Fisher disappointed Titans lost Crumpler

Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher isn’t happy that he no longer has tight end Alge Crumpler on his team, saying he thinks the New England Patriots acquired a great asset.

“He’s got a lot left,” Fisher told Albert Breer of the Boston Globe. “He’s a terrific person, a great team guy and he’s got a lot of plays left. I was disappointed we weren’t able to keep him.”

So why didn’t the Titans keep Crumpler, who started 29 games in his two seasons in Tennessee? Fisher suggests that it’s a matter of getting younger, although money — especially the fact that they’re paying another tight end, Bo Scaife, almost $5 million in 2010 — also obviously has a lot to do with it.
Whatever the reasons, Fisher says Crumpler will be missed.

“He’s a great locker room guy,” Fisher said. “We’ve got a great young group of tight ends as well.”