Rams talk contract with Bradford, Suh, McCoy, Clausen

The only team that’s allowed to begin contract negotiations with draft prospects before the draft is the team that has the first overall pick. The St. Louis Rams are taking advantage of that.

Rams Executive VP of Football Operations Kevin Demoff said he has had discussions with the agents for Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford, Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, Oklahoma defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen.

“All the people who are in the discussion [for No. 1 overall], we’ve talked to their agents,” Demoff told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “We’re really just comparing notes. Also, it may take some time, so we figured we’d get a head start.”

Talking to multiple players could give the Rams some negotiating leverage in attempting to get their top choice to agree to a team-friendly contract before the draft, but Demoff said that’s not what these discussions are about.

“It’s not a thing about playing them off against one another,” Demoff said. “I don’t really believe that that works. It’s a complicated deal. It’s got a lot of moving parts. You’re just getting the sense for which parts are important for which people. So if you get down that path . . . you’ve already done a lot of the legwork.”

Even though they’re already talking to agents four weeks before the draft, the Rams won’t necessarily get a deal done before NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announces their pick, as the Lions did with Matthew Stafford in 2009 and the Dolphins did with Jake Long in 2008.

“The goal is to get the right deal for the right player that you want to draft,” Demoff said. “If that happens before the draft, great. If it doesn’t happen before the draft, then we’ll spend May, June and July working on it.”

30 responses to “Rams talk contract with Bradford, Suh, McCoy, Clausen

  1. Hopefully, they’re pricing Clausen for pick 33 money, because he’s not even a 1st round talent.

  2. It’s annoying that they get to do that. It’s more exciting to watch the draft if you’re not sure who the no. 1 guy will be..

  3. Clausen is who the First Pick should be…Bradford is going to be a Bust.
    Clausen had a worst team, HORRIBLE O-Line and and two playmakers on the Team (Tate/Floyd) and if anything Clausen made Tate look good, not the other way around.
    In 2008 OK was a Machine. They one of the Best O-lines in CFB, and a ton of Playmakers.
    If I had to start a team today, I would happily take Clausen.

  4. If they are even talking to Clausens agent I gotta think they are going with a quaterback. Its Bradford all day.

  5. 1) By the end of this week… the Eagles will trade McNabb to St Louis for their 2nd round pick (1st overall in the 2nd round)
    2) The Skins will trade 1st round draft picks with St Louis moving up to the #1 Pick trading their 4th overall pick and a 5th round pick, and select Sam Bradford QB.
    3) The Skins will trade Sam Bradford to Da’ Bears for Jay Cutler.
    4) Da Bears will worry about signing Bradford to a contract. Cutler already has a contract.
    Shanahan will be a happy guy to get his cutler back!

  6. Hopefully this will be the last draft where signability is even and issue and they will be in an NBA style scale in the new CBA.

  7. Maybe they’re starting early because they want to weigh their options with McNabb. That would shift their first overall pick to Suh or McCoy and if they see either player being cheaper with more upside than either of the QB prospects- the McNabb trade may make sense. I’m just saying…

  8. @BruceLeroy
    I couldn’t agree more. Clausen put up great numbers with a terrible offensive line. He was a 3 year starter in a pro style offense while being coached by a well respected NFL coordinator and QB coach. If he had even an average defense his team would have won a lot more games but even in games where he brought his team back from big deficits, his defense couldn’t keep the other team from scoring late.

  9. jermely says: “It’s annoying that they get to do that. It’s more exciting to watch the draft if you’re not sure who the no. 1 guy will be..”
    The only annoying part is if they take more than two seconds to announce the pick when the deal is done before the draft. they should be standing at the podium with Goodell when he announces they are on the clock and be done with it.

  10. Dear Al Davis,
    Please note that everyone outside of your organization tries to get the first pick signed before the draft. Hope that you take this into consideration the next time you have that honor. 🙂

  11. The Rams are looking good, now all the need is Sirhan -Sirhan to buy the team and all is well.

  12. The Rams have almost no shot at getting anyone signed before the draft. How can they guarantee $50 million of someone else’s money? The current majority owners (the Rosenblooms) can’t sign off on a deal to spend the new owner’s money, and the new owner (presumably Khan) can’t sign off on a deal until he gets league approval to buy the team. It’s going to be interesting if Khan doesn’t get approved in May and then the Rams can’t sign the #1 pick to get in camp for OTAs. This could end up being a big mess. (I hope not…)

  13. BruceLeroy and BroncoBourque are absolutley right… Clausen is the better QB and should be the Rams pick…
    RuggSkins, I don’t even know where do begin, but you are delusional…
    -McNabb will NOT be going to St. Louis, they don’t want him
    -There is NO WAY the Rams will trade the 1st pick in the draft for the 4th overall and a 5th round pick. They would need a hell of alot more than that
    -The Bears gave away their future for Cutler, there is a better chance of Unitas coming out of retirement than there is of the Bears trading Cutler after just one year

  14. They would be a fool if they think the highest value in this years draft is at Quarterback. If they are going to draft a QB, they better drop back. I know that they need a face to this franchise, I know that QB is a huge hole for them, but if you can’t protect the QB, how are is he going to succeed? Praying that one of the tackles falls to their 33rd pick would be a mistake, and they can’t afford to trade up for another first rounder, with the holes they have.
    1. Bring McNabb in for a 3rd rounder, or next years second rounder (This draft is so deep).
    2. Trade back from the #1 overall, and grab some extra picks. Select a tackle in the first round.

  15. Remember Russell Maryland, Mario Williams?—–Find a good OT(Barron sucks) or DT to work with Chris Long schematically–and pay him a $35M guarantee on a six year deal—Jared Odrick may be better than the other 2 (a la Dorsey and Sedrick Ellis) and Bulaga or Okung may jump at the chance to get more than they deserve. PLEASE dont pay a fragile QB or “steady DT” $45M guarantee—Demoff and Devaney too smart for that! Think Adrian Petersen woulda taken $27M from Raiders instead of $17M from Vikings at 7? Sanchez got $20M less than Stafford 3 picks later…not that disparity in value!

  16. Come on Rams, dig your heels in there and offer them a low base salary, high incentive contract with noting guaranteed – If the player’s agents balk and they don’t sign, then they are looking at a year off without football, re-entering the draft, and probably looking at a rookie slotted salary cap.
    Take it or leave it, the Rams have all the leverage in the world to get the #1 pick at a decent contract. It’s theirs to blow…

  17. What do you think a Washed Up Mcnabb is going to do for STL besides sell a few more tickets???
    Guys, get this BS Mcnabb to STL out of your heads…If Devany pulls the trigger on that deal, The current STL staff will be fired SO FAST they will think they worked for the Detroit Lions.
    Seriously, its not happening.
    Bronco, Fins, You are right.
    I hope STL does sign Bradford so that my Lions trade the #2 pick.

  18. # Dogsweat says: March 25, 2010 4:27 PM
    The Rams are looking good, now all the need is Sirhan -Sirhan to buy the team and all is well.
    Sirhan-Sirhan?? LMAO! I don’t think that RFK thought that was humorous, but I did… hey that guys is “supposed” to be a respected business man. He’s probably the first guy from Champaign-Urbana that owns more than a grain silo.
    First rd pick: Suh, trade for McNabb with top 2nd rd and draft Dan LeFevour with the 3rd rd selection… And this year da Rams will still make the Lions/Raiders look like the ’67 Packers.

  19. I believe the move is clever on the Rams part. The Rams can get a sense of the agents that represent the players. In other words, which player can they get under contract and into camp. They don’t want to go through what San Francisco went through last year. No team does.

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