After Chris Johnson, Titans' offense doesn't impress Heimerdinger

Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger knows he has a talented running back in Chris Johnson.

After that, Heimerdinger doesn’t know who he can count on to make plays in the Titans’ offense.

“Hell, I don’t even know who our team is besides C.J.,” Heimerdinger told Paul Kuharsky of

Heimerdinger’s comments were made within the context of a question about tight end Jared Cook, who looked very good as a rookie in 2009 during training camp and the preseason, but then managed only nine catches in the regular season.

“He needs to become much more consistent week to week if he’s going to play for us,” Heimerdinger said of Cook. “He has to be more consistent in everything before he can play.”

Titans tight ends coach John Zernhelt said he’s not surprised Heimerdinger doesn’t seem thrilled with Cook, because Heimerdinger’s philosophy is that he doesn’t want unproven players on the field.

“I’ve been around Dinger for 18 years now,” Zernhelt said. “There is no error involved. He’s got to feel 100 percent sure.”

After a season in which the Titans ranked second in the league in rushing offense and 23rd in the league in passing offense, it sounds like there’s only one player on the team that Heimerdinger is 100 percent sure about.

5 responses to “After Chris Johnson, Titans' offense doesn't impress Heimerdinger

  1. Wow- had any head coach made these comments or a player made any similar statement (like Frave) Florio would have been all over it like a shark smelling blood in the water. Or an editor hyping a story.

  2. He is just saying what we all think
    Outside of CJ, their O is very average at best. No great WR’s, a QB who makes us scratch our heads at times, and a coach who either coaches great or poorly

  3. In other news… if it weren’t for space ships…we wouldn’t be able to send humans into space.

  4. Kenny Britt will be great. He was already their best WR by far as a rookie. If Cook steps up, you have alot to build around Young, CJ, Britt, and Cook.

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