Rashad Jenty to return to Bengals

Linebacker Rashad Jeanty will sign his one year tender with the Bengals after visiting the Dolphins last week, according to his agent David Canter.

The restricted free agent was “flattered by all of the teams that showed interest.”  It’s unclear if Jeanty got a solid contract offer from the Dolphins.

The fifth-year veteran should be a reserve for Cincinnati’s deep linebacker group, able to substitute in at multiple spots if necessary.

18 responses to “Rashad Jenty to return to Bengals

  1. Good LB,just a little injury prone,look for the Bengals to draft atleast two LB’s in the draft

  2. Right on Rashad! Good guy to keep Cincy… tougher than nails, good head on his shoulders. The right kind of guy to be a back up, fill-in starter. Miami lost out – and if I’m not mistaken, he’s from Miami… so Cincy must really have what he’s lookin for.

  3. I’ll fearlessly predict the Bengals will draft exactly zero linebackers with their first 6 picks. Zero. Unless they know more about Rey-Rey’s drinking problems than the rest of us.
    We’ll get a guard, DE, safety, wr or two and RB with the first 6 picks, not in that order of course.

  4. “The restricted free agent was “flattered by all of the teams that showed interest.”
    All ONE of them.

  5. BAM! Good pick up. Shows more about what the Bengals org is doing to win than anything else imo. Good culture inside the locker room and I hope this draft shapes up to be one of the best!

  6. This is how I think the Bengals should draft this year.
    1. Earl Thomas, S, Texas or Taylor Mays, S, USC
    2. Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech
    3. Brandon Spikes, ILB, Florida
    3. Greg Hardy DE, Old Miss
    4. Javier Arenas, CB/KR, Alabama
    4. Jimmy Graham, TE, Miami
    5. Brandon Carter, G, Texas Tech
    6. Aaron Pettrey, K, Ohio State
    7. Travis Ivey, DT, Maryland
    This would be a perfect draft!!!!!

  7. i used to watch rashad when he played for the edmonton eskimos in the cfl, good guy to have around

  8. It seems that Mike Brown is becoming a better owner. He’s definitely not the best in the league, but he’s better than he was ten years ago. You gotta give the guy some credit; he’s built a pretty good team.

  9. @PrimalBengal, There is no way the Bengals draft two LB’s. We are deeper at LB than any other position on our team by far. I would be surprised if we even take one and there is no way we would before the 4th round unless a steal falls into our laps.

  10. Am I the only one who is tired a Florio. You are the biggest D!$K in the world. The Vikings L O S T! On a field goal, in overtime. All you have done is whined you whine head about the overtime rule. The Saints beat them period. Your team would have only fumbled or thrown an interception even if they would have gotten the ball at least once in OT. SHUT UP ABOUT IT.

  11. @ Laxer
    Makes sense that the Browns, Steelers and Ravens would like this move, seeing as they were swept by the Bengals with Jeanty on the team.
    For the record, I enjoyed your comments regarding BlueEyeDevils.

  12. The Bengals need at least one more LB, unless Rey stays on the outside again this year.
    Benalgsfan: I don’t think the Bengals go WR in the second round. They have to improve their OL at the guard spot before anything else. What is the point of stacking the WR spot, if Palmer gets rushed from the middle of the pocket and has no time? Palmer needs a dominate line in front of him (something he has not had since 2006). I see them going S or OG with their first two picks.
    Other than that the rest would be welcome.

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