Irsay on Tom Moore: "I think this could be his last year"

Colts owner Jim Irsay took a break from touring with his Bob Seger cover band to speak with the Indianapolis Star and had some interesting things to say on coach Tom Moore.

The long-time offensive coordinator was recently named senior offensive assistant, with Clyde Christensen taking over Moore’s old gig as play-caller.

Moore will make significant contributions, “But this is Clyde’s time to step up and have much more involvement with
the offense,” he said. “Clyde will have the biggest voice running the

On Moore’s future: “It’s really year-to-year,” Irsay said, “but I think this could be his
last year.”

Offfensive line coach Howard Mudd has retired and the team is already making significant changes to their approach on the line. It will be interesting to see how Christensen tweaks the rest of the offense, if at all.

10 responses to “Irsay on Tom Moore: "I think this could be his last year"

  1. Irsay talked to the Star? Wow. He and that dope Polian are famous for not talking to the local rag, instead preferring some national outlet.

  2. Here’s your hat; what’s your hurry; don’t let the screen door hit you on tookus on the way out; don’t call us; we’ll call you; it’s been fun.

  3. Oooohhhhhh my God!!!!!!! You’d think one of those two boy toys Irsay brought back from rehab would have pulled him off the stage. Wasn’t that the reason for adopting those two sycophants? I guess you put enough blow up the old proboscis you start to believe you really are Bob Seger. How about his buddy Melloncamp standing next to him laughing at him? Some friends.

  4. Clyde is a leftover from one of the most depressing seasons of the Bucs. Is he really good enough to lead Manning and the colts? I doubt it, unless of course he lets Peyton talk dirty to him, oh thats some one else

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