Cardinals wanted Wimbley before Porter signing

The Cardinals may have slow-played the Joey Porter signing because they had other options in mind.

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer reports the Cardinals were one of the teams interested in acquiring outside linebacker Kamerion Wimbley from the Browns.  They were hesitant to do so because Wimbley had only one year left on his contract.

Wimbley wound up going to the Raiders for a third-round pick.  It appears the Cardinals didn’t want a trade without a long-term deal in place, which they were unable to complete.

The acquisition of Porter, meanwhile, remains questionable

The key will be his first year compensation.  Sure, he can earn a “maximum” of $24.5 million over three years. But we didn’t hear anything about guaranteed money, so it’s quite possible Porter will be fighting an uphill battle just to see the second year of the contract.

14 responses to “Cardinals wanted Wimbley before Porter signing

  1. Well Mr. Rosenthal, I guess we should stick a fork in Peezy because from your article he’s done already? I hope Joey Porter has a great year!

  2. Too bad they could not package KW and DW TOGETHER for another sixth round pick. lol They were lucky the raiders gave them a 3rd pick. MAYBE we can trade them Jake Delhomme when Jamarcus Russell bombs out. They have 2 of our former qb’s already.

  3. We got him so that he reminds us that it’s more exciting to watch Wimbledon than our team!!

  4. Even Browns players now don’t want to go to the Cardinals. It’s the only place to go down from Cleveland.

  5. Let Dansby leave and sign Porter
    Dansby in ONE game versus Carolina had 12 tackles
    it took Porter games against
    San Diego
    NY Jets#1
    New Orleans
    NY Jets#2
    New England
    Tampa…thats right 9 games to get 12 tackles for Porter…GOOD LUCK WITH PORTER

  6. @VaSteel
    The whitetrash, grease-stained wifebeater, overweight, filth covered Cleveland is a step up from AZ? Are you watching the same league as I am? Cleveland couldn’t even keep its team. Just lucky the league decided to give one back. Two div. titles and an NFC title in the last two years for AZ, punch-lines and embarassment for CLE No there’s no step down from Cleveland, you’re it.

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