Spikes won't run again

B. Spikes.jpgLast week, I noted that Florida prospect Brandon Spikes will be a test case for the importance of forty times.

After a disappointing time at his pro day, there was speculation the prospective 3-4 inside linebacker could run again at Florida’s second pro day, scheduled for April 7.

According to a league source, however, Spikes will not run again. 

Spikes has received some positive notice of late for his leadership skills at Florida, but he won’t change perceptions about his lack of speed.  Hopefully, that doesn’t make Urban Meyer think I’m a bad guy.

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  1. if i were him i wouldnt run again either. him and rolando mcClain were (imo) the best linebackers this past year, and spikes has been one of the best overall linebackers in college for about 3 years straight. i’ll take him on my Eagles any day of the week.

  2. Urban Meyer probably thinks you are a bad guy for pointing out the obvious about Tim “Blessed, God Bless, Blessed, Blessed, Blessed, Blessed, Blessed, God Bless, Blessed, Blessed, Blessed” Tebow, not because you think Spikes isnt the fastest linebacker….

  3. I can see why he wouldn’t want to run again, the guy isn’t going to be drafted for his speed so why bother.
    On the other hand, running again can’t hurt his draft stock any more than his first attempt already has. If he runs a bit faster it might boost his stock and he isn’t likely to run much slower than he did the last time.
    Either way he was destined to be a late 2nd or early 3rd round pick and I don’t think anything has changed.

  4. Are you trying to tell me after a couple of years of playing on national TV, at any moment…an opportunity to watch ANY practice or SEC game for that matter…This guy needs a “PRO” day to see if he is quick enough????

  5. Quickness is more than just a 40 time for a linebacker it’s also the ability to read, recognize and react to plays. Three tenths of a second isn’t as big a deal as people make it out to be.

  6. We will see that it doesn’t mean much. Workout warriors do not make NFL studs. Football skills do.

  7. pae12:
    “I choose not to run!!”
    Florio will give you a free subscription to PFTV for that one.

  8. three tenths of a second is a big time deal. It’s the difference between making an INT or giving up a 50 yard TD. It’s the difference between making the game winning throw when a guys just open or throwing an INT.

  9. I have leadership skills and my 40 time is absolutely horrible,
    Can I have a million dollar contract PLEASE???

  10. Ok, let’s just say for arguments sake he doesn’t run. Then clearly he has made the decision not to do so. However, on the other hand, if he does run again that would entail his legs/ feet to move in a hurried manner. Perhaps he’s just tired? Thus the reason he’s declined to run again.
    I don’t know this for fact; I’m merely trying to see this in a different perspective.
    I, Mike welcome additional thoughts/ comments.

  11. those of you saying it takes Football Skills not Workout skills may not realize just how damn slow he tested…

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