Reason for accelerated overtime vote still isn't clear

The 32 teams were scheduled to take up the matter of expanding overtime in the postseason on Wednesday.  Then, out of the blue on Tuesday afternoon, word came that the vote had been taken, and that the measure had passed.

So what happened?

Said Colts president Bill Polian, one of the eight members of the Competition Committee, during a Tuesday afternoon press conference when asked about the change in the day of the vote, “That is above my pay grade.  I do what I am told.”

Giants co-owner John Mara offered more detail, albeit in jest.  “I think the feeling was, ‘Let’s get the vote done
now before the coaches and everybody else can come in here and screw it
,'” Mara said, per Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Regardless of the reason, there had to be one.  And it had to have been a good one.

But while the coaches reportedly are upset, they should consider Polian’s appoint.  This is a matter that falls above their pay grade, and their best bet at this point would be to do what they’re told.

33 responses to “Reason for accelerated overtime vote still isn't clear

  1. Just like the coin flip without the Giants and Jets(or anyone else) being present. They just wanted to make sure the outcome was what THEY wanted!

  2. It’s a conspiracy dude and I hope you’ll devote at least 10 more bits on why it’s so in the next couple of days. You need to use the entire breadth of your excellent lawyering skills to inform an ignorant public.
    The rush on this is a true tragedy.

  3. This date March 23 in rotten history
    Mar 23 1997 Heaven’s gate suicides leave 39 dead, all wearing NIKE shoes.
    Mar 23 2010 NFL brainless money-grabbing owners change PLAYOFF and SUPER BOWL Overtime rules – proving again that inbreeding does NOT work!

  4. yeah right! son of mara who only got where he is because his daddy slept with his mommy knows more than nfl coaches who “would screw it up”.

  5. I think they wanted to make sure Florio and Peter King would have time to consummate their marriage.

  6. WarrenMoonGOAT summed it up best!!!!!!!!
    Sad if you approve of the result you are all for holding the vote a day early………. This is a league conspiracy theory moment I expected a post with the similar emotion displayed over the superbowl sound byte of manning and wayne being deleted…..My two cents this new overtime system sucks!!!!! Can someone please post the % of teams that won on the FIRST POSSESION OF OVERTIME thanks??????

  7. Al Davis-“Like I said before… the players the players you got and ill take care of everything else, boy.”

  8. That’s just how they roll. Everything is done in secret behind closed doors.
    Why won’t they open up their books to the NFLPA? Because they want to pretend they’re going broke and hide the reality of their jaw dropping profits.

  9. “That is above my pay grade. I do what I am told.”
    proof that Bill Polian no longer has his juevos

  10. I think the owners are trying to show the union who wears the pants. I am glad for the rule change but I think that this doesn’t bode well for the labor relations.
    The statement to the union is clear, “we can do what we want, when we want and there is nothing you can do about it”.

  11. It’s a sickening feeling thinking that the Super Bowl won’t be the same OT. I feel that the Super Bowl should have been left alone.

  12. “Not clear”?
    It couldn’t be any clearer. The owners want it because it should lengthen overtime, which will lead to more commercials, which will lead to more revenue, and they don’t care about the coaches’ [smarter] football opinions, so they passed it as fast as they could. What’s to be confused about??

  13. Above there pay grade yes but above there area of expertise no, wat does some guy who’s owns a billion dollar company and then Decides to buy a team know about coaching / playing in overtime in a NFL game? Your gonna make a signifigant change to a game that u watch from a suite without consulting with the man u pay millions of dollars to handle such situations down on the feild?!? That has to be the dumbest thing in the history of the world.

  14. I think it was pretty simple really…….the NFL doesn’t want to risk a cluster -uck in a SB like what happened in the NFC championship game. Obviously the players are against it cuz it requires them to perhaps play a few minutes longer without additional salary (oh boy!) and the coaches don’t like it becuz it mite risk an injury to one of their players (like a hangnail that keeps the player out for a month!!) but thank god that the commish, rules committee and 28 other owners were able to see the folly of the current OT rule in the nfc championship game and weren’t gonna risk it happening in a SB unlike the redneck posters who simply don’t like change.

  15. What are you talking about?
    There’s never been a Super Bowl that went into overtime (thank god!), and thus no tradition and nothing to get sentimental about.

  16. There’s nothing honorable about a cop out. That should tell you a lot. And sure the new rule may be better, but it’s stupid to pick better when perfect is available. Other sports understand this, why is it so hard for the NFL to grok?

  17. It was Cigarette Smoking Man (play X-files music). After all he fixed it so the Bills never won the Superbowl, right?

  18. “That is above my pay grade” has become the most overused phrase in the US.
    Stick a fork in it and think up some new idiotic phrase.

  19. “But while the coaches reportedly are upset, they should consider Polian’s appoint. This is a matter that falls above their pay grade, and their best bet at this point would be to do what they’re told.”
    Well Mr. Florio that has a rather threatening and ominous tone to it! One should not argue with Bill Polian lest their respective careers be in jeopardy? Can the egos get any larger?

  20. Obama and the Competition Committee did a back door deal so they can be invited to his 4th wing kick off party in September!! Biden then got involved but seceretly said f… this because he wasn’t invited! Of course now the NFL is scheduled to have a name change to the DFL (democratic football league).

  21. what about the fans? all you a-holes are always saying we never get to get a say in things. how can you not like the change? its more football! i love it. congrats mikey.

  22. Too bad Obama didn’t know changing the constitution was above his paygrade. Elections have consequences.

  23. This is another “chip” for the owners. It will be used in the CBA negotiations as a “give back” to the players. And it cost the owners nothing, except all this debate by fans in the off season. Oh, that’s another win for the owners!

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