Coaches aren't happy with rule change

This much we know: The new overtime rules for the playoffs didn’t have the support among coaches that it did with ownership.

The group is even less pleased with how the rule change was voted on.  Coaches don’t have a vote, but they expected to be in the room when the vote happened.

It was originally set for Wednesday, but ownership quick-snapped the vote while coaches participated in a golf tournament Tuesday.

Jay Glazer tweets: “Coaches and execs were supposed to be in the room.
It was supposed to be done tomorrow, not today. These coaches are
beside themselves.”

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen says there is precedent for such a plan. 

This is what happened when 2-point conversion
passed; it’s an end-around with the procedure by voting this afternoon
instead of Wednesday,” Mortensen tweeted.

27 responses to “Coaches aren't happy with rule change

  1. Does this mean Andy Reid will have to explain the rule change to his QB?……The same QB who has been in the league over a decade and didn’t know how OT worked?….

  2. Oh boo hoo for the coaches. Did they forget that they’re employees and don’t make the rules?

  3. Tough titty said the kitty but the titty too tough.WA WA coaches, just SU! Owners are the reason you guys have great jobs. Ego freaks!

  4. Why are the coaches surprised? This was handled by the same loser who faked a coin-toss for which team got to open the stadium that they funded in New York/New Jersey/Whatever you want to call it.
    It’s common sense that if you are flipping a coin for something, the two sides are there to actually SEE the flip. If they were invited and refused to come, that’s different. But they weren’t even invited.
    Roger Goodell is a clown and the NFL is just one big circus anymore.

  5. What a bunch of pussies! “Oh, I am so afraid that I will make a bad decision and get second guessed.” C’mon boys (Girls?). You get paid millions, I’m sure you can handle it.

  6. What a travesty! If anybody’s concerns about “cheap FGs” should take precedence, it would be coaches. Real coaches know you should win in regulation or quit your whining. Perhaps the draft will be blacked out with only owners, Florio and King in the room and they can announce the picks and the winner of the Super Bowl at the same time with Florio and King each getting one possession to break any ties in the voting.

  7. of course they are…the strategy just changed on them..skills like clock managment & simple math will be needed
    it was great watching coaches the first year of the 2point conversion…their little chart to tell them when to go for it..watching Bobby Ross keep going for 2 the when the score was 17-6…& doing it 2 or 3 times later..
    ownership did the right thing…send the coaches golfing & everyone meet at the bar later

  8. Of course the coaches don’t like the new rule and owners do. Coaches are on the field and understand increasing injuries is bad. Owners and other paper pushers, like Florio, don’t understand this concept.
    If they pass this rule for the regular season it will not only create more injuries, it will cause more tie games. Just what we need, more injuries and tie games.

  9. It’s about time! Great rule change! it needs to be extended to the regular season
    To Smitty Gill:
    Since this rule change is just as great as his health care plan (I assume you don’t like that either), I would imagine that he WAS behind it. It’s really too bad that your candidate was simply not able to persuade the American people that he could do a better job than the man who was rather overwhelmingly chosen by our people. Better luck next time……

  10. TryTheVeal – are you still on about McNabb and his knowledge of the OT process? Dude seriously get a life!

  11. The coaches work for the owners, if the coaches are afraid they have to make another decision for the millions of bucks they make, too bad. I know Chilly did not want it because he will be to busy counting players in the huddle.

  12. Actually SheHate the American people were overwhelmingly against it as every single poll from every single outlet showed, so your boy didn’t persuade anyone, in fact the opposite, as time went on he had more and more public opposition. Hell it took backroom deals and twisting of his own party member’s arms to get it passed when they had a freakin Super Majority and didn’t need a single Republican vote. They passed it by the skin of their teeth and had to water down what BO and Co originally wanted in order to do it.
    But hey why let facts get in the way of a good fantasy take?

  13. Coaches generally don’t like anything that requires more strategy from them. It’s one more thing for fans and media to jump on them about if they make a “wrong” decision.

  14. Yeah this is pretty simple:
    1. Coaches are ego maniacs and always feel that they should be consulted about everything.
    2. The owners know that coaches will always try thier luck with this rule. If they lose the game they can blame it on the fact that they lost the coin flip.
    The coaches, for the most part, need to shut up and realize that they just need to coach.

  15. Coaches just need to deal with it.
    It is installed for next post-season so their teams need to be ready for it one way or the other

  16. And on the 7th day, God created football. And those who played it and those who watched it looked upon it and saw that it was good
    But then the pea-brains that run the league decided they could make more money if they inflated the scores, so they tinkered with the holding and pass interference rules such that a no one knows what is a penalty anymore.
    But so great was the game that its popularity was undiminished.
    And then the same dimwits passed more new profane rules that trampled the spirit of the game. They turned the QB into a virtually untouchable prima dona position, added the incomprehensible and pointless tuck rule and managed to define a catch in such a way that makes no sense to anyone without a law degree and a partial lobotomy.
    And while the fans and those who played the game lamented the injustices imposed upon football, idiots like Florio cheered as the owners continue to ravage the game with more stupid rule changes.
    The more stupid rules like this you add to the game, the less like football it becomes. College OT is an abomination. It is about as much like football as the 40 yard dash is. It is true that this is not the college system – yet. But every tule change takes us closer to the point where the conduct of the game (if not the outcome) is decided by the decisions of the rules committee as much as by the performance of the players.

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