Barry Sims heads back to West Coast

Tackle Barry Sims wrapped up his visit with the Redskins Friday and should decide on his next team in the next few days, according to multiple reports.

Rick Maese of the Washington Post writes that the 35-year-old is headed back home to the West Coast, and Matt Maiocco writes that Sims has had contract talks with the Redskins.

The 49ers are believed to be interested in retaining Sims.

10 responses to “Barry Sims heads back to West Coast

  1. He did well subbing for Staley. Surprisingly well. No doubt he’ll land a better deal this year.

  2. But then again the 49ers are interested in retaining the facade of having owners with a clue.

  3. Would have had a better legacy if Simeon Rice hadn’t treated him like a rented mule during Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl win over the Raiders.

  4. he’s a valuable backup LT, not sure he played well enough at RT to warrant a starting role there, but probably a good swing tackle backup.
    This is going to leave the 49ers down two potential RT candidates, with Snyder the only one left, who was horrible most of last year.
    The draft looks to hold in store for the 49ers two Tackles, one earlier, one in the middle rounds.

  5. Who on the 49ers is interested in retaining Sims? Their G.M. that is on permanent personal leave?

  6. the guy is a turn style at left guard. i think most of the time he just waves as the de blows by him.

  7. We need to retain him and add more depth ASAP. All this talk about we need linemen and yet nothing has been done about the free agency.

  8. Truthfully Sims played better than Staley. I was shocked by that, but it probably just means Staley is at best an average Left Tackle and gives up too many sacks.

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