Agent says McCloughan isn't resigning

In response to a report that 49ers General Manager Scot McCloughan is contemplating the possibility of resigning, McCloughan’s agent says that McCloughan won’t be stepping down.

“Scot McCloughan is not resigning as General Manager of the San Francisco 49ers,” Peter Schaffer told us by phone moments ago from Colorado.  “I have no idea how that rumor got started.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean that all is well between the 49ers and their General Manager.  It only means that, if a move is going to be made, it won’t be a voluntary separation.  Instead, the 49ers will have to terminate McCloughan — and unless they terminate him for cause they’ll owe him the balance of his contract.

9 responses to “Agent says McCloughan isn't resigning

  1. So let’s review the chain of events: “someone” said Mcl was resigning. Then Mcl said he isn’t. Now he is getting fired? Epic logical win Florio.

  2. Long overdue, he has made horrible decisions since hes been here. Both Bay Area teams NEED quality GMs, and have been horrendous the last 8 years. everyone got excited about the 49er 8-8 record last year but that was in the WORST division in football.

  3. So he’s not resigning….doesn’t mean the team isn’t sharpening an axe.
    Still, can’t imagine the team being that dramatic 5 weeks before the draft.

  4. Bill Cowher or Tony Dungy are really the ONLY two people that would make this situation ok. I doubt that’s what’s going to happen here, my faith in the Yorks isn’t even close to high. What a joke.

  5. McCloughan has drafted well. Besides i can’t see how you fire your GM at this point in the time.

  6. Someone on Maiocco’s blog commented that daddy’s boy Jed went to ND, so maybe he wants to move up for Clausen.

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