Chad Henne backtracks on Tebow comment

C. Henne.jpgTwo days after saying Tim Tebow “isn’t an NFL quarterback,” Miami’s starting NFL quarterback Chad Henne wanted to clarify his remarks.

“I didn’t really say he wasn’t wasn’t able to be one,” Henne told Miami reporters Friday. “We’re all in this process, learning how to be an NFL
quarterback. Obviously, he’s taken the right steps to improve his game”

Henne went on to praise Tebow’s recent improvements and the quality of his coaching . . . . you get the idea.  More than anything, Henne sounded understandably embarrassed his comments got so much attention.

“The thing about that is that dragging the Dolphins and our coaching
staff into this when it’s way out of proportion,” Henne said. “I never
talked to them about Tebow.”

64 responses to “Chad Henne backtracks on Tebow comment

  1. leave the kid alone. He said Tebow is not a NFL QB right now. No too many rookies are. Henne wasn’t before camp 2 years ago either.

  2. What Henne meant by saying that Tebow “isn’t an NFL quarterback” means that he isn’t officially in the NFL yet, not until draft day.

  3. Anyone else ever notice that Henne looks like Will Ferrell with his helmet on? Anyways, what were we talking about again?

  4. Own it, Chad. Can’t wait for Tebow to light up the Dolphins 2 times a year when he’s starting for the Bills in 2 years

  5. Am I the only one who feels that PFT is more and more each day starting to stand for: Pro Football Tabloid? I mean is this really worth reporting on beyond the usual drama you guys love to stir up?

  6. And the Dolphins pick………………..
    Tim Tebow.
    Tebow will be a Fin.
    The writing is on the wall.
    Chadley knows he will be playing with Tebow soon, save face now.

  7. “We have more respect for public figures when they stand by their words without excuse or unnecessary apology.”
    Unless the comments are made about the late Terry Bradshaw….

  8. In fairness, the original comment wasn’t like Henne was randomly bringing it up; he was specifically asked what he thought about Tebow.
    Often players are asked what they think about something, then when they give their opinion, their words are published without context or even the admission that the player was directly asked their opinion on something.
    It’s not like these guys regularly opine on other athletes all day long. We just have to keep that in mind.

  9. Again, you leave much out – such as that WQAM cut him off before he could finish what he was saying. Did you listen to the interview or not? I did, and you are totally off base. If you cannot take the time to research properly BEFORE you make judgments you will forever be in error. Stop making ridiculous, incendiary posts that lack any substance or modicum of professionalism.
    Honestly, this site is supposed to be about facts and rumors and is not a forum where “reporters” who lack ethics can say what they will, when they wish to further their own needs (such as more hits = more money) through lying and exaggeration. There is no rumor here and very few facts, just a presentation of partial truths designed to incite a negative reaction in your readers who have nothing more to go on than a single quote taken out of context. It’s practically libelous. Most of all, though, it makes one pine for the days when reporting was supposed to adhere to impartiality as best it can be done.
    I come here to get the latest and close to half of the “news” you deliver is opinionated and poorly written. Oh, for a single Walter Cronkite.

  10. Dude, why is everyone riding this kid?? The only people who should give a ratt azz about him is the Jags cuz thats where he looks like hes going.
    Im still wondering if Henne is a QB??

  11. Well he was pretty much forced into clarifying his statements when people like yourselves (Florio in this instance) make a link where there isn’t necessarily a link. By saying Henne’s opinion was more compelling because of Lee, forced Henne to clarify because either people assume he came to this conclusion based on a conversation he had with Lee or he said this without consulting Lee, and it looks like he’s ripping on a pupil of his QB coach.

  12. We all know Tebow won’t be an NFL QB until drafted. But that’s not what Henne meant at all. He was trying to say Tebow doesn’t have the ability to be an NFL QB. Which is a pretty strong statement. There are enough terrible QBs in the NFL, you’d think that just about any big time College QB could at least be a 3rd stringer.
    Henne isn’t in a position to be commenting on other QBs. He played well this year, but STFU until you establish yourself a little.

  13. No Henne looks like the bad guy from Smallville (LEX) Michael Rosenbaum.
    Other than that he’s a smart kid, my opinion is the media warped his words.

  14. The dude seems like a real leader of men as he talks out of both sides of his mouth. If I was him I would worry about him becoming an NFL QB first before he goes cutting some other guys throat. What has this kid ever done in the NFL, I never even knew he was an NFL QB.

  15. I am amazed by the pub this non-story is getting. The reason Henne backtracked likely had to do with the way certain *ahem* journalists were linking his views to David Lee, his QB coach. Like he stated, he didn’t want his comments to seem like a surrogate for David Lee’s and the rest of the Dolphin coaching staff’s opinions.

  16. # jamarcusbellyfat says: March 19, 2010 2:15 PM
    Still waiting to see if Henne can be a NFL QB.
    He single handly brought our team back from several scores in the hole due to our crappy defense. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? Look at the wideouts we have? And he’s scoring. Give him and bigger wr and we could dominate.
    With that aside, hows your jamarcus partyboy doing?

  17. @jcjets: “Henne isn’t in a position to be commenting on other QBs. He played well this year, but STFU until you establish yourself a little.”
    But you’re in a position to be commenting on QBs?

  18. I am not a Florida fan but so many people are dumping on Tebow that I hope the kid proves them wrong and succeeds. If he does fail, he can never say he did not try!

  19. I’m not Dolphins fan, but I hope Henne has a monster year to shut you fools up. Not one of you guys could even catch a pass he threw at you in the numbers. We’re running out of room in our world for hypocrites. Henne is right, Tebow right now is no NFL QB. And for all you haters that say Henne is not, I believe he’s the starting Dolphins QB, making him an NFL QB by far.

  20. The problem is that the radio station/program was being interviewed on really sucks. Right after they ask this loaded question that he answers very briefly, they immediately cut to commercial with no chance for the kid to clarify his statement. In listening to the interview, he’s not really saying that he CAN’T become an NFL QB, just that he’s not one right now. I don’t think anyone would argue with that sentiment.
    And in terms of “backtracking” on his comment, he’s really not. He’s mostly just trying to say that this was/were/are his thoughts, not those of Dolphins coaches, etc.
    I know its a slow news time guys, but seriously???

  21. Dear Chad:
    Part of being a man (though true our country has turned effeminate in many ways, far more so than other countries) is to “man-up” to your mistakes or affronts to others.
    You are a QB and a supposed leader of a team. When you start using phrases such as, “”I didn’t really say he wasn’t wasn’t able to be one”, it sounds like, ” I really wasn’t that drunk”, or “I really didn’t hit her, I just sort of shoved her real hard over the car”, or “I really didn’t mean to steal that, I just forgot to pay the clerk because I wasn’t paying attention”.
    See Chad, it just makes you look like more of an aXXhole because your are NOT a standup guy. You are pathetic. Your team will always look down on you for your lack of spine. Just be a man Chad, be a man. Yes, I am calling you wuss. You are not half the man Tebow is no matter who can throw better.

  22. Is Henne really an NFL quarterback, O yeah he plays for the crappy ass Dolphins, Chad Henne is a Clown.

  23. not excusing the comment,but one thing i do know is that comment was taken from an interview with anita marks,when she was in baltimore[brief stint],she did stuff like this all the time,goating people into saying controversial stuff,she is always looking for ways to better her career by miquating and baiting people in her interviews,not saying he didnt say what he said just without listening to the whole entire interview and with knowing how ms. marks is,i think i will go ahead and give henne a mulligan on this one,,,so glad she isnt still in baltimore muckin up the radio up here anymore

  24. The bigger point to this story whether he said/meant to what was said about Tebow is that the Tuna had something to say to Henne after his first comment to keep his mouth shut.

  25. He was asked about Tebow and when he said he wasn’t an NFL QB, they ended the interview not allowing him to explain his remark. It was like they got a sound bite and were happy with it. Lame.

  26. He jetboi, maybe you can take Tebow and replace Suckchez, anybody is an improvement over Mark.

  27. “O yeah he plays for the crappy ass Dolphins”
    yo jetboy, those “crappy ass Dolphins” gave your Jets a good spankin’ twice last year, and then all your players/coaches/fans did nothing but cry about it. So… STFU!
    steeelfann, are you really questioning the morals and actions of another quarterback??? Are you up on a little cloud handing down life lessons?? Your precious QB is a rapist twice over. I wouldn’t talk if I was you

  28. @ hogue34
    1/2 the losers that post on this site are angry “Al Bundy” types that hate their pathetic lives… they hate everything about everyone, and bash any potential rising star, or slightly fading star, becasue they themselves are angry at the fact that they never went any further than rushing for 4 TD’s in a single HS game.

  29. Hey Jetboy, maybe your team will be able to beat Henne and the Dolphins someday. There’s always hope.

  30. d3murf says:
    March 19, 2010 2:32 PM
    He’s salty because Florida got in Michigan’s ass in a bowl game a few yrs back!!!
    That’s correct. The Capital One Bowl. 01Jan08.
    Florida-35 Michigan-41.

  31. finsbooyah
    2 wins I’ll give you that, but AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME BITCH, I hope we open up against your sorry ass team in New York this year, Ted Ginn that POS hasn’t done a dam thing except grow concrete hands, and get lucky on a couple of touchdown returns against us. What have your dolphins done to get better, your team sucks, your stadium sucks, SUN LIFE ALL PAINTED RAINBOW COLORS, believe me SANCHEZ is going to be a thorn in your ass’s for awhile.

  32. tre_fizzle says:
    March 19, 2010 2:14 PM
    Anyone else ever notice that Henne looks like Will Ferrell with his helmet on? Anyways, what were we talking about again?

  33. we gonna start again 1st game of the season I believe we open up against your sorry ass’s, Henne and the Dolphins aren’t gaining over 100 yards on offense this year against us, run rickey run, Ronnie the brown eye wildcat whooooooooo were comin for you suckers this year.

  34. Steelfan Big Ben knows all about being a man! Go hide your head in shame. Henne made a direct response and an honest one at that. Tebow has and is working on his skill set, but at this point he is not ready to start in the NFL. Big Ben won’t be starting from prison either.

  35. Ted Ginn is weak in the NFL, except when he plays an all womens team like the NY Jokes. If the Colts hadn’t laid down you would have never seen the playoffs, and you wont again. On a positive note Krispy Kreme stock has plumeted since Coach Ryan had his gastric banding.

  36. I don’t follow the Dolphins closely, but remember after Pennington got hurt (was it game 3?) that Henne became the starter before they thought he was totally ready. In the few games I was able to watch him play in, I remember being impressed with his poise and his arm strength. I think he’ll end up being a very good NFL quarterback. As for the “remarks” about Tebow, yeah, he probably should have said, um, less. But comeon, give him a break! So many haters here today!

  37. ha lmao can’t wait, our DEFENSE is going to slaughter your weak ass’s, you guys did a hell of a job this off-season, worked on that receiver problem I see, O you guys signed a great offensive lineman with a temper of a school boy I almost forgot, draft is coming though I’m sure there’s another Pat White out there.

  38. jetboy, I think you’re forgetting when Henne hit Ginn on a 50+ yarder over the your Almighty Revis on Monday night football… Yea Ginn sucks, but Henne is no pushover… I hope we open against you too, and set the tone for the rest of the season. Good luck finding teams to lay down for again next season

  39. Soprano will take over for Rex, he looks like a good little fat Italiano boy, Krispy Kreme’s, Ravioli’s, Pasta, and a nice cheese cake for dessert. Moma mia…

  40. Lesson 1 – If you are interviewed, dont answer questions that are not related to you or your situation.
    Lesbson 2 – Wait till you have accomplished something until you start to judge others.
    Lesson 3 – If the GM of your team is friends with the agent of a kid who is beloved by everyone, best to not make negative comments.
    Lesson 4 – If you are doing a radio show because the main host is out on sick leave, ask pertinent questions of your guest. Better question would have been “coming from that type of system, how tough of an adjustment is it going to be for Tebow”
    Lesson 5 – If you are doing a radio show and ask a question of a guest that should not be asked, and the guy makes the mistake of answering it in a way that gets him in trouble, give him every opportunity to get out of the mess you got him into.
    Lesson 6 – If you put your foot in your mouth, be man enough to admit it and apologize. Congrats Henne for doing so.
    I am a huge Dolphin fan and believe Henne will be a great QB for us, and this was a very good lesson for him to learn about public speaking. By the way, I honestly do believe the Dolphins have an interest in Tebow if he can drop to the right spot for them (round 3) which I doubt will happen.

  41. i like fat people who talk about sports, most of you are fat and out od shape and never played a sport in your life, and pee wee football dosent count.

  42. This was more damaging than if he would have left it alone. For once, can somebody stick to their guns? NOBODY believes this fluffed up trash.

  43. @raidersteve413 – I am a huge ‘roid freak. I hope that means I can comment at will. Of course I can! Anybody says I can’t, I’ll snap in half like a Slim Jim.
    Jetboy – go pound it. I am probably the only Fins fan who actually likes Rex Ryan. I think he’s a hell of a motivator, a good coach and he’s funny – and now he won’t be fat anymore (where’s the fun in that?). As much as I like Sparano as HC, I’d rather have had Rex – no indecisiveness with him. lenty of bluster and I think his rose colored glasses are super groovy. All that said, I am looking forward to my Fins flattening that gangrenous pus you call a football team. Again.

  44. Wonder what finbooyah and jetboy do for a living? Both are leaving for work at 5PM.
    There goes the entertainment and mindless banter.

  45. left out from the Miami Herald … same article:
    “Henne claimed WQAM, where he made the original Tebow remark, cut him off before he could explain his comment. He said he would have liked the opportunity to add that Tebow is working on what he needs to and he liked what he saw.”

  46. Don’t backtrack now. You were dead on accurate.
    He can’t throw, He won’t be able to run as a QB, and he ran an offense that is never run in the NFL
    He won’t succeed at the NFL level. If he wasn’t this religious freak, most in the media wouldn’t be sucking him at all possible points

  47. And What the hell does Chad Henne know about being an NFL Qb , Tebow will be fine ,Dolphins SUCK

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