Spagnuolo picks up more ex-Giants

SI’s Ross Tucker wrote a good piece a few weeks back that looked at how familiarity rules free agency, and that’s not always a good thing.

Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo is threatening to be the poster boy of the problem.

St. Louis signed cornerback Kevin Dockery and tight end Darcy Johnson Monday, according to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  Both are former Giants that weren’t tendered as restricted free agents. They will join defensive tackle Fred Robbins as ex-Giants to join the team this offseason.

Of the five unrestricted free agents to join the Rams, three are Giants rejects. What are the odds they were truly the three best options? 

Last offseason, the first unrestricted free agent Spagnuolo signed was safety James Butler, another former Giant. 

Ask any Rams fan how that one worked out.

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  1. Spags the Poster Boy?… sorry, but that distinguished title should go to Josh McDaniels as he effortlessly works to build the patriots west out in Denver

  2. I’m pretty sure most players they bring in are upgrades to their current roster. Except for the few big names, Steven Jackson, OJ Atogwe, couple others.

  3. Spagnuolo also picked up former Eagles Hank Fraley and A.J. Freeley from he and Pat Shurmur’s time there. In St. Louis we call it FoSS- Friends of Steve Spagnuolo.

  4. Yeah, i’m not sure why this is considered such a surprise. Pretty much every new Head Coach signs players away from his former team. Those are they players he’s comfortable with.

  5. A couple of points. I don’t pay much attention to the Rams but I would assume that even some teams players that have been cut might be better then what they have on the roster. Look at what Chris Chambers did for the Chiefs last year. Look at the Rams record of wins last year. Plus look at what happened with the Giants just by changing defensive coordinators.

  6. With as bad as the pass defense was last year Dockery, who would’ve been the 4th corner this year, wasn’t tendered. Nuff said. Johnson was just a back up tight end and not a good blocker.

  7. The only reason I can see him grabbing these guys up are because they know his system. But then again so did James Butler who is by far the worst safety in the league. Fred Robbins was a good pick up for them though. When healthy he can push the line with the best of them.

  8. I’m a Rams fan and I think Butler was a decent pickup for the team. He missed a few games with an injury, but overall he was not a bust FA signing in my opinion. He and Atogwe can be a good team in the middle, if they can stay healthy. Our corners got torched last year, though (partially due to no pass rush) and if Dockery can help, I’m all for it. You do remember that after Kenny Phillips went down for the G-men, their safeties were a mess, right? Maybe that’s in part because Butler wasn’t there.

  9. “Ask any Rams fan how that one worked out.”
    You also forgot to list Craig Dahl, who was on the 2007 New York Giants.
    But I do not know what you mean about what you said above. Butler was not the problem on the Rams defense.

  10. Yeah look how badly it worked for the Jets and Rex Ryan with Bart Scott and Ed Leonhard. They only stablized the defense and helped all the other players around them learn Rex’s complex schemes.

  11. Dockery can be an asset as a nickel corner, but Darcy Johnson is a blocking TE that CANNOT block, besides he cant seem to stay healthy. Robbins will be a good addition to your D line, he has a knack for being disruptive and almost every year gets his 5 sacks.

  12. he also brought in Craig Dahl, who couldn’t hang on with the Giants after he hurt his leg. he won with that one.
    Dock and Johnson aren’t very good, but they will be quality veteran depth for the Rams.

  13. Its a good thing to pick up former players for coordinators turned head coaches because they already know the scheme. Look at what Rex Ryan did. Brought in Bart Scott, Jim Leonhard, and Marques Douglas. They helped the rest of the Jets figure out Ryan’s defense and they clicked almost immediately. Spagnuolo didn’t have any slouch defense with the Giants by any means, he may just be looking for players who know his system and can help the other players adapt better. These are all players who were on the team when they won the Super Bowl and can bring their experience along with them and enlighten teammates, if nothing else.

  14. Rams are in rebuild mode from the bottom up with the priority being the draft..however we not picking 1st overall because we a couple of players away from being good..we picking 1st overall because last year we had no depth and not too many talented players to begin with..certainly not by NFL standards anyway.
    so we getting Giants and Philly back ups to be our back ups…because they reasonably priced and know our Offense and Defense systems…until we have had a few years of good drafting behind us .
    gregg did you even watch the Rams last year ..or just presume that because we went 1-15..all our players must be bad?
    every team in the NFL has some great players even us,the lions,chiefs,browns,raiders…if you get your head out of other peoples sites and stop stealing other peoples articles to actually watch games you may find that out for yourself.
    im a Rams fan and like already stated ,Butler was fine when healthy…
    we know we a bad team overall…and we know what are our weaknesses…you obviously dont!

  15. Well people said the same thing when Mike Nolan brought Aubrayo Franklin from Baltimore to SF. Now Nolan is long gone but Franklin is one of the most important players on the rosters.

  16. I love how people have studied hours of coaches tape and know for a fact James Butler was a bust. Florio, is it Butler’s fault the Rams scored 175 points? I am not saying he is Ed Reed, but to throw out comments like that ruins the crediblity you are trying to garner.
    If you heard that from some NFL coaches who study tape, then I will think it has some merit.
    There was a game last year where 30 of the 45 Rams who dressed were either undrafted, or drafted in the sixth or seventh round. The Rams are an expansion team. Of course he is going to bring in Giant castoffs, can they be any worse than the team that went out there last year?
    And you are the guy who in 2007 predicted the Rams would go to the Super Bowl. I guess you like to pile on after the fact, huh Mike?

  17. Giants let Spags sift through the trash as a thank you for 07 playoff run and the gameplan against Brady and the patsies in Glendale.

  18. Robbins is a solid pickup for SL. All I remember about Butler was him getting burned by WRs. Dockery is a decent backup. Johnson has been injured too much to know what he is capable of. I did see him make some good clutch catches though.

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