Tapp looks forward to "new start with a great team"

On Monday, defensive end Darryl Tapp signed a contract with the Seahawks.  The next day, the Seahawks sent that contract to the Eagles.

Tapp isn’t upset, nor should he be.  Even with a new regime in Seattle, the franchise has been struggling of late, to say the least.  In Philly, the Eagles consistently contend.

“Anything they ask me to do, I’m ready and willing to do,” Tapp said in a conference call conducted after the trade.  “I’m just anxious to get a new start for a great team.”

Eagles fans surely are happy to hear that one.  And this one.

“I’m excited to be traded to the Philadelphia Eagles,” Tapp said.  “I’m in shock because Seattle is the team that gave me an opportunity out of college and I called it home for the last four years.  I’m anxious already about the opportunity in Philly.  I’m coming there to work my tail off and help us get a step closer to the ultimate goal.”

Tapp said he hasn’t heard how the Eagles plan to use him, but he pointed out that he has played on each side of the line.  Regardless of location, he sees himself as an “every-down” defensive end.  “Rushing the passer is fun, but you don’t get the opportunity until you stop the run,” Tapp said.  “That’s something I pride myself on.”

In a division that now includes Marion Barber, Felix Jones, Tashard Choice, Brandon Jacobs, Ahman Bradshaw, Clinton Portis, and Larry Johnson, that’s music to the ears of Eagles fans who had been waiting, impatiently in many cases, for the Eagles to do something to beef up their defense.

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  1. okay then florio. he wont start this year but may be a regular third down rusher. now lets focus on drafting a linebacker or saftey.

  2. How good is this guy? Can he be the compliment to Cole? Or was this just a shuffle of equal players?
    Clemons never really produced, Any Seattle fans that can speak about Tapp?

  3. eh. adds depth, and gets rid of clemons. 4th rounder was too much i think though. eagles seem content with getting role players and backups this offseason– they better have some good fortune in the early draft again

  4. Lateral move, because the Eagles’ FO is too cheap to make any real moves. Bad for Philly, good for the rest of us.

  5. Trent cole started out the same way tapp did…there nearly identical..size wise …both fast ,powerful and finesse type players.i see tapp havin 10+ sacks this year..most of nfc east RT are soft..

  6. We need to draft a safety or linebacker first…depends who is available..then we need a monster DT ..a big fat slob, hope stuffer…like 6’6″ 360 lbs…we need to stop the run badly..thats y i honestly see us gettn a linebacker..in the first rd..

  7. Is it a coincidence that this deal was done hence we are led to discuss the situation of a fellow named “Tapp” on St. Patrick’s Day?

  8. hahaha the eagles front office is cheap….does anyone remember TO, Jevon Kearse, Asante Samuel, Jon Runyan or any of the other high profile free agents they have signed…..the eagles front office is one of the best in the league

  9. 10 responses so far and noone has called Florio on “Ahman Bradshaw”.
    All those NBC dollars and you still can’t hire a competent editor, or better yet, actually follow the sport you blog about?

  10. Are any of those running backs that you listed even good? I would consider this one of the weaker divisions at Running back. Good point though Florio, not….(yes I went with a not joke)

  11. Tapp is a solid player, needs to get coached up a little as a pass rusher. Solid against the run. He is nothing spectacular, but he had 7 sacks in his second season, then Ruskell decided to rebuild the whole defensive line and we lost anything that look like an interior pass rush.
    Philly is getting a solid player, but he isn’t then next Dwight Freeney or anything.

  12. godfather is angry that no one cares about the 2nd rate running back on his 3rd rate team.

  13. This guy is only 25, more stout than Clemons, Tapp is 6’1″, 270 – so he is more of an every down Defensive End (which the Eagles need) . . . he is going into his 5th year . . . his best season was in ’07 when he had 7 sacks and 49 tackles . . . in ’08 he had 5.5 sacks and 54 tackles . . . in ’09 he only had 2.5 sacks w/ 49 tackles. Tapp was an ’07 2nd round pick, and is regarded as a hard working/high-motor guy who can play both the run and the pass. Seattle tendered Tapp as an original round restricted free agent, which means any team that signed Tapp as a RFA would have sent their 2nd round pick to Seattle . . . so Clemons and a 4th rounder (the one from the Jets for Lito Sheppard) seems like a better deal than the Eagles 2nd rounder for Tapp.
    Comparatively Clemons is 3 years older, 6’2″, 240 . . . so he is older and 30 lbs lighter (really Clemons is somewhat small for a linebacker) . . . the best year Clemons had was also in ’07 with the Oakland Raiders (8 sacks 20 tackles) . . . his other 4 seasons consisted of 3 (’05), 2 (’06), 4 (’08) and 3 (’09) sacks.
    I think the Eagles are trying to get younger without rebuilding . . . trying to re-tool with younger players . . . so Tapp fits the prerequisites . . . besides Clemons never really played up to the expectations the Eagles had – given they had signed him coming off an 8 sack season. So I think Tapp is going to be slated as the starter across from Trent Cole . . . I still think the Eagles will address this position in the draft . . . and would be surprised in Darren Howard is on the team by the start of the season – going back to the Eagles youth movement.

  14. Oh yeah they’re Super Bowl bound NOW. Better guys have flamed out in Philly. Jevon Kearse, Darren Howard anyone?

  15. “I’m coming there to work my tail off and help us get a step closer to the ultimate goal.”
    What ultimate goal…..to reach the playoffs only to have your butt handed to you by the stickin’ Dallas Cowboys?

  16. Who else was on Seattle’s line? I mean was he the one being double teamed all the time? I hear nothing but great things about him from ‘hawk fans, so I’m excited to see him in eagles green. I’m not getting too hyped about him, but I’m excited to see how hard he works and how much he really can contribute.
    Proven above avg DE with upside > 33rd pick in the 4th round

  17. I like the trade of Clemons he was just eating up space but I dont see Tapp doing much help. He isnt better then Jaqua Parker so hes not going to help the Eagles reach their ultimate goal.
    The Eagles need a DE that can rush the passer and take pressure off or LBS and DBS. The quicker they get to the QB the less time these NFC East RBs and TEs have to run away from the our horrible coverage LBs.
    Id rather of had the Eagles go out and resign Jason Babin then trade for Tapp. Babin has a high motor and worked very hard in Philly the Eagles just didnt give him a chance.
    I think the Eagles could have gotten more value out of trading Clemons for a late round pick and keeping their own 4th. I hope Im wrong.

  18. this was not a trade of equal players at all. In essence this was a the Eagles trading a 4th rounder for Daryll Tapp. Chris Clemons was a throw in pick–he was a guy who had little chance to make the final roster or make it through training camp with his inflated free agency contract and minimal impact.
    Now, onto Tapp. All real seahawks fans know Tapp is a very talented player that should have been a every down starter in Seattle but was screwed due to circumstance. The Seahawks signed Patrick Kerney to a big free agent deal, then over-drafted DE Lawrence Jackson out of USC, because of money invested and draft position a Kerney/Jackson duo at DE was implemented even while the fans all screamed to seee more of Tapp. Tapp has been a terrific run stopper that knows how to strong out plays, similar to Trent Cole, while he isnt the pass rusher Cole is, his potential isnt far off.
    great move for Philly. Not a move that is going to have ESPN talking every 5 minutes, but a move that could really quietly help the Eagles defense.

  19. Don’t get too excited Eagles fans. Tapp was never an “every down” DE and that’s why Seattle didn’t mind getting rid of him. Seattle has had a good rotation on their D-line for a while, with the exception of last year. He was never double-teamed and still couldn’t produce much, unless he was playing against the Rams. He is a very hard worker and “high-motor” guy, but he doesn’t have the size or skill to become a better than average player.

  20. I think it’s great to finally see some Beemer Ball in Philly. Tapp was a great player in college and the same thing with Macho Harris. I know he had a rough rookie season but if you’re trying to compare him to Dawkins, it’s not even a fair comparison. These guys are gonna produce in Philly because of similar attack style defenses.

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