick him Nawleans, cuz thats exactley his kind of town!!

  13. He was supposed to play for our Winnipeg Blue
    Bombers but he couldn’t cross the border

  14. he couldn’t get with the Second Chance Bengals so his only last option would be the Raiders

  15. He’s done. He got a chance with the Boys and never played well.
    Have fun finding a real job with that “felony” on your record jacka**.
    It’s about time teams started wising up and stopped welcoming criminals back.

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