Four hours to go

Things figure to get fairly interesting Friday night as the auction for Baby Mason is in the home stretch.

Already, someone has placed a $1,000 bid on the Super Bowl XLIII football signed by Steelers coach Mike Tomlin.  And the 12-person suite to the Lions game has moved to $2,500.

If there’s something you want, don’t wait until the last minute to try to swoop in and get it.  Get in there and start bidding now.

And we recommend that you settle in for the night and monitor the progress while consuming copious amounts of your favorite legal beverage(s).

3 responses to “Four hours to go

  1. Hell Florio, i truly admire everything you are doing here, and i think most people who if put in the same position wish they could do the same..As a man who feels blessed my 5 kids never had any serious illnesses, i have no desire to buy some overpaid players autograph,for a price more than my mortgage, but i would surely donate money to a fund set up in his or his parents name, paypal or whatever…At the end of the day, even if they donate a dollar, it is the humanity aspect, I for one would feel great if it kept the little man smiling….Just provide the link, you’ll be amazed……..

  2. Isn’t it illegal to auction a baby? Oh, sorry, it’s not an action FOR a baby….it’s an auction to BENEFIT a baby. Seriously, I’m with TryTheVeal….I’d like to donate somehow, somewhere.

  3. Can I get the John Abraham 55 jersey in white instead? Also a few sizes smaller?? Can you throw in (get it, get it?!) (wink,wink) the Matt Ryan football as a bonus???

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