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Players told little about McCloughan's exit

49ers players don’t know what is going on in their front office either.

Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports that players in town for offseason conditioning were simply told that “things were moved out of [G.M. Scot] McCloughan’s office.”

It’s uncertain if the 49ers will eventually term the parting of ways as mutual or if they are “building a case to fire” McCloughan, according Maiocco.  Officially, McCloughan remains employed.

It’s also unclear who will run the front office, but it’s hard not to see Mike Singletary gaining power in the organization. 

The York family sold their fans on stability and a power structure with McCloughan and Singletary as equal forces not so long ago.  Things looked headed in the right direction for the first time since Steve Mariucci, yet they have descended into disarray once again. 

One name we haven’t heard mentioned much is 49ers director of college scouting, David McCloughan — Scot’s brother.

His presence in such a prominent position is awkward at best and seemingly untenable long-term.

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14 Responses to “Players told little about McCloughan's exit”
  1. BrooklynNiner19 says: Mar 19, 2010 10:24 AM

    im shocked!! If Singletary is selecting draft picks, the niners will have 2 Oline in the first roound. So Singletary can finally implement his “run heavy theory”.

  2. ampats says: Mar 19, 2010 10:27 AM

    Come on Mike. Do what made this website. Give us a rumor on why McCloughan is out.
    Something tells me there is more to this story. Lets see how good your sources are.

  3. Brown Julius says: Mar 19, 2010 10:36 AM

    Welcome 49ers fans to being the east coast Jacksonville Jaguars, but at least you still sell tickets, for now.

  4. po knows football says: Mar 19, 2010 10:52 AM

    people on some 49ers boards have snooped around and found that McCloughan is in the middle of a divorce and custody battle for his kids.. so there’s your angle. personally.. i think there’s more to it than that.. such as maybe an in house affair which was the cause of the divorce or something along those lines.

  5. TexansMike says: Mar 19, 2010 10:57 AM

    They will fire him after the draft. If they do it now, he can tell secrets.

  6. broncosteviep says: Mar 19, 2010 11:01 AM

    Does he drink or something?

  7. StevieMo says: Mar 19, 2010 11:28 AM

    McCloughan was obviously banging Denise DeBartolo York.

  8. OrbeaRider66 says: Mar 19, 2010 12:18 PM

    StevieMo … have you SEEN DDY? I think it would be more likely that he was banging (or getting banged by) John York.

  9. painday says: Mar 19, 2010 12:34 PM

    He is in the middle of a divorce…hate to scoop you Florio. But the fact he only has hit on 1 of 4 o lineman in the draft. They are all top 3 rd picks. He drafted Adam Snyder…and we are trying to replace him. I hope he is gone. Not to mention he picked Alex Smith, and insists on going to next season with him as the starting qb. Dumbass

  10. RaiderhateR4Life says: Mar 19, 2010 2:29 PM

    Painday- if you are going to mention his bad picks why not balance it with some good/great ones? He also drafted Joe Staley, Vernon Davis, Pat Willis (who singletary originally didn’t want but mccloughan talked him into it), Mike Crabtree (actually I won’t count him, he was more like a gift from Al Davis), and Frank Gore. I’m not saying McCloughan is great by any means, but he has put a lot of talent in SF and with two more 1st Rd draft picks he could have put them over the hump. Guess we will never know.

  11. Kevin from Philly says: Mar 19, 2010 2:34 PM

    They should just get Singletary to stare at him until he gets scared and leaves.

  12. SFrancis1680 says: Mar 19, 2010 3:57 PM

    you don’t need the head coach to be gaining power in this situation,…last time the yorks gave a head coach that kind of authority it was mike nolan…how did that work out? the yorks couldn’t have forseen this a couple months ago, when mike holmgren was looking for a job?

  13. NinerSean says: Mar 19, 2010 7:11 PM

    Orbea, good job, man you made me crack up with that one … and Niners fans need to laugh right now. I have seen more organization in a monkey crap fight in recent years, but I think they are a lot better now. They aren’t talking because they are being told by their lawyers not to until an investigation is completed and they determine whether to try to fire with or without cause … and also to keep him from blabbing draft secrets which he cannot do right now or he will be sued into the stone age … come on lawyer boy Florio, right about that one!

  14. Laffing Stock says: Mar 20, 2010 1:50 AM

    This team is an absolute joke. I’ve absolutely lost any feeling I had for them years ago. Great take on everything going on here:

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